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Chapter 1

Swirling golden rings appeared abruptly around the lush green plain, signaling an appearance of a player in The World. As the glittering dust dissipated, a female figure with a huge heavy blade on her back was revealed. The girl appeared around the age of sixteen, with lush brown locks that framed her chiseled countenance. Her deep tanned skin with golden strips framing the side of cheeks further enhanced the aura of wildness around her.

She was a frequent user of this game, already her rank showed her level of expertise regarding this raging game. She was one of the highest leveled Heavy blades around The World. Even her blade was of rare kind that only those above the level of seventy would be able to wield.

The girl looked around her eagerly; her sharp emerald eyes seek for the familiar figure. However her search was futile as no one seem to be within her sight. Sighing slightly, Mimiru dropped down beside one of the willow trees on the plain. She fingered the sheath of her blade as she contemplated the message she received yesterday.

"Please meet me at the Orcas Plain on Friday 4pm. Tsukasa."

Her eyebrows furrowed as she considered the sentence. It has been short and blunt, exactly like what Tsukasa would normally say, but… it has been only a week since they had finally helped Tsukasa to log out of The World that he has been trapped for half of an year. There's simply no way that Tsukasa would want to come back here again so soon. She knew she wouldn't. So then, who send her the message?

"Argh! Tsukasa no baka!" Mimiru muttered in irritation and growled. It's all his fault! Argh!

"You know, you shouldn't insult someone behind their back."

Mimiru yelped in surprise and jumped around. Her sword already out of the sheath as she turned around. The blade stopped just before it came in contact with the neck of a startled Wavemaster.

"Tsukasa!" Mimiru exclaimed in surprise as she caught the sight of her silvered haired friend. Her hands paused in their position as she gawked at the equally surprised boy.

Blinking in astonishment, Tsukasa pushed away the cold steel from his neck. Feeling a slight relief wash over him at the feeling of thin air. After being able to feel the game as if it's reality for so long, this feeling was precious. It proved he is no longer trapped in The World.


The amethyst-eyed Wavemaster shook his head slightly and focused on the companion in front of him. He let a soft smirk cross his lips at the irritated frown that adorned Mimiru's countenance. "What?"

Mimiru pouted as she crossed her arms and glared at the Wavemaster. "You just zoned out on me!" she said accusingly.

Tsukasa looked apologetic at her statement, "Sorry about that." He scratched his head sheepishly.

Mimiru shook her head as her irritation faded. Then the realization hit her. Tsukasa, Tsukasa is really in The World!

Noticing the slight change in her expression, Tsukasa sat down on the grass and patted the spot beside him. At his invitation, Mimiru followed suit. Her face wore a look of curiosity and wonder.

"You know," Mimiru begin, "I didn't think you would be back so soon." She turned her face toward the boy beside her, "Aren't you afraid at all?"

Tsukasa chuckled slightly and leaned back. His hands overlap each other behind his head as he lay on the grass. His expression turned somber as he stared at the artificial sky. For that moment, he seemed to turn back to the Tsukasa Mimiru has first met, the cold dark boy who held a world of hurt and secrets in his heart. Then he spoke and the image shattered.

"Of course I am." Came the soft admittance. Tsukasa's eyes were shadowed by his long silvery bangs. "But I can't just never play The World again. After all, for a long period of time, this has been my home. No matter how much pain it brought me, I can't just forget about it."

Mimiru gazed at the silver-haired boy in astonishment. His speech startled her greatly. She had never expected him to admit it aloud. After all, he had always been the kind who hid his thoughts in his heart. Even if he would voice it, she didn't expect it to be to her, someone like Subaru maybe.

Shaking her head, Mimiru pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind and reflected on Tsukasa's words. A smile of understanding crossed her lips after a pause. Yeah, she can relate to that. You just don't forget these kind of things, the comfort and love you were given. It's kind of like parents, Mimiru thought idly. They love you and you know that. But sometimes, things happen and you hate them for it. But you don't trust stop loving them or just forget about them because of it. The smile turned into a playful grin; maybe the comparison to Tsukasa's case is slightly stretched.

At the grin, Tsukasa sat up. "What is it?"

Mimiru waved her hands nonchalantly as if ending of his curiosity, "Nothing, nothing." Then she smiled, "It's just that I think I know how you feel."

"So ka." Tsukasa replied softly as he placed his hands around his knees lightly.

They lapsed into a comfortable silence as both of them stared at the sky. Mimiru glanced toward Tsukasa after a while. This silence is not uncomfortable but she is a lively person and there's a question she's just dying to ask.

"Whatever you want to ask. Ask." noticing Mimiru's fidgeting, Tsukasa sighed and smirked in exasperation. You can't expect Mimiru to sit still for so long after all.

Receiving the permission, Mimiru jumped up. "Are you a boy or a girl in the real world?" This question has plagued her ever since Bear raised the question of Tsukasa's true gender. At first, she had been quite shocked when Bear told her that the player who he suspects is Tsukasa is a girl. The player had fell into a coma while playing The World and now resides in the hospital in which Tsukasa's electronic signal seem to be coming from. With all the evidence, Mimiru had made her peace with Tsukasa's gender even though she has been a little weird out by it at first.

But then, after Tsukasa has finally logged out, Subaru brought her shocking news. She said that Tsukasa should be someone else because the Tsukasa in The World has disappeared while the girl still remains in the coma. Mimiru became very confused at the news. A few days later, she had met Subaru again and she had been quite withdrawn and refused to answer her questions. Sora had dropped by shortly afterwards saying Subaru has been shocked at the Tsukasa in the real world. Being a sneak he was, he also refused to tell her anything.

'But I don't need them.' Mimiru thought triumphantly, 'Tsukasa is right here. And who better to answer the question than the person himself?'

Tsukasa was very shocked at Mimiru's question. Of all questions, he didn't expect this one. He blinked owlishly at Mimiru's expectant face and then smiled awkwardly. "Well, I'm a boy in the real world. Didn't Bear tell you?"

Mimiru shook her head, "Bear didn't contact me all week, but..." Then Mimiru threw her hands in the air, "I KNEW IT!" she screamed at the top of her lung.

Tsukasa immediately backed away at the deafening sound but he's not quick enough. Rubbing his ears gingerly, Tsukasa frowned at Mimiru. "Mimiru!"

Noticing her friend's irritation, Mimiru stopped her victory dance, "Sorry," she said in embarrassment, "it just that yesterday I made a bet with Crim. And this means I won."

Tsukasa stared at her strangely, "You made a bet over my gender." He said dragged each word out slowly, his voice deathly calm.

Noticing her friend's irritation, Mimiru smiled in a placating way. "We are just curious."

Snorting slightly, Tsukasa sighed. "Fine."

Putting her hands under her chin, Mimiru voiced, "But how did you turn out to be a boy after all? I thought you were the girl who fell into the coma."

Tsukasa shrugged slightly, "Nope. It turns out I'm actually the patient beside her room. I was found with my headset away from me. Probably fell off somehow, so they didn't know I fell into the coma while playing The World. That's why Bear got us confused. Anymore questions?"

Mimiru nodded absently at Tsukasa's explanation. To be honest, she wants to ask him about Subaru but decided against at the annoyance in his voice. "Nope." Mimiru stood up and grinned conspiratorially. "Say, since you can finally relax and actually play The World now, how about we form a party and explore a dungeon?"

Tsukasa stared at her then a bright grin cross his lips, "Let's go!"


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