Random Commentary Person: After a much long hiatus of many months, our heroine FunkE-BunnE-Gal, commonly known as FBG, has returned to finish her epic tale of romance through comedic self expression!

FBG: ( runs in clapping) Bravo! Bravo RCP! What a wonderful introduction and you are truly correct in your explanation this is a story of love through comedic self expression.

U.P: Really? I thought it was about YOU (points at FBG accusingly) tormenting THEIR (points at the cast sympathetically) lives!

FBG: That too.

U.P: (crestfallen) Oh...well...I'm glad we made that clear then...

FBG: Yes.

Kira: Well we are back and although this is a short episode, it does lead us into a very...chaotic one?

FBG: I suppose so.

Kira: (does a Mr.Burns impression) Excellent...

FBG: Readers! READ ON! Man I missed saying that!

Chapter 22: Operation - Wedding Bells

Rolland Jule stood in the middle of the ballroom supervising the workers as they put up the final decorations for the wedding taking place at his hotel tomorrow afternoon. Rolland Jule owned the Fairview Restaurant and Hotel; he was a man well into his fifties who came from an average family and worked his way up from bus-boy, to chef, to restaurateur to, finally, owner of a luxury hotel.

"Mister Rolland! Mister Rolland!" one of the managers, Binky, came sprinting into the ballroom nearly crashing into a display of helium balloons.

"Watch it Binky!"

"Sorry sir!" The little man huffed catching his breath and finally blurted out, "we have an emergency sir!"

Rolland ran his fingers through his grey streaked black hair, he sighed. "What is the emergency Binky?"

"Apparently a group of our servers have caught a stomach virus attending the same party yesterday; they won't be able to show up tomorrow!"

"Damn teenage kids and their poor health…" muttered Rolland his sharp mind calculating where he could possibly get back-ups on such short notice. "How many are we down?"

"Ten sir," said Binky. "I know it doesn't seem like much but they were the servers specifically issued for the bride, groom and wedding families' quarters!"

"Ten you say?" said Rolland a sly grin spreading over his strong features.

Binky gulped, knowing that the glint in his boss' eyes was not something pleasant. "Yes sir, easy work however it's quite demanding…"

"Excellent Binky!"

"Excellent sir?" Binky wasn't sure how to react to the sudden spasm of enthusiasm that appeared in Mr.Jule's gusto.

"You remember my son Yzak? He's worked here quite a few times? Well he and his friends are mighty well rounded kids, I'm sure they'll have no problem filling in for tomorrow!"

Binky went pale, "B-but sir! The protocols! The procedures! They won't know what to do!"

"I'll send them in early to you Binky. Now I have some chefs to check up, carry on!"

Binky stood helplessly as his boss walked away humming cheerily to himself, "Why am I always stuck with these things…"

Yzak groaned starring at his textbook in dismay, it was early Friday evening on the date of November 2nd and he was in a poor mood. Yzak's textbook was being very rude offering him no help at all with his assignment; a cruel, cruel piece of work given to him by his cruel, cruel professor.






"I GOT IT-Hi Mom! Yes, I'm fine. How are you? No, I'm just working on a stupid assignment. How did the Burnaby case go? You got an acquittal? That's great Mom! So why did you call? Dad wanted you too? Why didn't he just-oh, he's at work? Oh yeah he had that big wedding coming up. WHAT?! Your joking? I don't know, this is so last minute. Well really Mom you can't expect me to force-THAT MUCH? Okay I'll see what I can do…"

Yzak hung up. He blinked. He sighed. He cursed his parents and their skillful stratagems.


Ezaria Jule hung up the phone smiling smugly to herself, yet again she won another battle however this one was not in court. It was a battle of wits with her son and of course the temptation of money was enough to win her dear boy over to her cause.

"Now to tell Rolland about the extra bonuses he'll be paying…"

"It is five freaking a.m. and I would like to know why I am standing outside of Athrun's apartment?" moaned Kira sleepily, his eyes were still puffy from sleep and he was wearing his pajamas under a giant sweatshirt he put on backwards.

Cagalli looked at her brother coldly, "You were the one that agreed last night to help Yzak out today! YOU AGREED BECAUSE YZAK'S DAD WOULD PAY US FIFTY BUCKS EACH FOR WORKING!"

"Oh yeah…"

"Honestly Kira…"

The door opened and the brother and sister stepped inside. Everyone was lounging around still tired and many still grumpy however the promise of a fifty dollar bill in their pockets was the motivation that brought them together. Yzak managed to get everyone to come and all were present except for two people.

"Athrun, Kendra, Kuzzey, Sai, Cagalli, Kira, Lacus, Nicol and me are willing to work today in order to help my father with this wedding," said Yzak. "Basically, we have to go to the hotel get some training and uniforms and then be prepared at eight o'clock for the wedding parties to arrive. We're supposed to be specifically serving the bride and bridegroom and their families."

Kira raised his hand.

"Yes Kira?"

"Why can I still hear Dearka snoring?"

"Oh yeah, Dearka and Miriallia are actually wedding guests, apparently this is the wedding Miriallia's cousin came to attend and both she and Dearka have also been invited."

A burst of energy coursed through Kira's veins, "THAT! IS TOTALLY NOT COOL!" The energy dissipated and the young man collapsed back onto the couch. Everyone else just murmured in agreement.

Yzak gave his friends a tired smile, "Thanks you guys I really appreciate this so let's just get operation 'WEDDING BELLS' underway!"

FBG: Wow, Mrs.Jule you're really good at bribing people!

Ezaria Jule: All in a days work! I mean really how did you think I got Yzak to turn out half as good as he is? Bribing works!

FBG: I'll make a mental note of that!

Yzak: My mother is so self-indulgent!

FBG: Uh...

Yzak: My mother can't stand loosing either...

Ezaria: (looking outraged) Are you accusing me of bribing to win? OF CHEATING?!

Yzak: No, I was simply stating some well known facts about you. Ask Dad even he agress with me.

FBG: (backs away slowly) While Mother and Son deal with their issues let us...RUN AWAY!

Ezaria: I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU! I GAVE BIRTH TO YOU! Stayed tuned for the next chapter of Love By Elimination! YZAK JULE YOU ARE A RUDE LITTLE BOY!

Yzak: I learned from the master!