Hey, my OCFs, this is not my first OC fanfic; I've written several, and now I've lost track of them, however, this is my first fanfic that I've put on this site. I adore ryan angst, and I can't really stand romance or too many twists, so hang with me. here goes.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except Art, and no, Art is not a shorter name for Teresa's boyfriend in the real show. Art is my own character, a buddy of Ryan's from when Ryan went to juvy at age eleven.

Gray smoke escaped from between his cold and trembling lips. He lowered the cigarette and grabbed the back of his clammy neck. He was covered in a nervous sweat, and his eyes had never seemed so distant. He had been trying to explain to another man what was going on, but could barely make the words come out.

"It's like, shit'll never be the same, you know?" He continued after a short break. "Sorry, I guess you probably don't want to hear me complain all night," he said, bringing his trembling hand back to his face and inhaling deeply on cigarette.

"No, man, we all gotta break down and talk sometimes. I been where you are. Well, not exactly, but I share your feelings at one time or another. Keep going."

"Thanks. I-I just feel so stuck. Like I'm on a branch sticking out of the middle of a, a big rock wall."

"What do you see when you look down?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like, you can't stay where you are for long. You can let yourself fall to the worst option, down, or you can try to reach the better one, up."

"When I look down, I guess I see...jagged rocks. I'll either be killed, or maimed horribly. And looking up is only the lesser of two evils. I see a black sky with no sun, and nobody. It's like I'll wallow in misery all alone, with no one who wants to help me or even look my way."

"When you say, you'll be killed, you mean that metaphorically, right?"

Ryan tilted his head downwards, afraid of the words he would waste breath on. He slipped the cigarette between his lips one last time, and replied, "I wish I did. I really do. Thanks for listening, Art. Thanks for the ride, too."

"No problem, man. If you ever need anything, just tell me. Listen, I don't want to pry about your situation, but I will offer my help. It sounds like you're in a heap of trouble. I will help you if you need me. You know the number and the address." Ryan nodded and stepped out of the dark green SUV, stamping out his cigarette as Art sped off into the night. Ryan shivered as he started off down the road. He had decided to have Art drop him off in Chino. Ryan did not have any particular location in mind; he just needed a walk. As a kid Ryan had often escaped his home late at night to clear his mind from any fights that day or harsh words exchanged between, well, members of his family. Most times the words did not bother him; he was used to the sound of fights and arguments, but sometimes the words really got to him. Even as a seventeen year old living the good life with the Cohens, he had his problems. Problems that became present via his past. He inhaled deeply on the cold night air, before starting his walk.

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