This is my first time writing a fic about The Outsiders. I usually write about Anime but I watched the movie recently, I absolutely love the movie and book so much! Ponyboy is my favorite character, he is so hot in the movie! Well enough of my babbling and on with the story. Takes place after the book enjoy!

Pony's POV

"Tonight I was sitting on the back porch enjoying another glorious sunset. I love to watch sunsets and sunrises, the colors seemed to make a beautiful hue in the sky just before nightfall. I took another long drag on my cigarette. Sunsets were a chance for me to think and reflect on my life, especially in the last three months. Everything in my life was a whirlwind. It seemed like yesterday Johnny and I were hiding out in that creepy old church in Windrixville. I can still remember Dally, Johnny, and I sitting in the car pigging out on barbeque sandwiches at Dairy Queen. Now Johnny and Dally my buddies were dead, and there was nothing I can do to turn back time and bring them back. When it first happened, I would say that it was my fault that Johnny and Dally died. Darry and Soda would say it wasn't my fault. I would agree with them and drop it trying to be happy but the guilt was still painful inside even though I tried to hide it.

I finished off the rest of my cigarette and watched the remaining sun go down over the horizon when a voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Pony, time for dinner." I looked up and saw Soda standing at the door. I smiled up at him

"Sure Soda, I'm coming."

He smiled back at me before closing the door behind him. At home Darry, Soda, and I were starting to get closer. Especially Darry and I. Don't get me wrong I still have closeness with Soda like always but I really do admire Darry for all he has given up to keep us together. I finally get up and head inside smelling the aroma of spaghetti and garlic bread. I take my seat and we all start eating. Dinner was quiet I guess it has been lately. After dinner, Soda and I started on the dishes since Darry made dinner. As we were doing the dishes, Soda tried to make small talk with me but I would just reply with yes or no so he finally stopped. I know he was concerned about me lately him and Darry both but I just didn't feel like talking very much anymore.

After the dishes were done, I walked into the living room with a book and sat down. Darry was in the armchair reading the newspaper and Soda was sitting on the couch beside me looking at the comics. Every so often, out of the corner of my eye I would see Soda look at me and then exchange a glance with Darry. After a half an hour of silence, I stood up and said.

"I think, I'm going to bed now." Darry and Soda exchanged another glance of astonishment. Darry looked at me and said.

"Are you sure Pony it's only 10:00P.M. and it's a Friday too"?

Now the reason Darry said this was because on Fridays and Saturdays it would be nothing for me to stay up until 12:00 midnight. Me going to bed at 10:00 was unheard of but that was the normal me, now I wasn't so sure if I was normal or not. I didn't want Darry to worry anymore then he was already so I simply said.

"It's been a tough week at school with homework and practice, I'm just tired."

Darry looked at me for a minute. "Alright then Goodnight and get some rest okay."

"Alright Darry I will." I turn to Soda who was still on the couch.

"Night Soda" I say

"Night Pony, I'll be there in a minute alright."

"Okay I responded and headed towards the room I shared with Soda and shut the door behind me.

Darry and Soda's conversation

When they both heard Ponyboy shut the door behind him Darry and Soda looked at each other. Darry was the first to speak.

"Hey Soda you think he's alright, he just hasn't been the same, not eating much, not talking, and going to bed at 10:00 on a Friday night?"

"He's still in shock; he's been through a lot in the past months. I'm worried about him myself, you know what the doctor said just go on with the normal routine."

"I know Soda I'm just worried about Pony I hope he doesn't keep it all bottled inside and blow up."

"Don't worry, he'll open up soon. Just give him time."

"I guess that's all we can do Soda."

Soda stood up I think I'm going to go to bed myself and keep an eye on him in case he has those awful nightmares."

"Alright Soda, Night."

"Night Darry" with that Soda walked towards the bedroom and shut the door. Darry sighed, "I hope everything is going to be alright with my baby brother." He thought as he went to his own room to sleep for the night.

Pony's POV

"I know that my brothers must have thought I was crazy when I said I was going to bed at 10:00 on a Friday. They knew something had to be wrong with me, but like I said I didn't want my brothers to ever experience the pain I felt deep inside my heart. I want to open up to them but I just can't right now. Uh oh I hear the door open and thought Soda must be worried about me so he came to bed early. I try to go to sleep but I do not want those horrible nightmares to come back to me again. So with a slight shiver I close my eyes and prepare myself for another bad night of sleep.

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