FBG: I'm back!

Unkown Person: Yes you are.

FBG: And I'm here to torture!

Unknown Person: Yes you are.

FBG: Where is Athrun! ATHRUN! OH ATHRUN!

Unkown Person: He's hiding.

FBG: Why?

Unkown Person: Idiot! He's scared of you! Readers read on!

Chapter 1: The Curse and The Plan

He sighed starring into the seemingly bottomless depths of his black coffee. The door chimes rang, as the Café doors swung open and a group of young girls entered, giggling about the blustering wind outside. He looked up noticing that some of the new female customers, were starring at him appreciatively, he turned away, pretending as if he didn't notice their whispered stares.

"Hey Athrun," he looked up startled, his best friend was standing with his left arm around a stack of books, he set them down on the table with a thud, making the coffee spill over and stretched his arms.

"You been studying late again Kira?" asked Athrun counting the number of books his friend brought.

Kira laughed, "Yeah, you could say that. I was-"

"Really Kira," replied Athrun, "I don't want know."

Kira looked at his friend for a long moment, he sighed shrugging, "Okay. If you want to miss out on the most interesting intellectual topic yet, it's up to you."

"Don't be sad," said Athrun laughing, "My brain has been friend because of today's exam. I don't really want to here about one of your theories now, or else I might loose the last three brain cells I have left!"

"You counted?" asked Kira.

"Yeah," sighed Athrun, his eyes wandered back outside, watching the people walk through the windy weather, he ran his hand through his long dark blue hair.

"Dude," said Kira standing up, "Come with me to drop these off at home and then we can go chill somewhere," at the look on Athrun's face he added, "It's Fiday! Come on!"

"Hey! Kira, hey, wait! I have to pay the bill!"

"DEAR LORD!" she cried, "NOT AGAIN! Please! Oh please, not this again!" she ran out of the living room before her mother could corner her.

"BUT! Cagalli honey! Oh please, couldn't we just go and meet him! Jonah is such a nice boy!"

"MOTHER DON'T YOU DARE!" she shrieked standing at the foot of the stairs. Her amber eyes flaring angrily, she held her arms over her chest, "Look okay, I appreciate it that you care. Mom, I'm 22 years old! I think I can handle my dating life for myself!"

She continued to rant about her mother's new scheme when the door opened and her older brother Kira walked in, "Hey sis, hi mom," he said, "Oh I brought a friend over."

After him followed, to Cagalli's amazement a very handsome young man, with long navy blue hair and bright green eyes. He was wearing a stripped shirt with dark black jeans, looking very posh.

Cagalli on the other hand was wearing sporty baby blue short shorts and a white tank top. She felt a little awkward standing in front of such a hot guy wearing such bad clothes.

"Hi, you must be Cagalli," he said extending his hand, "Kira told me a lot about you."

"Hi," she said shaking his head, he has class…

Kira came over putting his arm around his sister's shoulder, "Sis, this is my best bud Athrun."

"YOU'RE ATHRUN!" she exclaimed, he looked down rather uncomfortably, "Yeah."

"Oh," she said looking away, "Well. I have to get going; I have a tae kwon do class to teach at the Y. See ya!"

She burst into a run out of the front door, waving at them before turning around the corner and disappearing into the afternoon sun.

"Your sister teaches Tae Kwon Do?" asked Athrun helping Kira carry his books up to his room.

Kira nodded laughing, "Yeah. She can beat anyone up. Trust me; don't ever mess with Cagalli Yula Athha."

"Athha? But…your name…" said Athrun looking confused, placing the books on his friend's desk and sat down on the bed.

"Yeah, after my mom died, and Cagalli's parents divorced, my dad and her mom got together. So we don't carry the same last name," he said smiling, "but she's still my sis, no matter what."

"THAT! I can see," said Athrun, nearly get hit in the head by a badly aimed punch from Kira.

"You know you haven't been acting normal lately," said Kira sitting down beside his friend, "I mean you were drinking black coffee and you NEVER drink black coffee."

"I, it's uh complicated," said Athrun running his hand through his hair, "It's really complicated. You probably will laugh."

Kira scoffed, "Try me. I dare you!"

Athrun blinked, starring at him, "If you say so…Okay my great-great-great-great-great-great really great grandfather had a relationship with a very beautiful woman. She loved him a lot and he loved her too, but after a while she became clingy, and I don't know stuff happened and my grandfather chose to leave her. She became furious, and put a curse on my grandfather, telling him that all his sons, will die a premature tragic death if they don't fall in love and get married before the age of 23, that's how old he was when he left her but not before he dies himself! My grandfather didn't believe it of course, he got married to a nice girl and had a son, but shortly after his son was born, he died in a carriage accident, at the ripe young age of 25."

"So you're telling me this curse is real? I mean that death could've been…"

"That's what we thought! But then so many young men in our family died because they didn't believe it. So now the whole family believes it's true. And well I'm next…" cried Athrun burying his head in his hands, "And that's not the reason why I'm upset. It's my dad. He knows I won't fall in love and get married, so he's having one arranged!"

"WHAT!" yelled Kira looking astounded, "To whom!"

"Mia Campbell," he cried, nearly sobbing.

"Isn't that Lacus Clyne's wannabe cousin?" said Kira scratching his chin, "I don't think she's that bad…"

"SHE'S BAD!" he yelled, grabbing his hair, "She's an insane, control freak, spoiled little, bitchy, crazed, deranged woman! Who is driving me MENTAL! MENTAL I TELL YOU MENTAL!"

"ATHRUN PATRICK ZALA! GET A GRIP!" yelled Kira shaking his best friend back into his senses; Athrun looked at him blanking causing Kira to slap him.

"Oh god," said Athrun, "God, I'm sorry Kira…"

"It's okay," said Kira patting his friend's back, he then jumped up dramatically, "BECAUSE I HAVE A PLAN!"

"God, not this again," moaned Athrun, "Please not another lame plan. Last plan you had, trying to get Sai and Yzak dates winded up them getting harassed a gay bar!"

"It's not my fault they couldn't find the right place," snorted Kira, "you have to admit it was pretty funny."

Athrun chuckled, and Kira turned on him, "I want to talk to your dad first. I'll get him to call off your engagement to Mia. And then, I'll tell him my plan. That way you could have a chance at falling in love and meeting someone normally."

"And your plan is?" said Athrun looking skeptical, but deep down he was hoping and praying, please don't send me to a gay bar. Please don't please!

"I'll post an add on the inter-college website," said Kira laughing manically, "its genius! I won't put your name or anything, just a bit about you. That way you won't get all tormented by people. Girls will contact me, and I'll put them through a test. Eliminating the ones that aren't suitable and then, we'll make you date the one's that you like and pick them down till you have the perfect girl! And viola!"

Athrun starred at Kira like he was crazy, "Kira Yamato, and MY LIFE ISN'T THE BACHELOR!"

"I know," said Kira nudging Athrun with his elbow, "But thanks to me. It will be!"

He ran out of the room before Athrun could pummel him to death, "KIRA YAMATO YOU GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!"

Unkown Person: Will Kira's plan work? You know why do you always right stories with a "Kira" in it?

FBG: I like the name and you'll see how it works out...you'll see...

U.P: You're scaring me...

FBG: Good, that is to be expected.

U.P: You're weird...

FBG: So are you, "UP"



U.P: (chasing after her) HEY!