Title: Blood And Chocolate

Rating: R

Summary: Draco Malfoy finds a way to get back at Harry Potter for what he did to his father. It involves Harry's friend, Hermione and his Potions Master. Of course he has his reasons why he chose his godfather. Takes place during Harry's 6th year and features a few surprises for the boy that thinks he can do whatever he wants.

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Chapter One: A Pound of Sugar And Revenge

Draco's Home

Draco Malfoy was fuming as he packed his trunk for his sixth year at Hogwarts. His father had just been sentenced to a life sentence in Azkaban, the wizard prison and he wasn't allowed to take the advance classes that he needed to get into the department that he really wanted. He had dreamed of doing hundreds of things to those Muggle-loving fools and their desire to protect Muggles from the magic that they either hated or knew nothing about.

" The Dark Lord will get his revenge!" said his mother. " And speaking of revenge I want you to have this."

She showed him a book that was entitled " Using Dark Potions To Bring Your Enemy To Their Knees." He took it at once, not asking questions about why she wanted him to have this. He knew that she wanted him to use the potions inside, which he intended to do once he got to Hogwarts. He put the book under his " Advance Guide To Muggle Studies," and closed his trunk.

" Thanks mum," said Draco.

" No problem," said Mrs. Malfoy. " Well I'll see you around, I've got to go to the Ministry and get my name changed back to Black."

He looked at her.

" Why?" he asked.

" It's the rules," she told him. " Anyway I have a few plans for a student at Hogwarts and I want to make sure that it works out to my advantage. Tell Severus that I said hello. Hopefully he got himself a woman since the last time that I saw him."

" Ya right!" said Draco. " Like any woman would want him!"

Mrs. Malfoy looked at her son, but didn't do anything. She waved goodbye to him and then disappeared. The next morning a Ministry official took Draco to Kings Cross Station. Draco said nothing, but he was thinking. He was thinking of his vow that he made before he left school for the holidays. He was going to get back at Harry Potter for what he had done to his father and when he entered the station and saw the three talking, he knew who he was going to attack.

He had his eyes set on Hermione Granger.

Hogwarts Express

He went through the barrier between Platforms nine and ten and found his cronies waiting on him. Vincent Crabbe, Gregory Goyle, and Pansy Parkinson were looking at him, waiting for his instructions. Finally Pansy approached.

" Are we going to do the same thing as last year?" she asked him, looking at the archway.

" No," said Draco. " Where going to do something different."

" And what's that?" asked Pansy, turning to look at her two friends and then back at Draco.

" On the train," he said.

They took their trunks and animals, and went to look for a compartment to themselves. When they found one, they loaded them into a corner and Draco closed the door.

" So what is the plan?" asked Pansy.

" I'm going to brew a lust draught and pour it into her drink. I can always bully a house-elf that cleans the Slytherin common room to put it into her drink. However the potion that I intend to brew must be used on both parties, that's why I'm spending the train journey looking through the book that my mother gave me and decided the best potion to use on her."

" Perfect," shrieked Pansy. " That little Mudblood witch won't be able to get herself out of trouble."

" And if all goes well, we'll be free of that little barrier. Now to decide on who should be the receiver of the other half of the potion."

All four of them thought about this, then Pansy snapped her fingers, which with the train starting to move and the moments of quiet, it made them all jump.

" Professor Snape," Pansy said. " He hasn't been to all the Death Eater meetings and he wasn't in the Ministry of Magic when most of my friends fathers were sent away. He has to be working for Dumbledore."

" Bloody brilliant!" said Crabbe.

" Thanks," said Pansy, going pink. " However I want to work my wonders on Potter's other friend. He likes to hang around Mudblood, like Granger. I want to have fun with him."

" I thought you like to have fun with me?" said Draco, looking hurt.

" Of course I do," said Pansy, patted his leg. " But I have to leave my mark somehow. Oh his mum will be angry with him when she finds out that he's bedded a Slytherin."

" Very well," said Draco. " Then it's settled. We attacked Weasley, Granger, and Snape. That will leave Dumbledore busy for a few months."

And cheering in their delight, they had no idea that their plan was about to backfire right in their faces.

Two Compartments Away

" So Herm how was your summer?" Ron asked.

" Well," said Hermione, without looking up from the book that she was reading.

" Hermione why don't you stop reading for once," said Harry. " I mean that's all you do. There's more to life then reading!"

" I know that," Hermione said. " But I don't want to lose my place as the top student, that's all. Next year the title of Head Girl will be up for grabs and I want to get it."

Those words brought this year into even more clarity. Six years ago, Harry would have never dreamed that he would be nearing his final year at Hogwarts. However with the feeling that the summer had been at least somewhat better then the past one, he felt that maybe by the time he had finished his education and was ready to leave the Dursley's, that he would of defeated the Dark Lord and moved on with his life. He wanted that, needed that.

" So do you think that Dumbledore managed to find a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher?" asked Ron.

" I hope so," said Harry, thinking about the five past Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers that they so far had, none that had lasted a year. The rumor was the job was jinxed.

" Well I heard that the new Minister of Magic is letting Dumbledore hire whomever he wants," said Hermione, still not looking up from her book. " I hope it's Lupin, he really needs a job!"

" I can say that," said Harry. " I really liked Lupin, you know."

" I hope its not Snape," said Ron. " That greasy git can stay in his dungeons, I don't care."

Harry nodded in agreement.

Hogsmead Station

When the Hogwarts Express pulled into Hogsmead Station, there was a great clattering to get off. Harry and Draco saw each other, but sneered. Finally Pansy pushed Draco with her and Hermione and Ron pushed Harry with them.

" Just ignore him," said Hermione, getting into a carriage a few minutes later. " He's not worth it."

" I know that!" said Harry, gritting his teeth. " But he gets me so mad sometimes."

" Well that's what he wants," said Hermione. " Look there is a Yule Ball coming up this Christmas, stay and attend. You don't have to ask anyone out this time."

" As long as Draco isn't there, then I'll go," said Harry.

" Oh very well," Hermione muttered.

Hogwarts Castle

The carriages pulled in front of Hogwarts castle and everyone got off, signs of it starting to rain, making their appearance on their robes. The same horses that Harry had seen last year, showed themselves, looking at him as though they knew him.

" Come on," said Hermione, seeing Draco and his friends exiting one of the carriages and not wanting a fight to start so near the teachers.

Harry allowed her to follow to direct him inside, where they entered the entrance hall and then finally into the Great Hall. They went past Professor Snape and Professor Flitwick, who were talking and disappeared from sight. Meanwhile Draco, who saw his target going into the Great Hall and his other target talking, walked over to Snape.

" Sir, I'm tired," he told him. " Can I just go to bed and forget about the feast."

" Of course, Malfoy," said Snape. " The password is Change."

" Thanks sir."

And he went down the stairs and out of sight.

Once he was out of sight, he ran for the dormitory, saying the password, and entered. His trunk was already there and taking out the book he flipped to the page that he had been looking at while he had been on the train. He then ran to the fire and called out for his mother.

" Yes son," said Mrs. Malfoy.

" I found the potion that I want to use, but I need the ingredients."

" Very well, what are they?"

He read them off to her and she disappeared from sight. Ten minutes later, she appeared and handed them to him. He put them in his mouth and then pulled his head back into the common room. He then set up his cauldron in his dormitory and got started on the potion.

A/N: Poor Hermione, Ron, and Severus. Well things will get interesting and I do mean interesting.