Ginny doesn't cry.

She's strong. She runs down to meet them when they come back; Hermione with her old eyes, Ron with his new wounds, the both of them supporting a semi- conscious Harry between them who's mumbling about Voldemort and Horcruxes and damnation.

She sits beside his bed and waits for him to wake up with her hair down and flowing around her face, clean and straight- backed and even- keeled.

When he wakes and sees her, he smiles and takes her hand, and it's worth it.

When he and Ron have healed, when there are no more excuses to keep them from running off and saving the world, she watches them go and waves. She doesn't cry, she doesn't beg with him not to go. She waits.

Because he likes her that way.


A/N: When I say because he likes her that way I'm not suggesting that Ginny's only strong so that Harry will like her. She's strong in her own right, which is one of the things that makes her so suited to him; it was just one of those little phrases that pops into my head every now and again in conjunction with certain characters and says Write Something, Dammit!

And who am I to deny the little voices in my head?