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18. For Her

Harry sent fast, vicious curses at those Death Eaters closest to his position. A Reductor curse ended the life of one robed figure by separating his body from itself. That one spell saved Arthur from an early grave by a killing curse. Harry's next spell exploded the bones in a second Death Eater's chest. Every breath earned the masked man more severely punctured lungs.

Harry saw two other figures fall to Order member spells. The fifth previously hidden man was struck with a bludgeoning spell from Harry and a flame spell from Ginny. A smoldering pile of a broken human remained behind.

The group on the other side of the graveyard had time to take defensive positions. Harry's quick count put their opposition at around ten people. Harry knew that Malfoy, Nott, Marcus Flint, and Pansy remained at the very least. Samantha had not been seen yet, but Harry knew she was nearby. He could feel her.

A vision of a mausoleum entered his mind. It was behind the remaining Death Eaters. Harry took a chance and apparated to behind the enemy lines. The order members held their fire when Harry appeared in the background. The Death Eaters popped up to send a full volley of killing curses.

They were met by Harry's metal shards spell. Four fell to the shrapnel with moderate wounds. The other four turned on Harry and sent a barrage of spells at him. He moved behind a marker stone and sent a molten metal hex at them. By the response, at least two were hit. The screams sounded throughout the graveyard.

"Surrender!" Yelled Harry, "Or you all die, slowly."

"Stop now, Potter!" Shouted a death eater, "Or your daughter dies."

Harry's response was a sulfuric acid hex that slowly ate away the robe, hair, and skin of the stupid man. "The next one will die slower than him. Surrender."

Two black cloaks rose from their hidden position. The third set off at a run away from the battlefield. Ginny felled the escaping person with a piercing curse that dropped him head-first into a gravestone.

The two who surrendered kept their hands raised. Harry was immediately in their faces. "Where and how many?"

"Malfoy, Parkinson, Nott, and Luthur in the mausoleum," said the scared figure.

"Thank you," responded Harry. With a swipe of his wand, the two figures' heads left their bodies and tumbled to the ground.

Dumbledore was shocked. He couldn't believe what Harry had done.

"Stuff it, old man," Harry snapped as he made his way to the structure. "Threaten my daughter, and I take your life. There will be no prisoners this time. They only get released more angry and determined later. This group ends today. Four more die tonight. The only thing saving their families will be Samantha asking it of me."

Harry neared the building and summoned the door off its hinges. The crash was deafening and dust rose from the destruction. A sweep of a wand and the dust was whisked away. A bolt of green light shot from the hole. Harry summoned Nott aggressively. A scream sounded and a body flew from the opening. Harry shot a redactor curse into the flying body and a sickly, wet sound was the result. The cancelled summoning spell caused the body to plow into the earth kicking up dirt and grass.

The Order members stayed back. They knew shooting spells into the room could result in Samantha being hurt and no one wanted Harry after them next. They felt it was Harry's job at this point. They would ensure no one escaped.

Purple, green, and red spells shot at Harry. Another black robe leapt from the building flying at Harry. A black sword appeared and cleaved the body in half. Those with weak stomachs had the shield their eyes from the sight. Harry looked on unaffected.

Two more spells flew at Harry with much better precision. He shielded himself and summoned Pansy into his arms. She screamed and kicked, but Harry held her by the throat, tightly, until she stilled.

"What now, git?" Harry called. "I got your whore, you have my daughter. I offer an even trade."

"Fuck you, Potter," a voice replied. "I can get a new whore."

Pansy squealed in anger until Harry tightened his grip. "Fine, I will kill her now and bring your son here. Maybe you will care about him a little more."

Harry mumbled something. A crack sounded and Dobby appeared with Dominic in his grasp. A green light shot from Harry's wand into Pansy's head and she fell limply to the ground. A quick whirl of Harry's cloak and Dominic was hefted out of the elf's control.

"How about now, arse?" Queried Harry. "Your only son at the mercy of your greatest enemy. Willing to trade now?"

