Chapter One: Slaying a vampire is one thing but a Teacher!

"Hermione let's go, I don't want to be here it's all scary and stuff and spiders are hidden here!" Ron spoke through jittering teeth from the cold I supposed and from the memories of his encounter with Aragon the big spider in second year.

"No Ron! I can't leave until I'm finished here, plus you guys can save me a trip tonight and go show the headmaster what you two found." Speaking firmly, Harry opened his mouth to object until I gave him a look for him to think twice. Harry and Ron Slipped under the invisibility cloak and headed back to Hogwarts to the headmaster's office.

They never liked they idea of me being the chosen one. One girl in all the world. The one with all the power to defend the light, and defeat the evil that lurks in the dead of night. I am still a witch the same one with the high grades and prized student to walk the halls of Hogwarts but I'm also the slayer, Hermione the vampire slayer as my watcher and headmaster and deputy headmistress loved to say.

Watching the footsteps back to the castle, thought the snow. I turned back to the deeper part of the forbidden forest, for any sight of danger. It was the first Thursday night in December and it was freezing as ice out! I wore my light witches robes and a warming charm to keep warm.

Six hours later and still no catch, Glancing at my pocket watch I was surprised it was 5:00 in the morning and the sun would be rising up soon. Starting to get off the rock, Hermione heard a sudden noise to her left side. Creeping to her left, which was a little deeper into the forest and raising the stake just at the level of her eye, she was on full alert. Getting closer to where the noise was moments ago. Holding her breath, the forest became extra quiet. Hermione felt a sudden small breeze behind her, turning around Hermione grabbed the figures by the arm and threw the stranger forward on the ground, falling hard. Straddling the figure, Hermione got ready to unmask the stranger, while her other hand held the stake at the ready.

"Miss. Granger What in the bloody hell are you doing?" A very ticked off, unmasked Snape grumbled.

My eye's widen in surprised, "Professor Snape, Sir, I'm Sorry I was not sure who it was! Please forgive me sir!" In my mind I could sense on how much trouble I was in as I began to lower my stake down.

"Miss. Granger, Get off me you stupid girl and explain to me what in the bloody hell are you doing out way past curfew, In the forbidden forest by yourself and why in Merlin's name are you doing, trying to kill me!" He was extra pissed when I finally got off of him.

"I-Well- I-um-Save it Miss. Granger fallow me to the headmasters office it appears today might be your last day at Hogwarts." He scowled at me as he walked on towards the castle, As I scowling at him I put my stake away and trailed behind him back to the castle as well.