Summary: Yugi, being left all alone after his grandfather's death is feeling more then lonely. With his unusual gift, which letting him see things that others can't see he is considered as weird and without friends. After one of beating from bullies he finds way into parallel word where he finds his first friend and a charismatic pharaoh.

Warning: English isn't my native language so if you find mistakes in grammar and who knows where else don't be surprised. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, if I did I would buy a single ticked to hell for my older brother who hate all anime and manga. This is yaoi, so if you don't like YamixYugi and SethxJou pairings get out of here and find another way how to waste your time. For these who are still here I hope you enjoy this story.

"something" - talking

something - thinking

Chapter 1: Something is missing

The kingdom of Egypt. One of the biggest in the know world. The people live under their pharaoh who is an absolute ruler. The son of the god Ra placed in the world of living. Egypt is truly huge lying on the banks of the river Nil. And there is nothing what would its pharaoh couldn't get if he wished for it.

The current pharaoh was young. In his early twenties he was very handsome. The tanned skin had a slightly bronze shade and was adored with lots of jewellery. His quite unusual hairstyle made him recognizable in his whole kingdom. The spiky black hair had crimson red tips and golden blond bangs with a few strikes that looked like a lightning. But the most interesting on him were his eyes. They were narrow and crimson red which looked like a pool of blood when he was angry, which was more and more often in last days.

These unusual orbs were currently hidden because the pharaoh Yami had his head resting against his knees while he was sitting on bed. It was an early night and there was no reason for him not to be at the feast. There was knock on his door and without waiting for answer a tall figure stood in the room. Yami didn't even look up. He knew who it was. The last person he wanted to talk to. His one and only high priest Seth.

"You know when you are hiding you should at least try to hide somewhere where the other people don't find you." Came a dry comment from the mouth of the blue-eyed priest.

"Normally people don't dare to come into my room without invitation."

"You should be on the feast."


"There are people who want to talk to you."


"There are also few very interesting girls."


"Can you say something else?"


"Would you care to look at me while I'm talking to you, Yami?"


"Why not?"

The pharaoh finally lifted his head but only few inches so his crimson eyes were everything what were seen above his knees.

"Because I don't like to look at your ugly face."

"It's always a joy to have a ruler who is acting like a spoiled brat and is twice as annoying." From Seth's voice was dripping sarcasm.

"You are taking advantage on the fact that as my relatives I can't execute you. Mainly because your mother would be upset. Hell if I know why."

"So what is bothering you today, Yami?"

"Leave me alone, Seth."

The high priest blinked. Never before the young pharaoh had refused to talk to his priest and cousin in one. It was definitely something new. He ignored the order and slowly sat down on Yami's bed and made the pharaoh look into his blue eyes.

"What's going on?"

In the crimson eyes of the younger one flashed anger. He didn't look as if he wanted to answer. The angered eyes were staring at the high priest not breaking the contact. It was a fight of wills which Seth was sure he had to loose. If Yami didn't want to tell him anything then there was no way how to force him. The condition of the pharaoh was bothering Seth more than he wanted to admit. In last few weeks it often happened that Yami started be angry or worse – closed from everyone. He still cared for his people. Doing his duty as a ruler was his responsibility and he did it well but when it came on anything else what contain meeting people on feasts it was different.

Seth knew his cousin and knew that this wasn't good. Yami liked feast and meeting people. But that changed and he didn't know why. And that made him worry about his pharaoh and friend. Seth was the first who break the eye contact. He was afraid that let it be for a while and wait till his pharaoh decides to talk to him can be a bad idea. But he didn't know how to make him talk about what was bothering him. With a gentleness that no other people knew about he touched Yami's shoulder. To his utter surprise the spiky haired man snapped the hand off.

"Yami, …"

"Leave, Seth! I want to be alone." Without another word Seth got up and left the room. There was no point in angering his pharaoh more then he obviously was. When the door was closed again Yami sighed. He didn't want to go to the feast and he didn't want to be near Seth either. There was no explanation but he didn't feel comfortably around people anymore. Even when he was in the middle of crowded place he felt distant and out of the place. It was as if he didn't belong there. He tried to find a source of these uncomfortable feelings but every time he started to think about it someone showed up with something very important what needed his attention. Yami cursed all these people. He needed time to think and not to work for once. But it wasn't possible. The people in the palace didn't let him. And because of it he started to be more and more annoyed and angry. Even to Seth but the high priest had the ability to annoy anybody so it couldn't be counted. Though that Seth was Yami's closest friend and advisor there were times when he just couldn't stand his sarcastic humour and dry comments.

Yami let his head rested against knees again and growled in pure frustration. A few moments later he got up and walked to the window. The young pharaoh was wearing a long Egyptian skirt with golden belt around his waist, nothing else. His chest was bare except for golden necklaces hanging down from his neck. Yami put his hands on the warm stones of the window and hang his head. The sun was setting and the sky looked gorgeous. He didn't see it. He saw it so many times that the beauty lost affect on him a long time ago. That wasn't all. Yami didn't felt for admiring any kind of beauty anyway. For the first time in his life he felt defeated. Completely defeated by unknown enemy. Defeated even before the battle started. The sun disappeared and left the last light of twilling illuminate the land of Egypt. The pharaoh decided go to sleep. There was no point in bothering himself with things he didn't understand and didn't have time to understand. He lied on the bed with his hands behind head and stared into the ceiling. It took a long time before he fell asleep.

