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Kouji's (our actual) Christmas, (his actual) Valentine's, (his made-up) Birthday special



Wrong holiday.

Oh, who cares? I'm drunk, anyway.

Ah, Christmas. Or Valentine's Day.

Christmas is a better example…

My head won't stop arguing with itself. Excuse me while I go arrange my thoughts. (This is the bad part about being drunk…)

I am Kouji. My last name? Minamoto. I am now fifteen. I am…oh, yeah, a twin. My twin is…Kouichi Kimura. What else? Oh yeah! I'm drunk.

Kako warned me, but hey, after beating up a guy (not really), you feel guilty. And once you realize your brother'll soon be the happiest birthday boy in the world, you wanna celebrate. So why not get drunk when you can? (Although, Mom will throw a fit.)

Maybe getting drunk isn't the way out? Oops? I guess they didn't prepare me well enough in grade school…

It's over.

So I'll celebrate. It's finally over.

After months of planning, plotting, my master plan is complete. I got my revenge. What was it? You wouldn't understand, probably. I confused myself in the process. I confused myself a lot.

So what was it? Well, other than making Kouichi seem like a dense, innocent, naïve (etc.) boy. I took away what he really loved and fell in love myself (but that proves my idiocy.). I showed him jealousy and regret. I proved he wasn't perfect.

So, as I lift the who-knows-what-number glass of pure alcohol to my lips, I toast my great achievements. Operation: 'Kouji's Revenge' has successfully been completed.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Ah…yeah, and Kaea (dragonsunlight evil author who makes me OOC) wishes you happy holidays to come!

May your presents be…

KOUJI-RIFFIC! …no? Or at least digi-mazing. Digirific? I give up.

I hope your presents aren't jokes, like my present to Kouichi. Heheh…he'll murder me…

Merry Christmas, everyone.

It's 'Minna no Christmas' from here.

Darn. I wish it were Christmas instead of Valentine's Day. Why didn't you make it Christmas, Kaea?

…she's not listening to me.

Maybe because I'm drunk?

Oh, come on, like that's a bad thing?

…HUSH! I KNOW IT'S BAD! I REALLY DO! I'm just…either joyfully happy or really annoyed. I can't tell. Too drunk.

Why'd I have to get drunk?


Not The Bandanas 2: Kouji's Revenge-

Status: Complete.

Sequel: Ready to be written.


-----It's still my turn! Kouji Minamoto refuses to give up!

Kouji's Note-

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…and there's nothing more to say. Months of hard work, my plan is complete, her plan still goes! .:laughing evilly:. Serves her right! Man, I wish I was the third part. But no, I'm the second. Oh, whatever. You know you want the third part. THIRD PART MEANS MORE ME! Actually…either story means more me. And I happen to be sane in both of those stories, too! Isn't it great?

Keeping that in mind, Review or Flame. Pick a story.

Enjoy your holidays.

You better have enjoyed your present at the least.