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Going Our Separate Ways

It was a dark and rainy night in Viridian City. Giovoni sat in his office of the recently restored Viridian Gym thinking of all his current "business" deals. He had come a long way since he started Team Rocket. He had a lot of success, but just as many failures. He had managed to create one of the most powerful Pokemon ever only to have it turn on him and remain at large to this day. He had managed to develop a radio wave that caused pokemon to evolve only to have it shattered by some kid and the dragon master himself Lance. He had recruited four fantastic agents who all showed promise, completed all their missions successfully and steal some of the rarest and strongest pokemon he had in his possession only to have two of those said agents go on a loosing streak for the past four years trying to capture one measly Pikachu. Now, however, things were going to change...

He was snapped out of his musings when he heard his phone on his desk ringing. Who the hell could be calling at this time of night? He thought as he answered the phone.

"Speak" He stated simply

"Uh…Boss?" Said a familiar female voice on the other end.

"What do you idiots want!" He asked angrily. It was too late at night to be dealing with two failed agents and a freak Meowth. "Whatever it is it had better be important for you to call me this late at night!"

"Night?...Oops sorry boss we forgot about the time difference." Said the female voice again while laughing nervously. "Well let me just get to the point we have some good news and some…ban news."

"Out with it Jessie!" Snapped Giovoni clearly annoyed by his subordinates stalling.

"Ok well you see we still haven't got the Pikachu but we do have some info on what Team Aqua and Magma are trying to do…" Began Jessie nervously. She knew better than to get on the boss' bad side so she hurriedly continued. "Magma is trying to expand the world's land mass while Aqua seems to want to expand the world's oceans-"

"And what was so important about this that you imbeciles had to call me in the middle of the night?" Giovoni asked quietly and a little too calmly. "We deal in Pokemon thievery not occultist fantasy!"

"That's just it boss the teams are trying to use very rare, powerful and ancient Pokemon for their goals" Said the whiney voice of James. "They want to wake up Groundoon and Kyogre and use them for their ends and…"

"Enough!" Shouted Giovoni fed up with their ramblings. He was going to request them to return back to base so they could be "Let Go" when an idea came into his mind. "Jessie, James you have a new mission. From this point on I don't want either of you trying to capture that Pikachu." He paused to hear the momentary gasp and the quickening of their breathing because he knew they thought he was going to request them to return to base and after so many failures he couldn't blame them for being nervous about that. "I want each of you to join one of the two major teams in Hoenn. Jessie you join magma, James you take Aqua. I want a full report from each of you every month on the goings on of both teams and the minute they get close to achieving their goals. You will act as loyal to the leaders of those teams as you would to me and do anything they ask unless it interferes with anything in the Kanto or Johto regions. Understood?"

"Yes Sir!" They said simultaneously. Before a new voice spoke up.

"Hey boss what about Meowth?" Asked Meowth hopefully.

"I could care less what happens to you. You are by far the most worthless Pokemon I've ever laid eyes on. You couldn't even defeat a Magikarp in your training sessions, so as far as I am concerned you do not have a place in either of these missions." Said Giovoni smugly with an affirmative "Purr" from his Persian.

"But boss-" started Meowth

"Enough of you babbling you have your missions now get on it I expect confirmation of your new status and ranks within each team in two weeks. GOOD NIGHT!" And with that the call was ended and Giovoni returned to his musings.

"HE CAN'T DO DIS TO MEOWTH!" Yelled Meowth hysterically to his team mates once the phone call was ended. "I gave him the best years of my third, fourth and fifth life he can't do dis to me!"

"Well pal I don't know what to tell you but you heard him." Said Jessie "He wants me and James to split up and stop trying to get the twerps rat. I don't know about you two but I could use the change. I am sick of getting Thundershocked/bolted/waved and hit with every other attack the twerp throws at us."

"I can't disagree with you there Jess I'm sick of it too." Said James tiredly "Although I am gonna miss you guys…sniff…especially you Jess" James added that last part very quietly so only Meowth heard him.

