Chapter 3

Possession of the Heart

Angel staked the two vampires nearest to him and turned to face Stephanie and Spike who were fighting vampires back to back. Angel sighed, he knew that he shouldn't be jealous of Spike's relationship with Stephanie but he couldn't help it, they had always been close she had cared for him almost all of the years of her life and he had always been there for her when she needed it most. A demon charged Angel but he merely broke its neck, around him his best fighters were out numbered, Stephanie had veered away from Spike and had began chanting while Spike and Gunn had resurrected their lost swords and had begun to execute the demons and vampires nearest to them. In the distance Angel could hear the sound of a cop car getting closer, concentrating on the sound of the tires Angel didn't notice the vampire coming up behind him

" ANGEL BEHIND YOU" Stephanie screamed braking from her spell to see Angel being stabbed in the back by a vampire, before the vampire could get the stake in to far he burst into flames like the rest of them making Stephanie's spell complete. Picking himself up off the ground Angel began to dust himself of

" Thanks" Angel muttered as Stephanie picked his sword up and gave it to him, But the Slayer did say a word in reply for she was starring at the open door to the factory where a woman stood alone and venerable. The woman stepped forward revealing herself as Detective Kate who used to help Angel and the rest of the group out before Darla had come to town

" Everything alright here Angel?" she asked stepping her way through the dust and dead demon bodies until she was in front of Angel and the others

" Yeah Kate everything's fine just a few…. lose ends to work out" Angel replied with a small smirk. Kate nodded and handed Angel a small cream folder which she had removed from her bag

" Murders… Four so far none of them have any connection aside from the marks on their necks" Kate stated picking up a photo and showing Angel " Not vampires this mark was a cross in the centre of a circle but the edges of the cross were marked with four stars…" Kate starred into Angel's dark brown eyes " I figured since your one of them you'd know what to do" Spike removed the file from Angel's hand and glanced over the pattern and gulped, Kate, Gunn and Angel turned their attention to Spike who look even more pale then he usually did

" What now Spike?" Angel asked his patience running thin with the vampire

" This is no ordinary mark Peaches it's the mark of The Guardians" Spike turned to look at Kate " Did you say four people were dead?" he asked, Kate nodded not getting the point but Spike had already moved on and was starring and Stephanie who had backed away from the group

" What have you done?" he asked his voice stern and serious, When the slayer did not reply Spike moved forward and grabbed her arm firmly to stop her from turning away " Stephie you can tell me What did you do?" Angel stepped forward and removed Spike's hand from Stephanie's arm

" I don't think you should be doing that," he commanded tucking Stephanie securely behind his back

" I don't need you to protect me Liam I can take care of myself I have after all been doing that for about 190 odd years now" Stephanie pipped up from behind. She took a step forward and examined the photo Spike had in his hand, after giving it a look over she sighed in relief " It's not my mark… Mine had a line between my star and Dru's this mark has a line around the part of the two remaining stars" The Guardian of Magic turned to face her vampire brother " That mark is not mine its Cassie's". Around her she could feel the mood changing, everybody was moving of into separate cars but Stephanie just disappeared in a cloud of purple sparks, Spike and Angel knew that she would not be back for awhile and even Gunn knew better then to press the idea so the Fang Gang fighters and Kate set of on their way back to the Hyperian Hotel

Later Hyperian Hotel….

Angel paced slowly around his room, Stephanie had still not returned and he was terribly worried. Sitting down Angel began to tap the edge of his seat, starring blindly across the room he spotted Stephanie's slayer diary, Angel went forward and scooped up the diary before returning back to his seat

" Here goes," he stated opening the book to a page about half way through it

" My life has changed ever so rapidly after my leaving home, for one I found out that I was a Guardian to the Powers the Be and that my brother was a vampire. Not all of these changes had been bad for me though, with all the time I have spent with Charles I am beginning to think we will be great friends and I know he will make a great watcher. Alexander has taken Charles, Willie and I to Paris, Brittany, where we were to track down four deadly vampires who have been terrorizing Europe for sometime. I had already learnt the lay of Paris from my Slayer training so I had no problem going hunting until I met a uniquely handsome vampire, we fought and I was so terribly surprised how strong he was but we were captured by the rouge Vampire Hunter Mr. Holtz who had been out to get this Angelus person. He tied the vampire to me so we had to rely on each other; his arms were tied around my waist and mine around his neck, Holtz eventually went out of the room to eat and that is when Angelus and I escaped but not before we kissed. It was the most beautiful experience in my whole entire life he made me feel so whole and I knew that he would always hold possession of my heart"

Angel smiled, it felt nice to know what Stephanie though of him but he also felt a stabbing pain in his heart

He had betrayed her; He had loved others in her place while she loved only him. Angel chucked the diary back into the box as he felt Stephanie's presence appear downstairs…