The 16-year-old girl brushed off a dusty old book and sneezed.

"What is it you have there, Lainwen?" asked a sandy-haired young boy.

"My mother told me to look for this in the attic. She said she wanted to read it."

"Yes, but what is it?"

"It's the diary, of my mother's older sister."

"Who would want to reread that?" laughed the boy.

"Oh no!" Lainwen sighed, hugging the book to her chest. "She lived such an exciting life!" She opened to the last page, which was written by Laineth, and read aloud:

"Starr and Celeste were sentenced to death by paper cuts. When asked what made him chose this fate, King Elessar said that he wasn't quite sure why, but it seemed strangely fitting to him. There was a great parade that day, and much celebrating in Arda as a whole.

"Seiryu lived in Minas Tirith until the passing of the King and Queen. Then her father, Prince Legolas, sailed to Valinor with Gimli son of Gloin. She was invited along, but wished more strongly to stay in Arda. Belgaer went back to the Shire with the hobbits, while Browne accompanied Naurin back to Lothlorien, wishing to stay there for a while before going back to Mirkwood. Seiryu and Laineth went to Rohan with Eomer and Deorwine. Two years later, Seiryu and Deorwine were married.

"Laineth grew up on horseback, and when she was older, married a horse breeder. They had two children. Laineth had her first child very late in her life, a daughter named Lainwen, soon followed by another daughter, Meluivain.

"Seiryu and Deorwine often took long trips to visit various places, also leaving and returning at the most unexpected times. They had one child—a son named Faelon. He loved to read as much as his father.

"Seiryu died at the age of 86, after a long and happy life. Deorwine died a year later. Those who knew Seiryu, and who were still on these shores, will sorely miss her, for she knows not the part she played in freeing this world from a dark and terrible power."

"Wow!" the young boy exclaimed. "She sounds really neat! Can I read that diary? Can I? Can I? Please!"

The girl let out a laugh. "This from the boy who scoffed at rereading a diary!" she shooed him out of the door and followed after him. With one look down at the book in her hands, she shut the door and went to find her mother.


And that's that. It's over. Thank you to everyone who read this story, you can't imagine how much I appreciated it. Thank you all.