"What was that James?" Asked Jessie with a raised eyebrow

"Uh…I just said I'd miss you guys a lot..heh heh." Said James nervously

"Don't be such a wimp James." Said Jessie as she rapped James on his head HARD. This might be the last time I get to do that She thought silently "We'll see each other again when this missions over you don't have to-"


"QUIET YOU!" They both said in unison as they pounded the poor cat-pokemon's head in.

"You heard the boss you're on your own fur ball" snapped Jessie coldly

"Sorry Meowth but we don't have much of a choice if we don't do what the boss says…" began James but he shook his head unwilling to voice the truth that all three knew. "Like Jess said your on your own. Good luck pal"

James held out his hand to Meowth but he and Jessie were both rewarded by a Furry Swipes to the face.

"YOU MANGEY ALLYCAT HOW DARE YOU DAMAGE PERFECTION!" Shouted Jessie as she punted Meowth into the distance.

"Looks like Team Ro-"Began Meowth before he caught himself "I mean Meowth's blasting off Alone!"

Meowth went sailing into the distance with tears in his eyes.

"Gee Jess did you have to be that hard on him I mean he is our friend and all-"Started James sadly.

"Quiet James it was…sniff…the only way he'd go willingly." Jessie interjected.

And they both hugged one another and shed silent tears for their team that would never be the same again.

It was a Beautiful morning for Ash Ketchum as he woke up to the smell of something delicious Wonder what Brock's cooking this morning? He thought as his stomach growled.

Upon hearing the rumbling sound from Ash's direction Brock turned from his pot over the fire. "Hey Ash I see you up pretty early excited to get to Lillycove I see." He said cheerily.

"Hmm Lillycove?" Said the camps third and final occupant May as she too was awakened by Brock's cooking

"Yea we should be there by Noon at least it's only about 10 miles away according to the Poke'Nav" Said Brock Knowingly. Ever since Max, May's Younger brother had received his first Pokemon a Castform from the Weather Institute outside Fortree city Brock had been designated Navigator. Max had to stay at the Institute with his Pokemon because he wasn't quite old enough to begin training it legally.

"I would be excited Brock but the only thing that's exciting for me is the Ferry to Mosdeep so I can get my Seventh Gym Badge and be one step closer to the Hoenn League Championship." Ash declared confidently

"Why are you in such a rush to get all your badges anyway Ash it's still about two-and-half years till the next tournament" Said May yawning.

"WHAT!" said Ash now fully awake and hopping out of his sleeping bag. Unfortunately for Ash the shock of the comment caused him to forget about the other occupant of the bag which in turn earned him a nice thunderbolt from Pikachu.

"CHUUU" Yelled the little mouse Pokemon as he pumped his trainer full of lightning before realizing what he was doing and then grinning with an innocent expression on his face. "Chu pika pikapi" ("Oops sorry Ash")

Ash acted as though the thunderbolt never occurred and turned back to May. "What do you mean the Tournament isn't for another two and a half years!"

"Oh, I thought you knew that the Hoenn League wasn't held every year." She said cheerfully. "They hold it every four years and the last one was held about a year and a half ago."

"I don't believe this." Said Ash softly "What the hell am I suppose to do for two years or more." Ash had thought this would go like every other league he'd been in. Get the badges, Have just enough time to make it to the opening ceremonies and then hopefully this time win the Championship. Now he was in the middle of a foreign region over halfway to his qualifying standings for a Tournament that wouldn't happen until he was 17.

Brock seeing Ash's confused look felt it was the perfect time to instill some life lessons into his self proclaimed younger brother/best friend. "Ash this is why you read the fine print on applications and contracts before signing them." Seeing Ash look even more confused Brock took out his Guide to Hoenn and began to read aloud from a specific section. "All trainers participating in the Hoenn League Championships must have ALL the fallowing badges. Stone, Knuckle, Dynamo, Volcano, Balance, Feather, Heart, and Rain. After these badges are obtained a trainer has earned the right to participate in the Hoenn League Championships.-"

"I know all that Brock get to the point" Interrupted Ash.

