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Summary- (Sequel To Not The Bandanas) After having to suffer Kouichi's wrath four months ago, Kouji decides it's time to plot something for revenge. Thus, the troublesome trio do their best to make Kouichi suffer in the midst of problems which involve family, relationships and more...

Chapter 1- Plotting Begins...Again

"Do all great heroes suffer like we do after they save the world?" Takuya grumbled, licking his popsicle.

Kouji shrugged. "We saved two worlds. They save a city or two at most. Plus, for them it's a daily job, nota once in a lifetime thing."

"Point taken."

Kouji, Takuya and Junpei all sat outside Kouichi's house, all of them eating popsicles, as it was summer, and, to put it short, they were burning after all the work they had to do. Kouichi had made them clean up the front lawn.

"This sucks. Who put a lawn here, anyway?" Junpei muttered angrily.

"Kouichi," Kouji answered, finishing his popsicle.

Junpei huffed. "No wonder. I bet he did this to torture us!"

Before Kouji could reply that the lawn had always been there, someone else answered.

"Actually, I put it here so the place would look lively. Who gave you three permission to slack, anyway?" Kouichi's cold voice came from the doorway as he threw the door open and glared down at his three 'slaves.'

With a sigh, the three picked themselves up. "What do we do now?" they all mumbled.

"Dishes, and clean the kitchen floor right after," came the response. "I'm going out, so no slacking, or you'll regret it," Kouichi warned before walking outside and shutting the door.

The troublesome trio sighed.

"This is all Kouji's fault for totally snapping out of it when Kouichi bought those stupid bandanas. You don't even wear them!" Takuya snapped, walking to the sink. "You two do the floor. I got the dishes."

Kouji grumbled and disappeared into the bathroom, coming out seconds later with two mops and a bucket filled with soapy water. "After I lied that Takuya got them for me, Dad told me not to wear them for anything other than special occasions. He even taped the boxes up again..."

"HMPH!" Junpei snorted, stuffing the mop in the water. "All this because we painted his room indigo."

"And broke a window, nearly killed the neighbor's cat, spent his unending reserve of money in the arcade and forgot to paint that pink spot indigo, thus ruining his room. He repainted it green last week," Kouji informed them, watching as Junpei began stabbing the floor with the mop angrily. I'm glad I'm not the floor, he thought, shivering. "Now, we're his chore boys until my birthday. And his birthday. Wonder what I should get him this year..."

"A punch machine," Junpei muttered.

"AHAHAHHA! Was that intended as a pun?" Kouji asked, grinning.

Junpei threw him a withering glare.

Takuya sighed as he began to rinse the dishes. "This sucks..."

Kouji nodded and muttered, "No kidding? We need a foolproof revenge plan."

"What? Burning Kouichi's hats?" Junpei asked.

"He's only got one," Kouji muttered, "and besides, he hid it."


"No clue..."

"Maybe cuz he knew we'd burn it if we found it?" Takuya suggested.

All of them sighed. As Takuya began putting the dishes into the dishwasher to dry, Kouji began going over the wet floor with a dry mop.

Five minutes later, they were done. Junpei and Kouji sat on the couch while Takuya leaned against the wall and faced the other two.

"Now what?" Junpei asked.

"I've got it!" Kouji yelled out of the blue, "We'll wait for school to start and initiate the plan then!"

Takuya shook his head and asked, "What plan? And who made you leader, bandana boy?"

"I'm not the leader. You aren't either. Shut up, goggle boy, I'm thinking. We can't afford to paint his room or beat him up...well, even if we got him beaten up by a set up...he'd know it was us..."

Junpei continued listing from there. "We can't mess with tests or get him in trouble, because after that toilet incident two years ago...well, we're infamous to the teachers, so they'll think we did it, anyway...so..."

Punching the palm of his other hand, Takuya nodded. "I agree. It's time to get tough!" he said, trying to think of a foolproof plan.

"I'm home, did you guys do everything?" Kouichi yelled as he walked in.

"MEEP! YESSIR!" Takuya yelled, saluting.

Shaking their heads, Kouji and Junpei muttered, "So much for tough..."

"Er, right. Did all of you get your school stuff?" Kouichi asked, raising an eyebrow at the still-saluting Takuya.

"Yep," Junpei said. "I gotta go. Uh, you don't want to know why," he added, wincing when he saw Kouichi open his mouth.

"Right. Let me guess, Izumi?" Kouichi questioned.

Junpei winced once more and nodded. Izumi had dumped Takuya in a fit of rage and had made Junpei her new 'boyfriend' in order to make Takuya jealous and to make her feel triumphant. Takuya didn't mind much-after all, Junpei was the one getting tortured.

As soon as Junpei left, Kouichi returned his attention to the other two. "Takuya?"


"Stop acting like you're in the military," Kouji groaned, whacking his own forehead, exasperated.

Takuya dropped his hand. "Ahaha...right. I just remembered, I promised to game with my little brother then take him to buy his supplies along with mine. I'll catch you two later," he said, dashing out the door.

"Dad's taking me today," Kouji said at last, marching to the door.

Before Kouji could make it out the door, Kouichi dragged him back. "Thanks for volunteering to go with me!" he said with mock enthusiasm as he slipped on his shoes and dragged his brother to the store.

