This chapter is told from one of Kevin's teachers' point of view. It just shows the aftermath of the accident through the students and teachers. I tell you what, I love writing this story. Hope you like reading it just as much.

A/N: I wrote this before 'The Doctor', so I hope it makes sense. I thought it did better here then earlier.

Another normal day filled with angsty teens, bitching staff and bad coffee. Well, I might be making it sound worse then it really is, I just hate Mondays. The weekend filled with marking assignments, writing out detention slips and calling parents.

I had a senior class that day. It was a fairly small class, but they were all dedicated to learn biology – that was my subject, biology. They were working quietly when we were interrupted by the PA.

"Excuse me all seniors, would all seniors go to the gymnasium for an assembly, immediately. That's all seniors to the gymnasium immediately," came the voice over the crackly system.

I got up with my students and followed them to the gym. I hated these assemblies, but it was a rule that the teacher of the class which was at the congregation, must be there too. Today, that meant me. We entered the gym, and I saw that several classes had arrived already. After a few short minutes, all of the seniors had arrived.

The principal, Mr. Jeeves, was up the front of the audience, with a somber expression on his face, but he always looked like that. He cleared his throat, and then spoke into the black microphone he was holding.

"Good morning students and staff," said Mr. Jeeves. I hate the way all of our assemblies at Robertson High always began so formally. Would it kill them to just say 'Hey guys, have a swinging weekend?'?

Anyway, Mr. Jeeves continued. "I'm afraid I have some rather bad news." Oh, oh I thought, "Umm, we were contacted at the school this morning by Helen Girardi this morning, to inform us that Kevin will not be continuing the school year with us."

Oh my God! What a stupid assembly. Sure, Kevin Girardi was one of those kids that most people liked. He was popular, a champion sports player, and actually had a chance at making the big time. Even the teachers loved him, Even though they knew his little brother Luke wrote all of his essays and study notes. Kevin hardly ever got in trouble; he seemed to keep to himself more than other members of the popular group.

But that was no reason to call an assembly, to announce that he wasn't going to finish the year. So what? Many people crack under the pressure and leave school. Although, exams had been over for a couple of weeks now, and the seniors only had two weeks of school left, so it was a bit strange to pull out now. There was no more pressure, until college that is.

"Kevin and Andy Baker were in a car accident on Saturday night. Mr. Baker received minimal injuries; however, we are afraid that Mr. Girardi is currently in a stable, yet critical condition, at St. Alfred Private Hospital."

Okay, that changed things…

"Kevin received a minor head wound, major back and leg injuries, and a substantial blow to the chest. His long term prognosis is still being evaluated,"

Wow, way to put it bluntly.

I looked around at all the students in the room. A few people looked expressionless…mainly the druggies. Some looked disheartened – they obviously knew, but were trying not to think about it. A large number looked perplexed and shocked. A small handful of girls had burst out into tears.

My attention then turned to the teachers. Most of them were looking horrified. I couldn't blame them. I felt kind of bad myself. It was a terrifying thought, a student almost dying. I taught Kevin when he was just a freshman. He wasn't very academically gifted, but I saw him playing baseball one time, and he was awesome. And his family was brilliant too. His father was a policeman, and very respectable. Helen was so selfless when it came to her children; they always had what they needed, due to her hard work.

The gym was silent for several minutes, until Mr. Jeeves finally piped up. "If you wish to speak to someone about Kevin, please stay after the assembly, otherwise, you may go."

The seniors marched out the gymnasium, like a battalion on the way to the coldest, bloodiest war ever. That's what it looked like from my point of view.