Brock continued as though he hadn't heard his friend. "-A note to foreign trainers: Once all badges are earned it is not permissible to leave the region until the tournament has been decided. If said trainers leave the region before registering in Ever Grande City the badges shall become null and void unless the trainer is willing to pay a $20,000 fee to keep his/her badges valid." Brock took a deep breath and than put the pamphlet away. "So basically Ash if you want to participate in the League you'll have to stay in Hoenn until it starts."

"Well I guess it can't be that bad." Said Ash as he started to look at the positives of his situation. "I mean I will get to train more and It'll ensure better competition so the only down side is I can't go back to Kanto. Mom is gonna freak when I tell her."

"Yea and so will Misty" Said Brock

"Why would she care?" Asked Ash "I mean yea she is one of my best friends but she has the Gym to run and it's not like I live near Cerulean anyways"

Does he have to be such an idiot man you would think if I picked up on it He would've by now and I only met her once. Thought May highly amused by Ash's denseness. "You've got a lot to learn Ash" She said quietly.

After they ate and Ash calmed down about his extended stay in Hoenn they continued on to Lillycove. Once they checked into the Pokemon Center It was off to the contest hall for May's hopeful victory and with it a Master's Ribbon for the beauty contest toughness if you counted Combusken.

Everything seemed to be normal until Brock suddenly stopped on the way to the contest hall. "Hey guys I need to go do something I'll catch up to you later." And with that he went off in the other direction leaving a bewildered Ash, May and Pikachu.

"What was that all about?" Asked May who was totally confused by Brock's sudden departure

"Don't ask me." Said Ash "He probably saw some girls and had to go hit on them. I just hope he doesn't get a sexual harassment charge."

"Yea, but it was still kinda weird and he didn't get all dreamy eyed like he usually does." Said May.

"Yeah well you never know with Brock."

Unfortunately for May she had high standings in both her contests but lost by hair to her rival Drew.

"Told you to give up from the beginning amateur" Taunted Drew as he and his Rosallia began to leave the backstage area.

May stood there with a deadpan expression on her face for about three seconds before calling after Drew "At least I didn't have to use under handed tactics like Petal Dance to startle other people's Pokemon CHEATER!"

"If you call those poorly trained things you keep around Pokemon then I see why they where so easily startled." He replied smugly without turning to face her. "Train more and then try and beat me. Although I have to say I am surprised that your Torchic evolved. I guess you aren't totally without talent."

May stared at him as he walked out of the door if she didn't know better she'd have thought there was a compliment in that last remark, but it was probably her Imagination.

"Are you May Maple?" Asked someone from behind her. May turned to see a man in his early Forties with brown hair and grey eyes. He wasn't overly tall but he was at least 5'8 and he had a kind smile.

"Yes I am, and who are you?"

"My name is Mason Shaw and I run the Pokemon coordinator's school situated right above this hall you're standing in now." Said the man as he smiled "I saw your wonderful choreography during the contests today and I know that with the right nurturing you could be one of the best coordinators in Hoenn if not the world with the skills I've seen you display today."

May blushed slightly at the compliment "Why thank you Mr. Shaw, but I really don't think I'm that good..."

"Don't let what Drew said dampen your spirits my dear. Why when he first came hear he was much worse then you are."

"Drew studied here?" asked May very surprised by this. Mason nodded and May could tell he was being truthful. It shocked her that her rival who seemed to have an endless supply of arrogance actually had help to get to the point where he is now. "So…" began May slowly "If I studied here by the time I was done I'd be able to beat Drew and finally wipe that stupid smirk off his pompous-stupid-irritating-charming-handsome-" Oh my god what did I just say "Anyway I can beat Drew if I study here?" She asked hopefully

"I can make no guarantees, but I can assure you it will be a good possibility that you will." Said Mason

"I'll do it!"

Ash sat in the Pokemon Center after returning from the contest Hall. He had a lot on his mind and as always Pikachu was right beside him.

"Pikapi, pi pichu chukka pi?" ("Ash, when are you calling home?") Asked the pokemon while looking up at Ash.

"I suppose I should do it soon Pikachu." Said Ash "I'm just trying to figure out how best to break it to mom." He sighed and went over to the phone and dialed his home number. And the phone began to ring.