"Kouichi..." Kouji said as they entered the shop.

No answer.



"Well, I told you I was going with dad, right?" Kouji continued. "Well, I'm supposed to meet him here..."

More silence.


"My life...you're determined to ruin it, aren't you?" Kouichi finally grumbled miserably, getting a cart and throwing in the supplies.

Kouji made a mental list of all his brother got. It was as follows-

Four pairs of scissors, eight jumbo glue sticks, three compasses, two protractors, twenty number 2 pencils, sixteen mechanical pencils, twenty black pens, twenty blue pens, twenty red pens, four packs of post-its, two packs of post-its flags, two white-out pens and a pack of color pencils.

Does he go on a shopping craze when he's depressed? Kouji wondered, watching the pile grow.

"Gimme some money," Kouichi murmured with a sigh, holding his hand out.

Freezing, Kouji gulped. Digging a hand into his pocket, he said in a small voice, "I don't have my wallet..."

"You mean I have to pay?" the older twin groaned, taking out his wallet.

Kouji nodded sheepishly before looking into the cart again. "Why do you have color pencils?"

"In my spare time, I draw. Which reminds me, I need new headphones..."

Sighing, Kouji followed his spaced out twin to the electronics section. "Kouichi, did you listen to what I said before?"

"You asked why I got color pencils."

"I meant before that."

"That you didn't have your wallet."


"I don't care," Kouichi lied, acting perfectly normal as he threw the headphones into the card. Not that much. Why should I? Kouji's the one who can leave anytime…I don't…care, Kouichi told himself.

"O…kay…" Kouji replied, eying a strategy guide for Final Fantasy X. Smirking, he picked it up and whacked his twin over the head with it.

Kouichi glared. "What was that for?"

"Don't lie to me," snapped Kouji, whacking Kouichi again.

Snatching the strategy guide and putting it back, Kouichi muttered, "I'm not. Much, anyway."

As they walked to the check out lane, Kouji began to sing, "Liar," in a loud voice, over and over again.

The clerk eyed the two. "Twins?" he asked Kouji

With a sigh, Kouichi shook his head. "He's not my real brother. My real twin disappeared sometime ago. The off-tune singing is coming from this imposter," he said calmly as he waved to Kouji.

Chuckling, the man scanned all the items and gave Kouichi the bill. Handing the clerk the money, Couch took the bill and loaded the bags in the cart, walking outside and not bothering to wait for Kouji.

"Heeey! What about me!" Kouji yelled, running after his twin.

"Dad's here, isn't he?" Couch asked, pushing the cart into the cart lane after taking out the bags. "Shop with him." Quietly, Kouichi headed back home.

Clenching his fists, Kouji glared at his brother's retreating figure. After they had gotten so close, Kouichi kept drifting further and further away. Maybe he's just being too mature for me, Kouji thought.

9th grade would definitely be hell.

That evening, when Kouji came home after running through the store five times over, looking for his father, he was met by his stepmother at the door. Cringing, he asked somewhat stiffly, "Uh, hi, Mom. Where's Dad?" It was becoming a tad difficult calling two people 'Mom.'

Mrs. Minamoto frowned at him. "Kouji, why didn't you meet your father at the store?" she demanded.

Kouji tried to think of something to say with out including Kouichi into it directly. "I, uh, was hanging out with the guys," he lied lamely, looking at his shoes and trying to look sheepish so she wouldn't get suspicious.

His father came out of his room with a sigh. "You could have called us…" Mr. Minamoto murmured in a disapproving voice.

"I-I know…" Dang…acting guilty is so hard…

"Kouji, you're going to high school. You need to be more responsible," his stepmother pressed.

Involuntarily, Kouji twitched, his eyes flashing at his shoes. I am so freaking lucky I'm looking down, he thought. "I know," he said out loud.

"I bought your things," his father informed him, "and they're in your room. What time is it, anyway?"

"Almost dinner time," Mrs. Minamoto answered.

Another twitch

A frown appeared on his father's face. "You were out later than usual, Kouji. The days are shortening…"

That was his father's manner of speaking. Always saying one point, then saying something else that had something to do with it, but was completely random. Either that, or he's just tired again, Kouji thought observantly.

Before the adults could say anything more, Kouji announced, "I'm going to sleep. School starts in a week. I might as well break my sleeping in habit…" He walked into his room and slammed the door shut, then fell back on his bed and closed his eyes.

Of all the things in the world to be messed up, why did it have to be his family? His father and stepmother treated him like he was three again, his mother was hardly around, and his own twin brother had turned him into a slave until their birthday.

Must have gotten it from Dad's side, Kouji thought, looking at the boxes of bandanas Kouichi had gotten him four months ago. Yes, for four months, he, Takuya and Junpei suffered the fate of being Kouichi slaves. The 'contract' Kouichi had drawn up was until the twins' birthday.

"My family's nuts. Is Mom the only sane one?" he muttered, going to his desk and sitting down. With a sigh, he flipped the family picture of his father, stepmother and himself to reveal his mother, Kouichi and himself, which had been taken a month after they had saved both the real and digital world.

Quietly, Kouji rose from the chair and turned off the light. As he climbed into bed, he muttered, "Some family…"


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