The Dream:

It was the strangest place he ever saw. Right before him was a huge tree of a kind he had never seen before and couldn't recognize. The tree was in blossom. The strange softly pink petals were falling around him and some of them felt on his bare arms. The tree was beautiful. Yami could spend hours just looking at that strange tree with strong branches and soft petals. The different was unbelievable. How can something so strong look so gentle at the same time? The trunk looks like it could resist everything and yet, the petals are so soft and gentle. Is it even possible that in this world is something so strong and fragile? Can such difference exist at the same time and reflect cooperation? It looks unthinkable.

Yami looked around himself. The tree was standing on small hill and under it was a pound with clear water and water lilies. That whole place reflected peace and calmness. The pharaoh took a deep breath. Even the air smelled differently. Yami was sure that it wasn't because of the tree. There was something else, something he couldn't point out. So close and still out of his reach. Like a memory hidden in the back of his mind. He knew what it was because he encountered it before but he couldn't remember it. That knowledge was running away from him and he couldn't catch it no matter how hard he tried. Yami was sure that if he recognized that scent it would be like opening door to the whole new world of feelings. The scent symbolized something he knew but had been missing in his life. It was answer for all of his worries and unspoken question. It was like the tree before him. It was contradiction he was fascinated by. The feeling he was having for the past few weeks. Something familiar, yet strange. The pharaoh felt someone else's presence but before he could turn around he woke up.

The end of the dream:

When Yami woke up the next morning he couldn't help himself but feel disappointed. The strange dream left in him another question, which he was determined to get answer at. Because of that and the fact that Yami wasn't a morning person the pharaoh completely missed a single flower petal innocently lying on the pillow next to him. As every morning Yami was in a very bad mood. Which wasn't anything new for a certain high priest who picked up that moment for tormenting (from Yami's opinion) his pharaoh. Yami was still sitting on his bed when the door burst open and Seth with his robe flying behind him appeared in the room.

"I hope my pharaoh is ready and full of energy for this beautiful day that Ra sent only for your highness." It would be a compliment if it weren't for the heavy irony, which was clearly heard in Seth's voice. Yami put head into his hand and sighed.

"I hate you!"

Seth smirked at this announcing. "I adore my pharaoh as well. Now, in the main hall are a few of priests who are desperate to see your lovely face. And that's in spite of the fact I told them how wonderful person you can be in the morning." Yami saw his cousin sarcastically smirking and blood in his veils started to boil. Before he could say something Seth continued.

"Of course there is always chance that you would like to see the surprise I prepared for you first." At this Yami gave him a long look. His narrow crimson eyes were full of suspect.

"No, I will go and talk to that priests first."

"I thought you like surprises?" cocked Seth one of his fine eyebrows. Yami looked away from him and with deep despise, which both of them knew wasn't real, he answered.

"I do but not from YOU! Especially since you have such a degenerated sense of humour."

Seth put one of his hands on his heart and with a mocking tone he dramatically sighed.

"I'm hurt. How can you say I have a degenerated sense of humour? I'm truly out of words."

"Do me a favour and be out of mychambers as well." Snapped Yami and started getting up. He didn't feel for another verbal fight with Seth. Especially not this morning when his mind was occupied with another problems. All of sudden he felt dizzy and had problems to focus. He blinked a few times but it didn't help. Seth notices his pharaoh strange acting.

"Yami, are you all right?"

The young man tried to answer but he couldn't. His head hurt and everything around him was spinning.


To Yami Seth's voice was coming from far away. He wasn't sure if the priest even said it.


The pharaoh collapsed into arms of his high priest.

Streets of Domino city were silent and almost empty. It was late at night and there was no reason for anybody to be out. Not in the middle of week when most people needed to rest for tomorrow. Most people were sleeping already and on streets stayed only thugs and few suspicious people. And little Yugi. The said teen was running for his life, literally. As usual he was running before bullies who were chasing after him for three last blocks. It wasn't anything unusual. Yugi was a favourite target of bullies and half of his classmates when they needed to torment someone. He was small for his age and it was always easier to beat up these who can't defend themselves. Even when he was running for his life Yugi wasn't afraid much. He was pretty sure that he would loose them in the next block. Considering to his small figure it was strange but he was a very fast runner. But when you thought about it he HAD sixteen years of experience.

Yugi turned harshly to the left and disappeared in a dark space between two houses. As quickly as he could Yugi climbed up after boxes on the wall at the end. Before the first bully appeared he was safely hidden in the shadows on the next side of the wall. Great, another busy day. He thought dryly and tried to catch his breath while he was leaning against the wall. For the other kids he was weird. It wasn't his tri-coloured hair, which was spiky with long blonde bangs freely falling into his face. It wasn't his huge amethyst orbs, which despite all the bad things that other people did to him, shined with innocence and hope. It was the fact that Yugi was different in the mental side. He wasn't crazy or something like that. He simply saw things that other couldn't. That was the reason why other thought he was weird and that was why they tormented him everyday.

