"BLOOM,FLORA,TECHNA,MUSA! COME SEE THIS!" Stella fairly shrieked. Well, there was no fairly, she did shriek. Bloom and the others ran along beside her to the front office where a fairly tall girl stood beside an extremely tall young man.

"See? I told you!" Techna pointed out that she had not in fact told them anything.

"Humph." The girl looked up with a half scowl, half pout and hugged the boy and walked towards them. Bloom went forward.

"Hi! I'm Bloom!" Bloom gave her that million-dollar smile and the girl simply raised a brow. A pierced one at that.

"Cale." Bloom looked this girl over. She wasn't at all like the other fairies in Alfea. She had long silver hair and duel colored eyes; one a deep crimson and the other a bright silver. It seemed as if Cale really didn't want to be here, or maybe that she wanted Bloom to stop smiling at her.

"I'm Stella! You've got a really hot boyfriend!"

"Stella!" Techna scolded. Stella turned to her and shrugged her shoulders, "What?"

"I do apologize for Stella, she really has no formal ablilities." Techna also saw that this girl did not seem to belong here at Alfea. Her left ear was entirely covered with cuff's and piercings. Her right eye brow sported a hoop and a stud, her bottom lip held a stud and her nose a small diamond.

"...I'm Cale..." Techna introduced herself, then Flora and Musa.

"Hey! Why don't we help you get unpacked and then we can show you around!" Stella chirped and Cale thought a moment. She had to stay here, at least part of her day, so why not be nice?

"..Alright. Thank you."

"No sweat!" Musa said, waving off her thanks.


"Oh wow! You got a huge room Cale!" Stella said, looking around the room a bit jealously.

"I guess." Opening her pack, Stella immediately pounced, being a self-proclaimed fashion Goddess.

"Oh! Interesting!" Techna looked at the items that were being pulled out and put away in awe. How did Cale manage to keep those things on!

"So, what's so special about this place?" Cale asked as the walked down the hall and outside to the Gardens.

"The magic, of course! We come here to learn how to use and develop our powers. So when did you learn you had the magic?" Musa looked to Cale, who scowled.

"I've always known. It's been written into my blood by the Ancestors. I didn't have a choice." Bloom frowned. She should be happy being a fairy!

"Would you rather be a witch?" Right now...Cale was acting like one. However, the girl visably stiffened.

"I am a witch."

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