§ § § -- October 23, 1993

Leslie was given a clean bill of health and told she could return to her usual duties on Monday, which would give her enough time to fully recover from her jet lag. Julie dropped into the main house just before lunchtime with a room list and brightened so much at sight of her godfather's assistant that both Roarke and Leslie burst out laughing. "Boy, am I glad to see you!" Julie exclaimed cheerfully.

"Oh, sure," Leslie scoffed teasingly. "It's got nothing to do with me—you're just happy not to have to substitute for me anymore. Before you get too excited, you should know that I'm not cleared to go back to work till Monday, so I can get over my jet lag."

"That's still a week earlier than I expected," Julie said. "Here's the weekly list, uncle." She handed a paper to Roarke and regarded Leslie thoughtfully. "You know something? I got a very interesting letter in today's mail, and I thought you'd like to see it." She pulled an envelope from her pocket and handed it to Leslie, who turned it over and studied it with interest. Her eyes popped open when she saw the return address.

"You got a letter from Frida?" she blurted. "What'd she say?"

"Go ahead and read it," Julie suggested, turning then to Roarke. "It's weird, uncle. Considering what she wrote, I don't understand why she didn't address the letter to you or Leslie. It sounds as if she needs your help."

Roarke raised his eyebrows and shifted his gaze to his daughter. "Why don't you read the letter aloud, Leslie," he requested.

She nodded and began, " 'Dear Julie… First I must tell you how sorry I am that I never wrote to anyone on Fantasy Island after I left. All of my time, I spent either working or going to school. I have begun my final year here, but I think my life will change now. I have met a wonderful man named Klaus Rosseby, and he has asked me to marry him.

" 'But I don't know if I should tell him yes, even though I want to. Perhaps you will remember this; I know Leslie would. When I first came to Fantasy Island all those years ago, I never wanted to find the parents I was born to. I never believed I would have a reason to do that. I suppose I was not thinking to my future and what could happen. I think Klaus has a right to know who I really am, and if there is a medical problem in my family, I want to know about it so that we can decide if we want children. And then, there is my mental power…I have to live with this every day, and I am very frightened to tell Klaus of it. If I do, perhaps he will not want me. And if I have children, will they also have this power?

" 'So I need to know who my true parents are. I have no money at this time, but I hope to get enough to make a trip to Fantasy Island soon and be able to ask Mr. Roarke to help me. I have told Klaus that we should have a vacation and come to Fantasy Island when the winter is coldest and we wish so much for warm air and sunshine. So later, I will write to Mr. Roarke and ask him about this.

" 'I don't know if Leslie and the other girls are still on the island. Please give them my love and tell them I hope to see them when Klaus and I come there. With my best wishes, Frida Olsson.' "

The three were quiet, glancing at one another; then Roarke quirked a smile at Leslie and said, "You see? There is one of those 'strange and wonderful things'."

Julie's features took on a befuddled expression, but Leslie grinned. "As always, you're right, Father. Not that I ever doubted you…"

"Of course not," Roarke said as though it were obvious to any and all, and she giggled while Julie shrugged, mystified. Seeing the movement, he turned to her. "Julie, please do me a favor and send a reply to Frida as soon as you can. Tell her to write directly to me without delay, and advise her that she need worry only about airfare here. Send her these, as well." He unlocked a drawer and took out a pair of green charter-plane passes which he handed to Julie. "It's time to arrange a family reunion."

There's enough angst on both sides to fill a lagoon when Frida Olsson and the Dannegård family meet at last…but Roarke has a surprise for them all. Stay tuned…