Dominic struggled, but met the same tight grip that choked his life away. He began to cry when he saw his mother's body at his feet. "Why?"

"Ask your father that?" Harry answered. "I offered to trade her for Sam, but he wasn't interested. Now your life hangs in the balance."

"Why father, why?" Dominic cried out loud.

Draco emerged from the damaged structure with Samantha in his arms. His wand was pointed at Harry. She had a trickle of blood running down her forehead. Her eyes met Harry's and held them. No fear was evident. No worry, just resolve and determination.

"Release my son, Potter and I won't kill your bitch, daughter," Draco demanded.

Dominic cried a little as he felt his larynx compress. "Watch your words Draco. Your son doesn't have much space left before he chokes to death. I wouldn't advise trying to do the same to Samantha, though. I will kill you and yours if she is harmed. That is a wizard's oath."

Harry's eyes never left Samantha's. She saw the same determination in his face that she used to see right before they went on vacation. Her father would do anything to protect her. He would hurt anyone to save her. He loved her more than anything. She felt his thoughts in her head. 'Hit the ground when I say so. Stay down. Crawl to your left.'

Samantha moved her eyes up and down in understanding. She felt her father's magic increase. It was smothering at the moment. She knew he was going to level everything near Draco and she couldn't care less. She knew the score. She read the stories of the last war. Her father knew how the games were played. He didn't play well with others in those games.

"Give me my heir, Potter." Draco yelled. He was coming unhinged. Everyone saw the desperation in his eyes. "Let him go and you get your bitch back."

"I warned you before, Draco," Harry said evenly. "Watch your words. Your son isn't doing well here. He needs air. Let her go, or you watch your own son die at my hands."

Draco lessened his grip. Samantha yelled over the connection that she could break free. Harry twitched his wand slightly. Samantha tensed. 'Down'

Samantha wrenched free and dove to her left and kept crawling away. Harry let loose all his anger and hate towards Draco. A blast of light yellow light hit Draco in the chest. He was frozen for a second, and then he started to vaporize. In the span of five seconds, the body a Draco was no more. Only bits of cloth remained.

Dominic ran to the remains of his father crying. He reached the scorched spot and was lost. His father had groomed him to continue the fight against the weak and mudbloods. He grabbed his wand, once forgotten, and spun around. He leveled it at Harry. "Avada Ked…"

"Confodio!" Shouted Samantha from her position on the ground. Her curse struck Dominic in the side of his chest before he could finish the killing curse. The air left his lungs as he fell to the ground face first. Samantha looked to her father running towards her. She felt his embrace as he wrapped his arms around her. She felt safe and secure. She began to realize what his life had been like. All the tragedy and hate that surrounded him. Fear and death that followed him. He was just her dad.

"I got you," Harry breathed. "You are safe, Baby. I am sorry this happened. We should have stayed in the Colonies."

"Dad," Samantha began looking up. "Hush. I am fine. You are fine. Let's go back to school. I am kind of tired."

"OK, Honey," Harry smiled for the first time in awhile.

"Not ssoo fast, Potter," came a hissing voice. "I will be reborn, tonight."

"I wondered when you would reveal yourself, Tom," Harry replied. "No followers left, git. Just you all alone, now."

"There will alwayss be more, Boy." A shape emerged from the mausoleum and drifted towards Harry. "I will never die, Potter. I am immortal!"

"You are a moment from death," Harry answered. "You are merely a soul, what's left of one, without a body. You are being held here by something. You know what that is don't you, Tom?" Harry pulled the feared yew wand from his boot. "Been looking for this haven't you, Tommy?"

"My wand iss merely a wand, Boy," Voldemort said with a longing in this ethereal voice. "Leave it and you and yourss live another day."

"I don't think so, Tom," Harry handed the wand to Samantha. "My dear, if you will."

Samantha gripped the wand at both ends and swiftly brought it down across her knee. The wand snapped cleanly. Harry sighed and Samantha smiled. A screech sounded from the cloud of darkness. It was painful to hear, but neither Potter flinched.

