"You killed him you traitor! I'LL KILL YOU!" yelled Colonel Kane. "He was like a son to me. I spent hours training him. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?" The Colonel's Nieth flew at bullet speed toward Jaeger's Nieth. Colonel Kane and Jaeger both activated their blades. Once Colonel Kane reached Jaeger, he put the tips of the arm blades together and slashed downward at Jaeger. Jaeger dodged, and using the fact that the Colonel was off guard to his advantage, he slashed upward with his left arm, taking off the right arm of the Colonel's Nieth.

"That's it!" said Hawk; his rage could be heard in his voice. "I'm not gonna wait for the Colonel to die!" He flew forward, but Watkins lifted his arm and stopped him. Hawk turned to Watkins Nieth.

"Don't interfere," Watkins said wisely. "This is his fight. Let him have his honour." Watkins was a big believer in honour, and didn't believe it was right to interfere with another soldiers fight. Hawk stepped back, and waited.

"Why can't you just bow down and worship Apophis!" yelled Jaeger. As he said this, his Nieth was struck by Colonel Kane's in the stomach, and a large, pulsating gash appeared there.

"You've been brain washed" replied Colonel Kane. "But there is till no excuse for what you did. I will fucking kill you no matter what you say!"

Apophis didn't even flinch at what was happening. He didn't even look. Who ever the pilot was, he had no regard for human life. Hawk looked at Apophis and wondered 'what sort of a demon is that?' But of course, he received no reply. He then looked over at the fight between the two Nieths. It was an even fight. Right now all the Nieths were doing was dodging each other's attacks. Major Hawkins was so pissed. Pissed at the fact the mission was sabotaged by his own teammate. Pissed at the fact that same man killed the newest member of his unit. Pissed at the fact that that same man was now beating the life out of his commander, and he wasn't allowed in on the action.

"We will never forgive you!" yelled Colonel Kane as the legs of his Nieth were ripped off.

"I'm not asking for your forgiveness," replied Jaeger as he took of the left arm of the colonel's Nieth. He then gripped the Colonel's Nieth in his Nieth's arm. The Colonel struggled to escape, but with no arms or legs, it was relatively useless. Apophis still didn't move.

A private communication link between Colonel Kane, Hawk and Watkins was activated.

"My brothers, thankyou for fighting beside me all these years," said Kane.

"Sir, what are you saying? We're not done yet," replied Watkins, confused. Hawk, on the other hand, new exactly what he was saying.

"Sir, I'll get him out of here." said Hawk.

"Thankyou, old friend," replied the Colonel. At that point, Hawk grabbed hold of Watkins's Nieth and activated a paralysation hold. Immediately, Watkins's Nieth was paralysed. Hawk lifted off and activated his Nieths booster to full speed, flying away at an extreme pace with Watkins's Nieth still in his hand.

"What are you doing?" yelled Watkins.

"What is right," replied Hawk. "Every orbital Frame of the Marines is fitted with a bomb strong enough to level a city. This weaponry, known as orbital frame self destruction was first used in orbital frame Jehuty. This weaponry is strong enough to destroy any Nieth, and maybe even Apophis."

"Oh god," replied Watkins's quickly. "You're not seriously suggesting, no, he can't do that, we have to go back for him."

With a look of great sadness on his face, Hawk answered with "Honour, let him have his honour." And with that, neither soldier looked back.

Apophis still stood still, not moving an inch. Colonel Kane activated a communication link between him and Scott Jaeger. Scott Jaeger smiled happily, enjoying the fact he helped with Apophis's activation.

"Before you kill me, I want to know one thing," asked Colonel Kane. "Whom were you working for?"

"You're about to die anyway, so telling you wouldn't hurt," replied Jaeger. "I am working for General Sam Marsden," Jaeger said proudly. Colonel Kane thought about this. He had once fought beside Marsden on the same team. He then activated the self-destruct.

"One more thing," he said.

"What?" replied Jaeger angrily, starting to get suspicious towards the Colonels attitude.

"Hawk is going to kill Marsden shortly," he said. "So you and I will get to be with him again, in hell. Oh, and one more thing."

"WHAT?" yelled Jaeger. Suddenly, his computer picked up a strange energy emanating from the Colonels Nieth.

"Hell is only a word," said the Colonel. "The reality is much worse. See you down there." Jaeger suddenly realised what was happening. It was too late.