"Hello? Ketchum reside-"began Dellia until she saw who it was on the other end "-Hi Honey how are you? Have you been eating right? You have been changing your you-know-what everyday right? And-"

"MOM!" Ash yelled "I'm fine and yes to both questions, but do you have to ask me that every time I call?"

"I just worry sweetie." She said sadly "I miss you and I can't wait to see you back home again."

Great why does she have to make it even harder? He thought to himself "Well mom I wouldn't get my hopes up on me coming home anytime soon."

"What's that suppose to mean Ash?" Said his mother who was taken aback by the comment.

"Well I found out today that there is this little snag in my plans for the Hoenn League so I have to stay hear for two and half more years if I want to get in the championships unless I want to pay a huge reinstatement fee for my badges because I'm a foreign trainer." This was all said in one breath and very fast but somehow Dellia caught every word.

"Ashton Ketchum!" She yelled through the phone "If you think I'm going to let you run around in some foreign region for the next two years on your own you've got another thought coming. I want you back here in time for Christmas this year and-"

She was cut off by Ash's response "Mom I know you want me home but I've been working on this for the last six months if I leave all that work will be for nothing and I'll have to start over if I come back. Plus this will give me lots of time for training and it's not like I'll be alone Brock and May will be with me and all my Pokemon too."

"Fine Ash if this is what you really want to do I suppose I can't really stop you." She said sadly. "But I expect you to call at least once every two weeks so I know your okay. Promise me Ash?"

"Promise Mom" Said Ash "I have to go now but I'll call you soon bye Mom love ya."

"Love you too sweetie" She said as Ash ended the call.

"Well Pikachu that went a lot better then I expected it too.

"PIka, Pi Pikachu" ("Yeah, She took it well") agreed Pikachu.

They were going to head back into their room but were stopped when someone called out to Ash. "Ash!" It was Brock "I need to talk to you its pretty important."

"Sure Brock-O, what's up?" Asked Ash turning to Brock

"Well, you know how I got that letter from my brother while we were in Fortree?" He asked.

"Yea what about it?" Answered Ash "You wouldn't tell me what it was about so I figured whatever it was must have been really personal."

"Well it is but that's not why I didn't tell you what was in it." Said Brock 'The letter was telling me that he wasn't doing to well as the Gym Leader and that he was always at odds with our parents and other siblings and basically its pure chaos back in Pewter."

"Wow that's rough." Said Ash. I hope he isn't going where I think he is with this. "So what did you need to talk to me about then?"

Can he really be that clueless after all this time? Thought Brock "Well Ash when I left earlier I called home and the situation is worse then I thought so I'm going to be on the next Ferry heading back to Kanto." Said Brock sadly.

"This day just keep getting worse and worse." Muttered Ash "First I find out I have to stay in Hoenn A LOT longer than I expected and now you have to leave. This day couldn't possibly get any wor-"

"Hey guys guess what I just got excepted to one of the most acclaimed Pokemon Coordinators schools." Said May cheerfully as she walked through the doors of the Pokemon Center. Upon seeing the sad looks on her friend's faces she immediately started to worry. "What's wrong guys?"

"Correction now the day can't get worse." Said Ash sadly as he headed out the doors of the Pokemon Center.

"What's his problem?" Asked May "I thought he'd be happy for me."

"He is but he has a lot on his mind I'll explain…"

Ash was walking along the shore of Lillycove when Pikachu suddenly asked Ash a question.

"Pikapi pika chu chu pikachu chu ka?" ("Ash have your thought about bringing some of the others here?")

"What do you mean Pikachu?" Asked Ash

"Pi pi pi pikachu pika pikachu pika" ("If your going to be in Hoenn for a while your other pokemon will probably miss you.") He responded

"Hmm maybe your right I should probably switch between pokemon a lot more then I do." Said Ash. "But we're so far away from Pallet out here every time I call Prof. Oak It costs a fortune.

"PIka chu pikachu chu pika?" ("Why not transfer the others to Prof. Birch?") Asked the Pokemon.

"Hey buddy that's a great idea I can use the local PC system if I did that. Good thinking Pikachu."

