Colette x Zelos

One day, around 2 years after the saving of the worlds, the Symphonian heroes were invited to Zelos' house for a party. The day was fun and exciting and everyone had a great time. After a delicious meal, cooked by none other than Regal the Wonder Chef, the group settled in for bed.

Zelos sat awake in his bed. I sure had a good time today. If only the night were just as exciting. If only I could get some. Of course, there was no chance with Professor sage, since she and Lloyd were together. Sheena would only get angry with me and hit me if I tried anything with her. I know! What about Colette? She turned 18 recently, right? Maybe she's my soul mate!

Zelos heard the sound of a door opening. He quickly rushed out into the hallway to find Colette walking down the hall. What perfect timing! He thought.

"Oh, hey Colette! Where are you going this late at night?" he asked.

"Um, I was just going to get a glass of water," she said.

"Let me come with you," Zelos replied, and the two of them walked downstairs to the kitchen. As Colette began pouring herself a drink, Zelos spoke.

"Colette," he began, " can I ask you a question?"


"Are you with someone?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You know, like a boyfriend?" Colette stopped what she was doing and turned around to find Zelos standing directly in front of her. "Colette, I love you." Colette smiled and looked into his eyes.

"You say that to all the girls!" she answered playfully. Zelos put his hands on her shoulders, then came in and kissed her. Her eyes shot open in surprise as Zelos slowly pulled away. Colette hugged him and began kissing him like crazy. They moved into the living room, still kissing, and flopped down on the couch. Colette stopped for a second.

"What's wrong, hunny?" Zelos asked.

"Your clothes, take them off."

Thirty minutes later the two walked up the stairs. "Good night, hunny." Zelos said. It was a good night indeed.