Author's Note: This is an unusual story because the author, HITTEH PITTEH, is in it! You won't get to see any of the characters but Hattarino...And the story itself has no point; it was just made to have fun!


Hattarino is so cute!

Chapter one: First Meetings (Part One)

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Hitteh Pitteh the magically magical magician brushed a layer of powdery flour off the messy index card, wondering why baking a cake was so hard. Perhaps it was because the recipe scrawled on the worn card was almost impossible to read. Or perhaps it was because magically magical magicians NEVER baked cakes. I mean, they could create them out of thin air! So what was the point of scraping your hands on cooking utensils, or searching everywhere for a simple recipe in order to waste time baking a cake!

But Hitteh Pitteh WASN'T like most magically magical magicians. For one thing, she was only four feet, five inches tall (four feet, twelve inches with her wizard's hat on). For another, she wore nerdy, swirly glasses and a loose blue wizard's cloak and a tall, pointed hat with the typical star/moon patterns that were both nearly eight sizes too big for her. Those had gone out of fashion a LONG time ago. Hitteh Pitteh also had blond hair- instead of the usual gray hair and a beard thing.

And, perhaps the thing that set her apart the most from other magically magical magicians, she wanted to bake a cake all by herself. Just once- for the experience. But it had been hard from the beginning. Hitteh Pitteh had searched far and wide for a simple cake recipe, but hadn't been able to find one. She lived in a large mansion shaped to look like a gigantic pear, after all. Most sane people avoided the place at all costs. The area was DESERTED!

So naturally, a recipe had been hard to find. Hitteh Pitteh had finally hiked all the way down to a tiny bakery, and had paid an immense amount of gold coins to the baker and had received in return his 'Extra Special Recipe' jotted down on a torn index card. By this time, Hitteh Pitteh had begun to wonder if it was really worth all this to simply bake a cake. Yes! OF COURSE it would be worth it!

Once she had arrived back at her comfortable pear-mansion, Hitteh Pitteh had immediately begun to prepare for the baking. With a wave of her hand, she had created an oven, a silver pan, and a wooden spoon. Now... Hitteh Pitteh had read down the list of 'Extra Special Ingredients' and created each one.

Which brings us back to the flour incident. Hitteh Pitteh the magically magical magician brushed a layer of powdery flour off the messy index card, wondering why baking a cake was so hard. I mean, HOW had her bag of flour exploded? Seriously! Bags of flour don't just... explode! Unless...

Maybe her ingredients had been created the wrong way and had somehow turned evil? This had happened once with her rocking chair. One day Hitteh Pitteh had decided that she wanted a rocking chair and had carelessly created one with the usual sweep of a hand. But instead of a rocking chair... she created an EVIL rocking chair. It had teeth and had instantly decided to chase her around the house.

Finally, Hitteh Pitteh had persuaded the chair to be good by offering it candy corn (all magically magical magicians know that evil rocking chairs LOVE candy corn). It was now resting contently in her room (it still had teeth, though). Hitteh Pitteh had decided to name it 'Cahir' (No, not 'chair' misspelled, CAHIR!).

Errgh! We're getting off track again! Anyways, Hitteh Pitteh wondered if she had accidentally created evil ingredients. So she decided to check each one. The sugar tasted fine and it looked like ordinary sugar. The salt whispered, "I love pears" to her, but Hitteh Pitteh had created it so the salt would do that; so whispering salt was ordinary.

But the eggs- something was wrong with the eggs. One of them was trying to escape by bouncing along the counter. Uh-oh! Hitteh Pitteh couldn't bake a cake with a bouncing egg, or else she would bake a bouncing cake! Sneaking up on the egg, Hitteh Pitteh watched in fascination as it danced around the counter. Maybe she could keep this egg as a pet, just like Cahir. Let's see... Evil eggs like...uh...

Darn! Hitteh Pitteh couldn't remember the lesson on what evil eggs liked! So how was she going to persuade the egg to behave itself! And now she was going to have to make ANOTHER egg to take this one's place in the cake mix. Wiping some of the flour off of her swirly glasses, Hitteh Pitteh decided to try and communicate with the egg.

"Hi!" Hitteh Pitteh whispered timidly, placing her cupped hands on the flour coated counter. She hoped that the egg would hop into her awaiting hands. Then she could easily make friends with it.

Huh! When Hitteh Pitteh stopped daydreaming of being best friends with the egg and focused her attention back on the situation, she noticed that the egg was now swiftly hopping up and down and emitting puffs of green smoke. Oooooh... Interesting!

Hitteh Pitteh watched as the egg began to spin rapidly around and finally was covered in a cloud of green smoke. Hitteh Pitteh ducked under the counter, realizing that the egg would probably explode. She waited and waited for the sound of an exploding egg, but it never came...

Curiosity getting the better of her, Hitteh Pitteh hesitantly peeked over the counter and gasped at the sight that greeted her. The egg had grown maybe five times of the size it was before. It had green hair... and eyes...? Eyes! The egg had eyes! And not only eyes, but a mouth with a long stick protruding from it, a green samurai-ish outfit, and a SWORD!

"D-d-d-dangerous..." Hitteh Pitteh managed to choke, her eyes still on the sword. Then, even more surprisingly, the egg jerked slightly in a polite bow.

"My name is Hattarino. Pleased to meet you!" The egg greeted, the stick in his mouth wiggling as he spoke.

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Uh... well... I don't have much to say! Just... TO BE CONTINUED!