As Ayane was looking out at the thousands of shining stars she looked back at all the good moments that have occured in her life like when she would always walk to the nearby waterfall with Kasumi and play for hours on the end, but she had also thought about the bad moments in the past like the death of Genra and the evening she found out she was Kasumi's half-sister all along.

"Kasumi..." whispered as a tear dropped from her eye.

Ayane had realized she had made a big mistake. Instead of helping Kasumi, she was helping the others instead of standing by her own sister. She had also realized that if she had helped her in the first place, she would also be considered a Runaway Shinobi for assisting a banished clan member. She was under oath.

"Must complete my mission, i must kill her" Ayane said to herself as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Suddenly the sound of crunching leafs from below caught her attention.

"Huh, what was that sound?" Ayane said as she redied her Kunai...

She had heard the same sound again, only closer, as if the sound was coming directly below the tree she was sitting on top of.

Ayane flipped off the branch and landed on the ground below, spotting the source of the sound.

"Its only a rabbit" she said, realived

She remembered how Kasumi loved rabbits and how they would always draw pictures of rabbits at Ayane's house.

Out of nowhere a flower petal flowed gently down to the ground, landing next to Ayane's black ninja boot.

"Shes here" Ayane said quietly

The sound of footsteps came from the side.

"Gotcha!' Ayane yelled as she threw the sharp Kunai.

"Come on out, I know you are here Kasumi!" Ayane shouted.

"Ayane" a light voice spoke to her.

"There you are!" she yelled as she attacked with her deadly Tanto

The silloet easily dodged the clumsy strike

"Ayane please, can't you let me explain?" the voice said

"..." Ayane said nothing

"Please Ayane, come closer" the shadowy figure said

Ayane paused then slowly walked up to the cloked figure.

All of a sudden, Ayane couldnt move. She was completely paralized by an unknown force.

"Whats going on? whats wrong with me" She said, slowly losing falling asleep

"Good its working, we've got another one" the voice spoke as it removed its hood

"Its... you!" Ayane said as she colapsed onto the ground

"Good work...Helena" said the voice in the comunicator

"I will get you.." Ayane had little strength left

"Its pointless to resist, you will soon become a part of our newest project,... Eclipse" said Helena in a calm voice.

"Oh really" a new voice spoke

"Huh?" Helena said as she turned around

"Ive had enough of you and DOATEC's insane plans"

"Sir Ive spotted another one, shall I engage?"

"Yes, capture it at all costs" said the voice

"Understood" Helena said

Helena reached for her dart gun and fired at the approching silloette.

"That wont work on me im afraid" the man spoke as he caught the dart and snapped it in two.

"How could? Who are you?" Helena yelled

"My name is Ryu Hayabusa and I suspect you are Helena Douglass?" Ryu spoke.

"You are correct" Helena answered as she reached for her communicator.

"Sir this is Helena, send troops over to my location coordinates 1..." Helena stopped as a cross shaped shuriken impaled itself through the communicator.

"Whats wrong? Cant handle a fight on your own?" Hayabusa said

"I can infact! prepare yourself!" Helena yelled

"Make the first move" Ryu responded

Helena attacked with a spin kick but Hayabusa easily dodged it with ease. Then she attacked with a palm strike but Ryu stepped out of the path of the strike.

"Whats wrong Ryu? Cant strike a women?" Helena said as she laughed

"If that is what you wish" Ryu said

Ryu flipped over Helena without warning and grabbed her by the neck and tossed her a few yards away.

"Is that all you got?" Helena spoke

"Not at all" Ryu said

Ryu jumped towards her and threw a swift punch but Helena blocked it. Helena then countered with an upper punch and struck Ryu's torso.

"You're pretty good, where did you learn that style?" Ryu said to Helena

"None of your business!" Helena yelled back

The blades of a helicopter could be heard from above

"Its been nice meeting you Ryu Hayabusa, see you!"

Helena grabbed a Tear Gas Grenade and threw it twords Hayabusa

"Wait! cough Cough" hayabusa ran twords Helena

She was already gone, a dot in the sky.

she was not the only one missing...

"Ayane!" Hayabusa yelled

Helena had taken ayane with her to the DOATEC HQ but which one?

"Its time to turn to an old friend..."