Hey all!I was watching Providence yesterday (I love that show!) and the storyline gave me a fanficflash forMiss. Stella Bonasera lolI spent all yesterday writing it down on paper, andI have to say, I'm quite proud of it. I think it's going to eventually end up a Mac/Stella, butnot for at least 3/4 chapters lol DidI mention its long? lol

The usual disclaimersare applicable. You know the drill ;)

Stella Bonasera and Mac Taylor walked the halls of CSI:NY. They had solved the case from the night before, and only needed Det. Flack's paperwork to officially sign the case off to the DA. The familiar rush of adrenaline was coursing through their veins, helping them lose their inhibitions and freely joke and chuckle with each other.

They turned into the main foyer.

"Yeah, but somehow I don't think Flack's going to see it that way" Stella scoffed at Mac's suggestion. He was about the reply when Stacy at the reception desk called for Stella's attention.

"Det. Bonasera?"

"Hey, Stacy, what's up?" she asked, making her way over to the young girl

"You have a visitor" she said, gesturing to the elderly man standing to the side. He looked at Stella with a trance-like quality.

"Sir? How can I help?"

"Are you-are you Stella Bonasera?" he asked, confirming his wishes

"Yes, are you here about a case?" her brow furrowed slightly. How did he know her full name? Stacy called her Det. Bonasera…

"You could say that…is there, erm, somewhere more private we could talk?"

Stella nodded and looked to the officers desks behind her. They were all occupied, but Mac offered his office.

"Thanks" she smiled, shooting him a subtle look of 'I've no idea who he is', before turning back to the gentleman "Right this way"

Stella led him back through the halls and opened the door to Mac's office for him.

Sitting opposite the man, she looked at him. His face was caring, but showed tough times, his posture showed a probable back complaint, and his hands were rough from hard work. His colouring showed obvious Greek decent, maybe even immediate, although he had lost any kind of accent. "What seems to be the problem, Mr…" she asked, searching for a name

"Nastasi. Anatoli Nastasi. And there's no problem" he smiled. He was still looking at her like he was memorising each characteristic to her persona.

"Then I'm afraid I'm confused, Mr. Nastasi. Why did you ask to see me?"

He didn't answer her question, just watched her. "You look just like your mother"

Stella froze. "My mother? You knew my mother?"

"Very well" he nodded

"Ho-? Who are you?" she stuttered

"I'm your grandfather"

Stella chuckled in disbelief, standing up to pace the floor. "My parents died. I have no other family."

"Yes you do"

"So I'm supposed to believe someone who mysteriously turns up at my place of work, after 37 years of being an orphan?" she asked dubiously, hugging herself.

"It's the truth, Stella" he stood up to leave. "Please, come to my hotel room tonight. I can tell you all you want to know. We have 37 years of catching up to do, child"

"Why now?"

"I couldn't wait any longer"

"No, I mean, why now? 2005?"

"I'll tell you tonight. Please come. It's West Park Heights. Room 207". He whispered another "Please" before walking through the door, nearly knocking into Mac who apologised and let him past.

Stella stared at the chair that Nastasi was just seated in. Her mind running through millions of theories and emotions. She didn't notice Mac's presence until he laid his hands on her arms and ducked slightly to look into her eyes. "Stella?"

She blinked and broke her trance, looking into his eyes. "I need to sit down"

He guided her into a chair, and sat opposite "Stella, what is it? Are you okay?"

"That man…he, he…"

Mac didn't prompt. Whatever it is, she was still processing it.

"he says he's my grandfather"

"What?" he asked in disbelief

"He was looking at me, and wouldn't answer my questions. I though he was here about a case, then…then he just says I look like my mother. My mother, Mac"

Mac was at a loss for words. He'd never seen Stella in such a state before. He knew all about her childhood. But he was worried. New York is full of cons and cheats, he hoped this wasn't a sick sick joke played upon the vulnerable hearts of children who's only wish was for a family. "Do you believe him?"

"I don't know what to believe. This random man comes into my life after 37 years claiming to be a part of the family I never knew." She said, as if repeating the event would make the situation more real. "He asked me to meet him. Tonight"

"Are you going to?"

"I don't know. I mean, if he really is my grandfather, then I will finally learn about who I am, where I came from. But if he's not…then…" she shrugged. If he was just a senile old man, then the phrase 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' came to mind.

"I'll go with you" Mac announced "If he's a con, we can-"

Stella laid her hands on his knees, "Thanks, but…I think it's something I've got to do myself"