It has been five years since the destruction of Aumaan. Keeping in with Dingo Egret's (The runner of the orbital frame Jehuty. He is known as the pioneer of peace) wishes to have Earth stop oppressing Mars, it was now a relative time of peace. The United Colonies of Mars (UCM) began rebuilding the scarred face of Mars with the help of the UNSF. Orbital Frame technology and metatron technology have also advanced much further, thanks to the combined efforts of NUT (An Earth based company that utilizes new Metatron-derived substances to make incredible advancements in technology. They were the creators of the controversial Orbital Frame units) and multiple Mars organisations. It was a great time for the two planets. Both planets working together for the first time since the colonization of Mars. But peace isn't always as it seems. Each side was only helping the other to benefit themselves. They were using each other. Both sides new it of each other, but neither planet convicted the other, for they both new they themselves were guilty of the same crime. With peace this fragile, can an illegally built Orbital Frame destroy it.