Well, I'm ba-ack, and with the sequel to Never Leave Fanfiction Lying Around. Hope everyone likes it! This story will be a bit more serious than its prequel, but not too much. Sorry this first chapter is so short.

Summary: A daughter of Starr makes it her mission to find a way to bring Middle-Earth out from under her mother's spell and back to normal.

Starr Struck

Chapter One: I'm the Normal One and That's Saying Something

Do you ever get the feeling that you're the only normal one?

Coming from someone who's an Elven princess of a shadowy and giant-spider-infested forest, I suppose that may not be heard too often from my kind. And yet, there's my mom and her minions.

Well, they're more like mindless followers who adore her. Actually, they worship the ground she walks on and the air she breathes.

Which is pretty amusing to watch at first, but then it gets weird.

And my father! People tell me he was a great Elf, a member of the Fellowship that saved Arda.

He just seems like a sappy pansy to me.

Even Grandfather stares at Mother in a funny way. It kinda creeps me out…

It seems like everywhere we go, people fall in love with her. Well, actually just the men. I don't really see why, she's pretty obnoxious.

The one place she doesn't get piles of invitations to visit from is Rivendell. Which stinks because I've always wanted to go there. I don't really understand it, because it was my impression that Father and Lord Elrond at least knew each other. It's very strange.

We're currently on our way to Gondor, to visit King Elessar. He has the love-struck thing going on too. Only it's with this "Celeste" woman. She's the lesser of two evils, but still pretty annoying. The one thing I do like about these visits to Minas Tirith, is visiting the jails.

That may be another strange thing to say, but there are two really cool prisoners down there. I can't even imagine what they did wrong; they seem like kind and caring people. I plan on visiting them a lot.

We reach the top of a hill, and the city looks up in front of us. I always found it breathtaking, and it must be a fantastic place to live, albeit confusing. Unlike my perfect mother and siblings, I have a terrible sense of direction. They're all fair and faultless, in an almost unnatural way. And Mother! She seems to have an unearthly glow about her sometimes.

I can't stand it anymore. During this visit, I shall reveal to them my intentions to stay in Gondor. I can get work in the castle or something. After all, I'm seventeen years old!

I'm sure they'll be happier without their rebellious and un-stunningly-beautiful daughter.

Did that make any sense? Yeah, didn't think so.

But while I'm daydreaming, we've reached the top level. There's the king awaiting our arrival in the courtyard. Oh and there's his ever-present blonde eye candy, attached to his arm.

I mumble the usual greeting and wander off. I'll leave the witty conversation to my family. I find my feet carrying me to the dungeons. Out of the blinding sunlight, I pass cells of grizzly, frightening-looking men to get to my destination. My brothers accompanied me once (they insisted I needed protection, as if I can't defend myself), but when they swaggered in like they owned the place, they were booed out and never returned. Apparently their dignity is more important than my 'safety.' As for my sisters, they are too delicate to be around such 'horrible men'. Or so they say.

After seemingly endless rows, I finally reached the last set of cells. As my footsteps echo in the dank silence, two pairs of eyes glance up and meet mine.

"Hello there, Saeriel." Greeted the blonde.

"Hello, Arwen, Eowyn."