"For my mom," Samantha whispered. "For my grandparents. For my dad."

Harry hugged Samantha tightly, lifted her off her feet, and carried her out of the graveyard. The dark shape and red eyes slowly lost what cohesiveness they had. The sound ended moments after the shape broke apart. The Dark Lord ceased to exist for the third and last time.

The two pieces of wand remained in Samantha's hands. She held on to them until Harry settled her into his bed back in Hogwarts. She snuggled into the duvet. The calming thoughts and feelings Harry projected into her mind quickly led her to sleep. The blood cleaned away with a charm and a father's hand running through her hair was the last things she remembered of the night.

Harry sighed once more. It was over. Tom was gone, for good. He turned and left his room. He knew the others would be in the Great Hall waiting for him. His mind was light. The deaths of the night were nothing compared to his baby. Some may look down on his methods, but they weren't in his position. They hadn't lived his life. They knew nothing that would change his mind or his heart.

The doors swung open. The faces that greeted him wore many different expressions. Dismay, fear, apprehension were some of them. Pride, honor, love, caring were others. Harry knew this meeting could go well or poorly at a very quick pace.

"Malfoy Manor?" Harry asked of those he sent.

"Charred remains, Harry," answered a person from the left side.

"Good," was Harry's response. "Survivors?"

"None, from either location, Harry," said Ron. "Bout time we got rid of them, eh?"

"Yes, 'bout time," Harry said. "Well, anyone have anything to say? You have time now."

"Voldemort is truly gone, now?" Asked Arthur.

Harry pulled the two wand halves and showed them off. "This was his wand. Samantha broke it. His spirit faded, quite loudly, after that. I consider him gone for good. Any other questions?"

"Harry," Albus began, "You didn't need to kill everyone. I am disappointed in you. Two of them surrendered."

"How many rejoined him the second time?" Harry asked the old wizard. "His son, a fourth year, was going to kill me. The family lines that supported him this time were the same as before. Those families knew nothing but power and hate. Your constant hope in the good of others led to this happening not once, but three times. I will not do this a fourth time. They threatened my daughter. I told you what would happen if that occurred. I ended this the only way you can. Evil flourishes when good does nothing. Evil survives because good sympathizes and gives another chance.

"Your war was sixty years ago, Albus. This one was mine. It always was. My daughter was part of it, because you told me to let the ministry handle things last time. They failed then. I would be a fool to give them another chance. Now, the purebloods know what will happen if they try this again. They will lose their homes and their lives. Their families will be devastated. I had no problems making that call this time. They respect money and power above all else. Do you think they understood my point?"

"I think they did, Harry," Hermione offered. "The Slytherins know what happened to the Malfoys or will soon. Everything, actually. My guess is that they will choose their enemies more carefully. Your little speech to them gave them little room for misinterpretation."

"How will your own daughter see today's events, Harry?" Dumbledore kept at his guilt trip.

"She was raised by me, Albus," Harry said. "I taught her everything I learned from the last time. Never let your enemy come back. If they do, they will be worse than before. A dangerous opponent will learn from his failures. She learned from mine. She knows that when her life or her friends' lives are at stake, you fight to live and win.

"If you have any doubts, I will tell you she is sleeping quite comfortably right now. She is loved. Always has been. She doesn't have the self-doubt I did. She knows she did the right thing. She is alive because of it. Tell her different, and you will have to deal with me.

"Now, I am going to bed and will see you in the morning. I have earned my rest. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Weasleys, Professors, friends; goodnight."

Harry turned and returned to his room for the night. He laid on his bed, next to his daughter, and fell asleep with his arm around her. 'She is loved. Always has been, always will be. She knows love. She will be fine. I will see to it.'

'Go to sleep, Daddy. You are keeping me awake. I love you.'

'I love you too, Honey. After school lets out, we need to choose a home. I have a few to choose from apparently.'

The End.