Okay. This story is based around Kevin (duh, who else?), and his accident. But this one is told from the point of view of several different people who aren't part of the main plot. This one is told by a hitch-hiker who witnessed the accident. Please read and review and tell me what you think.

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It had been a long day. I had traveled with four different people, crossed a state border, been kicked out a back packers hostel and was now walking beside the road in hope of a generous person to stop and give me a ride.

A roaring engine attracted my attention. I spun around, in the direction of the noise. I couldn't see anything, but the noise was getting louder. Suddenly a pair of headlights rounded the corner. The car was really flying. I jumped into the gully beside the road. The car was going so fast, that I thought if I didn't, I would have had a good chance of being hit. It zoomed past me, and I got a glimpse of the occupants of the car. I wasn't sure if there was one or two. It sped on, and I clambered out of the gully, and set back on my way home, but once again I was distracted by a noise.

This time it was screeching tires, followed by a deafening crash. I felt a shiver run up my spine – I knew what had happened before even looking for proof, but when I did, I was more shocked.

And old blue car was lying almost on it's' side, against a telegraph pole. The passenger side was crumpled around the pole, even though the drivers side was relatively unscathed. I looked down at the ground, and saw the extensive skid marks on the road; I could smell the burning rubber.

I wondered over to the car, and peaked through the window. I saw a young man put his hand to his head. I went back towards the road and quickly whipped out my mobile and rang the emergency services. The operator said an ambulance was on the way over.

I went back over to the car, and witnessed the door open, and the young man step out. He was sobbing and shaking like a leaf, and was muttering gibberish. He sat on the side of the road and put his head in his hands. I walked over to him, to make sure he was okay, but he seemed to ignore my presence.

I watched the sad sight of this man crying on the side of the road, but then I realised that this person was not a man, simply a boy…no older than seventeen.

After what seemed forever, I finally heard the siren blaring towards us. I stepped out onto the edge of the road to signal where the car was – it was a bit hard to see as it was in a ditch.

The ambulance pulled over, did what they had to.

The first ambulance officer – there were two of them – went over to examine the boy. He didn't seem to want to move, but eventually he agreed to go up to the ambulance. The officer sat him on the edge of the ambulance, and gave him an oxygen mask. The boys face seemed to relax.

Meanwhile the second officer was looking though the car. It only took him half a second to spot a lifeless body on the passenger side. The officer called over the other, and I could see them talking rapidly. One of them dashed over to the ambulance and got a large carry bag and took it back over to the car. I could see them working rapidly. It appeared that the car door was stuck closed.

They worked frantically for several long minutes. During that time, a police car and a fire engine arrived. The police officers were talking to the boy in the ambulance while the fireman rushed over to help the ambulance officers. At long last, they pried the door open. After another few minutes, I saw them carefully lift a still body from the car onto a stretcher.

The boy looked about the same age as the first, and was wearing the same shirt; it looked like a baseball shirt.

The ambulance officers had put a neck brace around the boy's neck, and had strapped him to the gurney. One of them was putting a tube down his throat – presumably for oxygen.

Then, as if by magic, a second ambulance arrived. The gurney was swiftly taken over to the second ambulance, and the doors closed and off it went with speed and sirens.

The first boy was still talking to the police officer.

"…who was the other boy in the car?"

"Kevin Girardi," he said monotonously.

The police officers face went several shades whiter, and when he spoke next, it was somewhat strained.

"You do realise Andy that you could be put up for manslaughter?" said the officer sternly.

Andy said nothing, so the officer continued. "Were you by any chance drinking?"

Andy nodded solemnly.

The policeman sighed, and went over to his vehicle, and produced a breathalyser. He got Andy to blow into it, until the shrill beep went off. The officer looked at the reading and his face went grim.

"Okay Andy, you can go with the ambulance now, but we'll be in to see you. We're afraid we may have to press charges."

Andy still said nothing, but went with the ambulance crew, although his face was reluctant.

The police officer wondered over to a second officer, a woman who I hadn't noticed. I could hear some of their conversation.

"Mindy, it was Kevin Girardi. I'm going to go and tell Will and Helen in person…they'll want to hear it from me…will you finish up here?" The female officer nodded, and walked over to me.

"Hi, I'm Sergeant Melinda Ford. I believe you're the person who called the ambulance."

I nodded, even thought it was more of a statement then a question.

"Can you tell me what happened here?"

I nodded again, and told her my point of view.