After that they walked in silence and Ash continued thinking to himself. I told Mom I wouldn't be alone but it looks like I was wrong. Brock is Leaving, May is staying here and I have to continue on. I knew they wouldn't always be around but still I didn't think they'd leave so soon. The past few months have been great. I've seen a bunch of new Pokemon met a lot of people and had some very interesting adventures here in Hoenn. Now It'll be me and my Pokemon. No Brock, no May, no Max and no Misty. They continued walking until nightfall when Ash returned to the Pokemon Center.

"Hey Ash" Said Brock Awkwardly "You okay?"

"Yea I'm fine now Brock just needed some time to think." Then Ash got a sudden Idea "Brock why don't we have another Battle before you go?"

"Sure but it'll have to be tonight because my boat leaves in the morning." Replied Brock. He was a little surprised by Ash's request but he was glad to see his friend in a better mood. "Nurse Joy gave me back both our Pokemon so we can do it anytime."

"Alright then hand me my pokeballs and lets head outside." Said Ash confidently. Brock handed him his pokeballs and they both headed out the door toward the battle field outside the Center. "How's a three-on-three sound to you?"

"Fine by me." Said Brock

"Hey guys wait for me!" Yelled May as she ran out of the Center and into the battlefield panting. "I wanna see this"

"Fine May you be the judge then" Said Brock

"Okay" She answered. "This is a Three-on-Three pokemon battle with no time limit. Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town versus Brock Slate from Pewter City Begin!"

"Lombre I choose you" Said Brock as the aquatic-plant pokemon appeared on the field.

"Okay, in that case I choose you Swellow" Said Ash as he threw his pokeball revealing a black and white bird with red feathers around it's neck area.

"Loombree" ("Ah fresh air")

"Swellow Swe" ("Your going down")

"Lombre use water gun"

"Swellow dodge it and use a Wing Attack"

Lombre attempted to hit Swellow with it's water gun but Swellow managed to dodge it.

"Lombre don't let that wing attack hit you use Astonish"

Lombre's eyes began to glow purple and suddenly a bright purple light flashed causing Swellow to flinch and pull out of his attack

"Now Lombre use Water Gun"

"Swellow look out!"

Lombre fired another Water Gun this time managing to hit Swellow and send him tumbling through the air.

"Swellow you okay?" Asked Ash concerned for his pokemon

"SWELLOW!" ("PAYBACK!") Yelled the bird as he righted himself and glared at Lombre.

"Okay Swellow use gust attack"

"Lombre brace yourself and use protect"

Swellow began pumping his wings incredibly fast and launched a vicious Gust attack straight toward Lombre. Lombre tried to put up a protect but it failed to activate in time and he was sent tumbling and smacked into the wall on the other side of the battle field. Lombre struggled to get up but collapsed defeated.

"Lombre is unable to battle Swellow and Ash are the winners" Said May cheerfully.

"That was a nice attack Ash I didn't think a Gust could be that powerful." Said Brock as he returned Lombre to his pokeball. "Now try this Mudkp GO!"

Brock threw the pokeball and out popped the little blue Mudkip "Kip" ("Hi")

"Okay Swellow lets try a Steel Wing attack"

"Mudkip It's still week from battling Lombre when it gets close to you use Muddy Water"

As Swellow started charging towards Mudkip It's wing began to glow a silvery white color. Mudkip waited for the bird to get closer before rolling in the dirt and then firing a high powered water gun all around causing a large mudslide that struck Swellow as he was coming down for his attack.

"Ah! Swellow!" Yelled Ash as his pokemon landed in the big pile of mud "Can you still fly Swellow?"

Swellow struggled to get up. "Don't let it out of the mud Mudkip use your Tackle attack" Commanded Brock

Mudkip charged at Swellow full speed slamming into him and sending him hurtling through the air to land at Ash's feet.

"Swe…low" ("Must….win") Said the bird as he collapsed at his trainer's feet.

"Swellow is unable to battle Mudkip and Brock are the winners." Announced May.

"Good job Swellow take a rest." Said Ash as he returned Swellow to his pokeball "Alright, Grovyle your up!" Said Ash as he threw out his next pokemon

"Grovyle" ("Ready") Said Grovyle as he put his trademark twig in his mouth.