While flying back to Vascilia's US embassy, the sky lighted up with the brightness of the sun. It was midnight. Major Thomas C. Hawkins and Sergeant Barry F. Watkins realised what had happened. Neither of them spoke a word till they got to the embassy.

Marsden looked around at the rubble around him. The explosion hadn't even scratched Apophis. Nothing was left of Jaeger or Colonel Kane though. The entire time he had been inside Apophis. He was it's pilot. He activated it's boosters and flew back to the Osiris, which was in orbit around the planet.

The ceremony was an emotional one, though you couldn't tell. The marines stood in silence, not showing the emotions that were going through their heads. Each marine wore the marine uniform with pride. It was a blue uniform, with badges on the chest and a rapier sword tied to the waist. The ceremony was a remembrance ceremony, to remember the soldiers Kane Warren and Michael Rodgers. Scott Jaeger received no remembrance. The ceremony was held back on Earth, in the USA.

Later that day, the marines who weren't on duty could be found in the cafeteria, getting their lunch. Hawkins got his lunch and then walked over to an empty table. The sounds of other soldiers talking and laughing filled the cafeteria. Hawkins didn't feel like talking, he wanted to be alone. He put his tray on the table as Watkins approached him.

"Hey Hawk, you OK?" he asked. "You look a little depressed."

"The colonel was always by my side, he was like a father, now he's dead," said Hawk. "How do you expect me to feel?"

"Proud!" answered Watkins with pride. "He died with honour, a true soldier's death."

"Honour?" commented Hawk; very displeased at the way Watkins put it. "He wouldn't have died if you let me step in."

"In the process he destroyed Apophis, he's a hero!" said Watkins.

"You, you let him die!" said Hawk in a dark voice. "YOU AND YOUR DAMNED HONOUR!"

"What do you mean, all soldiers have their honour to be proud of!" yelled Watkins, confused at Hawks sudden outburst of anger.

"Oh yea, HONOUR THIS" yelled Hawk as he threw a punch at Watkins. It hit Watkins square in the cheek. Watkins dropped his food tray in pain, but he wasn't the only one in pain. Hawkins had only been living on Earth for ten years, so his build was a little weaker than Watkins's, who was a native to Earth and had lived there all his life (thirty-one years). Watkins was much stronger. Hawkins grabbed his fist in pain.

"You little prick!" yelled Watkins, who was also a strong believer in hitting back if you got hit. He threw a punch to Hawk's face, but Hawk dodged and punched Watkins in the stomach. Watkins doubled over, and while he did this, Hawk threw an uppercut punch to Watkins's chin. Watkins jolted back. Blood started pouring from his mouth. He then got really pissed. He elbowed Hawk in the face, grabbed his head and smashed it against the table. He lifted Hawks head again and banged it on the table a second time. Blood started coming out of a large cut on his forehead.

"Ahhh!" Hawk yelled in anger, not pain. Watkins went to hit him against the table again, but was then grabbed from behind and thrown to the floor by another Marine. Two large Marines held him there, while another two pinned Hawk to the table. A large black American man approached them.

"You two men are wanted in General Smith's office," said the black American. His name was Colonel Lambert. "I will be escorting you there."

The two marines stood in General Smith's office. General Lambert was just leaving as General Smith stood up from his chair and put his hands behind his back. Watkins and Hawkins looked at each other, awaiting their punishments. Hawk really didn't want to be suspended; the marine corps was his life.

"You two marines will begin packing tonight," said General Smith, leading advisor of Earth/Mars negotiations. "You will be leaving for Mars tomorrow."

"Pardon?" asked Hawk. "Why Mars?"

"You two men have been selected to be members of a Mars and Earth joint project." He answered. "We have been working with some of Mars's leaders and have decided to form a terrorist control unit, combining the best pilots from Earth and Mars. The group will deal with terrorist groups such as Black Knights, a terrorist group against Earthlings, and MAME. I doubt I need to explain what MAME is to you!"

"No sir" replied Watkins.

"Why us sir?" asked Hawk. "Why were we asked to join the terrorist control group?"

"Because you are the best of the best!"

Lieutenant Ben Donovan began packing. He was being transferred to some terrorist control base in Toryma County (one of the three new counties of Mars). He was told it was a joint project for Earth and Mars, and that only the best LEV and orbital frame pilots were asked to join.