Yugi lived with his grandfather in the game shop since his parents died in an accident. When it came on his family life then, despite the tragedy of his parents, he wasn't unhappy. His grandfather loved him with all his being and was able to do first and last for him. Both of them lived silent and quite happy life. Or maybe that was until they found out that Surogoku Mutou was dieing on cancer. That was six months ago. Even when his grandfather was denying any problems they started to pill up. The bills for hospital, the fact that soon or later Yugi would end up in an orphanage or the vision of many other problems. Yugi being the cheerful person to the core of his being tried to spend most of his time with his grandfather. It wasn't hard since he didn't have any friends. The small teen tried his best not to think about coming death of his grandfather. He didn't know what he will do when it happen.

After another short run he stood in front of the game shop. Quickly he slipped in and hoped that his grandfather will be already asleep. Unfortunately he was wrong and badly. Surogoku was standing in the middle of the hall looking firmly at his grandson. He knew about bullies who were constantly chasing the small boy but in his eyes that wasn't an excuse to come home at half past midnight!

"Yugi, when did I tell you to be back at home?"

"Uhmm, I guess it was at nine o'clock?" it sounded like a shy question. Surogoku eyed his grandson with firm look and then chuckled. He could be angry for Yugi to being so late but never for long. Deep inside he almost fainted from relieve that the small boy was unharmed and safely back at home. His biggest fear was that one day Yugi will not come home back.

"Go to sleep, Yugi. I guess you need it!" he saw his grandson's shirt soaked with sweat and chuckled again. He was sure that Yugi was forced to run through the whole Domino city. The boy smiled and disappeared in his room. He was truly tired so after a quick shower he jumped into his bed ready to sleep. But for some reason he couldn't. It could be because he was too tired to sleep. It wouldn't be for the first time when it would happen to him but he didn't think so. Around his home was something disturbing and he wasn't sure what it was. It was normal for him to see emotions of the other people, which stayed on places for long time. He could still see the sadness, which was in this house since his parents' death. It was weak because it happened a long time ago, but it was still there. This feeling was like a wave floating through the house waiting for something else. Because of this strange gift of his, Yugi knew that his grandfather is worried and mainly – in pain. Suddenly, he knew the only person left from his family wouldn't be with him for long. That thought made him extremely sad. In his eyes appeared tears when he fell asleep. His mind was full of thoughts about his life without the grandfather.

If the night was unpleasant the morning was even worse. Yugi woke up early and immediately was stunned by the sound of his grandfather's painful coughing. As fast as he could Yugi get up and ran into Surogoku's room. He found the old man bent in pain near the window coughing and trying to catch his breath.

"Grandpa, are you ok?" Yugi's voice sounded worried but the boy tried his best not to show it. He knew that his grandfather didn't want him to be scared.

"I'm fine, Yugi. Go and get ready for school. I will make breakfast." Unconvinced Yugi nodded and went back to his room. He didn't want to think about it but deep down he knew that his grandfather was dieing and the end was near soon. All of sudden he felt defeated by life itself. He didn't have parent not even friends who would support him and when his grandfather dies he will stay all alone in world. The empty place in his soul started hurt a long time ago. With all his power he tried not to think about it but it was useless. The place where he was supposed to feel warmth he didn't feel anything. It was cold and he knew that it would stay like that until somebody will warm it. As the years passed he started doubt that he will find yourself a friend. That he will find somebody who would like him. Who would care about him.

In death silence Yugi change into his school uniform and with his school bag he went down to the kitchen. His grandfather was there, smiling, the pain forgotten. The small boy smiled at him too. It took him much but his own pain wasn't show in his amethyst eyes. Yugi felt sick from pretending that nothing is wrong. From pretending that his grandfather is healthy. That he didn't care about having no friends. From pretending that everything was normal and perfect. The only thing he truly wanted was sit down and cry. But he couldn't. He had to be strong for his grandfather.

In his usual cheerful-self he ran to the school. Inside he was crying. He knew what other adult thought. They didn't care about him and they thought that he didn't understand that his only family was dieing. They were wrong. Yugi was far more sensitive that other people. Not only because he was able to see things beyond logical understanding. Being naturally shy boy he was more aware about other than they thought. He could see right through their masks of false care, pity, happiness or sadness. For Yugi their soul was unprotected by outer appearance. He guessed that was one of many reasons why people hated him.

The school appeared right in front of him. Yugi sighed but not from relieve. He liked most of the subjects and didn't have problems with learning. But the recess was a nightmare. In the better case he was left all alone. In worse case somebody was tormenting him. Because there were few bullies in his class it was mainly the second thing what happened to him every day. As silently as he could Yugi walked into his classroom. Nobody said him hello. A few of them turned their heads towards him but quickly looked away. Nobody wanted to be caught pity Yugi in fear that Ushio and other bullies would beat them too. The others who didn't care about him or was these who tormented him too weren't paying attention. The small boy sat down on his place next to a window. He didn't talk to anybody. It was useless after all.

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