Summary-All your favorite horror movies get revamped, Charmed style baby! Um, yea… Each chapter is a different horror parody, read, be slightly creeped out, and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own everything in this story! And if you try to sue me you'll learn that the real Nicole died 4 years ago, Mwhahahahahaha! I'm just kiddin, don't sue.

Chapter 1-Scream, Prue style!

Phoebe is sitting in the kitchen, she's in a baby doll T-shirt and cut-off jeans, and she's all alone in the house, about to make some low-fat Jiffy Pop when the phone rings. She picks it up casually.

"Hello?" She answered in a slightly slutty voice.

"Hello Clairece," A deep voice said.

"Who? Sorry, wrong number." Phoebe was about to hand up when the voice shouted. She put it back to her ear.

"I-I meant, hello Phoebe." The voice corrected.

"Oh, hello," Phoebe started to put the popcorn on the stove and turned it on.

"What are you doing Phoebe?" Creepy Voice asked.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Phoebe asked, still out of the loop.

"It was written on a stall wall at the college." The voice answered quickly. Phoebe just nodded. "So, whatcha doin?"

"I'm just getting ready to watch a scary movie." Phoebe replied.

"Ya like scary movies?"

"I guess,"

"What's your favorite?"

"Oh you know, that one with the haunted videotape and the creepy voice that says 'You're gonna die in 7 days.' Phoebe replied once more, still not knowing who the hell she was talking to.

"That's a good one," The voice chuckled.

Phoebe smiled. "Who is this?"

"Your mama,"

"Mom!" Phoebe shrieked, dumb ass.

"No bitch, I'm…" The voice was interrupted by a loud popping sound. "What was that?"

"I farted," Phoebe somewhat apologized, unaware that the popcorn bag on the stove was know the size of her Double D cups.

"I'm coming for you Phoebe," The voice ignored Phoebe's rude comment.

"Who is this?" Phoebe was now screaming into the phone.

The voice cackled. Phoebe got freaked out and slammed the phone down, but forgot she had to push a button.

"I'm still here," The voice chuckled.

Phoebe screamed and started pressing buttons.

"Nope," The voice laughed again.

Phoebe was now officially freaked, she threw the phone down and started beating on it with a baseball bat. Finally it was broken down into little pieces. Phoebe sighed and walked into the front room and sat down on the couch.

Phoebe closed her eyes, but just as she did she heard ringing. She gasped and looked into the kitchen at the smashed up phone, then realized it was her cell. She picked it up reluctantly. "H-hello?"

"Phoebe?" Piper asked.

Phoebe sighed in relief again. "Piper, thank god, when are you coming home?"

"Not for awhile, why, is everything okay?"

"I-I- yea, I'm fine, talk to you later." Phoebe hung up the phone, but it rang again, she picked it up. "Piper, I said I was oka--…"

"I'm not Piper you little ho," The voice sneered.

"W-what do you want? Who are you!" Phoebe cried.

The voice laughed hysterically. Phoebe stopped.

"Cole?" She asked.

"Wrong, but I have your boyfriend if you'd like to see him." The voice said.

"Where are you!" Phoebe tried once again.

"Come to the front window and see for yourself, I definitely have your boyfriend, the gay one who dresses like a girl."

Phoebe raised and eyebrow and walked to the front window, she slowly pulled back the curtain and gasped.

Leslie was sitting, tied to a chair, wearing a dress, and his mouth was gagged.

"That's not my boyfriend, I mean I've fucked him once or twice but that's it." Phoebe spoke into the phone.

"Keep watching," Creepy Voice chuckled. Phoebe obeyed. Suddenly a person dressed in a Scream costume came up behind Leslie and slashed his throat. The killer looked up and waved the bloody knife at Phoebe and spoke into his mini, yet stylish phone. "Boo!"

Phoebe screamed and ran from the window and she ran into the closet, but she had to push Andy's skeleton over to fit in.

What seemed like an eternity later Phoebe came out of the closet (no pun intended.) everything looked peaceful, until…the phone rang again. Phoebe jumped and looked at her caller ID, it said that it was the house phone, she stupidly picked it up. "Hello? Creepy Voice dude?"

"Whazzuuppp!"" The voice screamed.

"Whaazzuupp!" Phoebe screamed back.

The voice pushed a button on the phone.

"Whaaazzzuuuppp!" The voice cried.

"Whaazzuupp!" Leo and Cole screamed from the basement, which was filled with smoke.

"Whazzzuuppp!" Phoebe hollered.

"Whazzzuuuppp!" All three screamed.

The voice cleared their throat. "I'm in the house Phoebe, can you see me?"

Phoebe started to shake but also look around. She spotted the killer's feet sticking out from behind the couch wiggling for some weird reason.

"You're behind the couch," Phoebe replied.

The killer looked up at Phoebe. "Oh shit! Okay, okay," It stood up. "Close your eyes, no peeking!"

Phoebe closed her eyes.

The killer hid behind the curtains, their feet sticking out along with half of their body. "Ready,"

Phoebe opened her eyes and we notice that her hair is blonde! You know what that means…

"What about now?"

"No Mr. Killer," Phoebe replied slowly, even though she noticed the killer behind the curtains.

Phoebe tried to inch her way towards the door but tripped over the coffee table. The killer looked at her.

"Hey!" She screamed.

Phoebe screamed in terror and started to run upstairs, with the killer close behind. Halfway up the stairs Scream grabbed Phoebe's leg and pulled her down. Phoebe, still crying, accidentally pulled off the killer's mask. She gasped. It was horrible!

"Prue!" Phoebe cried, yep, it was Prue and her crooked eye. Phoebe winced at the eye that seemed to have a mind of it's own.

"Die bitch!" Prue hollered and brought down her knife; Once, Twice, Three times into Phoebe's chest, while Phoebe screamed bloody murder, on the fourth stab when Prue raised the knife again it had a silicon implant stuck on it.

"Hey!" Phoebe scowled.

Prue scrunched her nose and shook off the implant, Phoebe's right breast now looked deflated.

Prue laughed wickedly then stabbed Phoebe once more, killing her… Thunder booms, and the popcorn finally explodes. (For dramatic effect.)


Hmmm, right.