A/N: God, for cryin' out loud… yes, it doesn't follow the anime. If it did, what fanfiction would it be? Every bloody fanfiction would be the same… "Sarutobi got murdered by Orochimaru", "Sasuke defected"… The fact that I change things a bit more is simply my preference.

Bunshin is a Genjutsu? Hmm, didn't know that. For the purpose of this fanfiction though, Naruto doesn't know that. Yes, massive plot hole. Nothing to see here - move along, people.

Incidentally, though, treat it as if Naruto never actually understood what the Jutsu did. He was messin' around. If not- ARGH! Holy crap, the plot holes. I can't take it any more.

Okay, screw that. This, guys, as been a semi-crappy attempt at a Naruto fanfiction – my second. Hopefully, third times the charm. First was a terrible Mary-Sue, second – THE PLOT HOLES – third… wish me luck. I don't want to spend time trying to mend the screwed-ass thing. Watch for my next fanfiction to come out – I swear I'll try to make the updates longer, around 5000 words maybe? Last chapter, give me some reviews people ) Nah, but could you give me some opinions on like… what my next fanfiction should be?

Finally, I'm not going to be taking this down. For one, it serves as a shameful reminder (oh, bad SD! Terribly bad SD!) of my glaring plot holes - and two, it's like a morbid trophy saying: Silverdancer got 400 reviews once in his life! Though, lately, reviews have began to be of less import to me. It's just a sign that people like my story.

So. Goodbye, guys, and hope you enjoyed the trip.

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