"Mudkip use Mud-Slap to blind him."

"Grovyle drive right though it with a Leaf-Blade"

Mudkip kicked up some mud remaining from the puddle where Swellow had been and launched it at Grovyle. Grovyle however charged straight toward the incoming mud its leaves on its arms glowing a brilliant white color and slashed straight through the mud hitting Mudkip dead on with the attack. Mudkip being both water and ground types fainted from the powerful grass-type attack.

"Mudkip is unable to battle Grovyle and Ash win!" Said May.

"Okay Ash time to get serious." Said Brock as he returned Mudkip to her pokeball. "Forretress I choose you!"

"Forretress" ("Ready")

"Grovyle use a slam attack"

"Forretress Harden"

Grovyle jumped into the air preparing to slam it's tail into Forretress when suddenly Forretress started glowing white. When Grovyle's attack hit he was instantly repelled from the hard iron body of Forretress


"Forretress use Pin Missile!"

"Grovyle try to dodge it"

Forretress launched several miniature spikes straight at Grovyle who tried his best to avoid them but only managed to dodge about half of them. The impact cause Grovyle to loose his balance and fall to the ground.

"It's not done yet Forretress use Rapid-Spin and finish it off!"

"Grovyle use Bullet Seed before it gets to you!"

Forretress began to spin so fast that it caused a miniature cyclone with itself in the middle. Grovyle attempted to spit numerous seeds at it but they were all deflected due to the high powered Rapid-Spin. Forretress slammed into Grovyle ruthlessly causing the gecko-like pokemon to fly several feet away and land with a loud thud. Grovyle didn't even attempt to get up and just lay in a heap on the side of the field.

"Grovyle!" Yelled Ash

"PIka pi pikachu pi pika!" ("He's okay but I want to take Forretress!") Declared Pikachu

"Grovyle is unable to battle Forretress and Brock are the winners" Said May

'You deserve a rest Grovyle." Said Ash as he returned Grovyle to his pokeball. "Pikachu I choose you!"


"Forretress Earthquake!"

"Pikachu use Thunder Wave to paralyze it before it uses Earthquake!"

Pikachu let out a massive stream of electricity and sent it toward Forretress. However, Forretress still managed to initiate the attack and Pikachu was knocked up into the air by the ground of the battle field exploding at his feet. Pikachu managed to shake off the attack and leapt up into a fighting pose.

"Forretress shake off that paralysis and use a Façade!"

"Pikachu Thunderbolt!"

Forretress managed to get itself to perform the attack and headed straight toward Pikachu who launched a powerful thunderbolt attack toward it. Pikachu was hit hard by Forretress but Forretress was still hit by the thunderbolt. Both combatants were now exhausted but neither refused to give up.

"Okay Forretress finish this with Hyper Beam!"

"Pikachu use Zap Cannon!"

Both Pokemon powered up to unleash their most powerful attacks. Forretress formed a beam of yellow energy in it's mouth while pikachu raised his paws above his head and channeled electricity between them from his cheeks.

"FIRE!" Both Ash and Brock Screamed in unison.

The attacks were fired and collided with a huge explosion that light up the surrounding area and filled the field with smoke.

"PIKACHU!" Yelled Ash

"FORRETRESS!" Yelled Brock

"AHHHH!" yelled May.

The smoked cleared to reveal both pokemon still standing! This lasted about two seconds before Pikachu and Forretress both fainted from exhaustion.

After being reprimanded by Nurse Joy. This was annoying to Ash, but highly pleasurable for Brock. They got their pokemon back and headed to bed. Neither of them wanted the next day to come but they knew it was inevitable. Ash had called Prof. Oak after the battle and after much pleading and recalling favors. (Namely his long trek to give Kurt the GS ball) Ash managed to persuade the Professor to transfer all his pokemon even Bulbasaur to Pouf. Birch's Lab in Littleroot Town. He also tried to call Misty but didn't get an answer so decided to forget it since Brock would see her anyway. May had also called her parents earlier and got permission from Norman to stay in Lillycove to begin studying the ways of the coordinator. They all knew that this was the last night they would spend together before they all went their separate ways in pursuit of their own dreams.

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