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Assault on Fuschia Gym

Jessie, James and Meowth walked through a random forest having no idea where they were. After the F.U.C.K. ME had been destroyed they had 'blasted off again!' and landed in a tree with a hive of angry Beedrill. After running away from the raging Bug-Pokemon they ran into a den of Vulpix. The fire foxes didn't take to kindly to having there den destroyed and the unfortunate Rockets found themselves running once again, only this time their uniforms and/or fur was on fire. Needing to put it out they'd run into the closest body of water they could find only to disrupt a particularly violent school of Goldeen and Seaking. This had forced them to try and swim to shore, but the Vulpix were still there, so they took the only course of action they could. They swam for their lives all the while receiving Horn Attacks from the enraged Water-Pokemon.

Their suffering didn't end there though. While swimming they'd run a foul of some Lanturn and received a powerful shock as punishment. Next they found themselves going over a waterfall where they had barely missed the jagged rocks below. Unfortunately they'd once again disturbed some wild pokemon, only this time it was a family of bathing Ursaring. The bear-like pokemon had chased them for a good two miles before letting them get away.

Now the haggard trio slumped against a tree panting heavily.

"Why do we have to suffer so much?" Whined James

"Because you always ruin our master plans." Shot Jessie

"Both of yous mess up our plans." Said Meowth "BLOOD, DEATH, ARMAGEDDON!"

"You're still doing that?" Asked James


"Will you shut up!" Roared Jessie "James do something about him!"

"Well I did spend some time in a covenant." Said James "One second." He got up and went behind a tree moments later he came out wearing a black habit with a white color and hood which also had white around it.

"What the hell?" Asked Jessie confused "When you said covenant I thought you might have been a monk."

"Nope I was a nun." Said James proudly "They called me sister Mary Jane."

"Whatever just do something about him." She said gesturing to Meowth

"You stay away from my Jimmy-boy." Said Meowth backing away in fear.

"Just hold still Meowth." Said James walking toward the startled feline. "This won't hurt a bit." He grabbed Meowth by his charm and held him at eye level. With the other hand he pulled out a vial and uncorked, then he spilled the substance onto Meowth's head and started spreading it around with his finger while chanting.

"In the name of the father, the son and the moldy roast-"

"Wait moldy roast?" Asked Jessie "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"I've got it covered Jess now don't break my stride." Said James "We beseech thee oh great Lucifer-,"

"James I don't think you're doing this right." Said Meowth skeptically, but James ignored him and kept going.

"-to rid this vessel of evil forces!" He then slapped Meowth across the face and started chanting again. "Cleanse it, purify it. EXPEL THESE VILE DEMONS!"


"Oh my god James that is nasty!" Said Jessie holding her nose.

"Excuse me." Said James

"Hey James?" Asked Meowth

"Yes?" Asked the cross-dressing Rocket

"What is that stuff you poured on my head?"

"Oh it's a mixture of maple syrup, Muk goo, and Cacnea bile." Said James

"Get it off, get it off, get it off!" Screamed Meowth desperately "MURDER IS THE FUEL THAT DRIVES ME!"

"James you idiot, you made it worse!" Screamed Jessie before smacking James with her fan.

Unfortunately for the Rockets their antics had attracted a flock of Farfetch'd who thought it would be fun to peck at them. So they once again were running off again.

"Well Brock that was quite a tale." Said Janine "I don't really know what to say."

"Neither do I." Said Brock "I wish I could take back what I did, Ho-Oh knows I do, but I can't."

"No you can't." Said Janine "What you can do is try to make up for it though."

"How do I do that?" Asked Brock

"For starters you should try to find Ash and hope he forgives you, if he doesn't then at least you tried." Said Janine "After that you should try to do what you can to stop Giovanni. You're a very talented trainer and your Pokemon respect you even after everything you did."

"I suppose." Said Brock "But I still don't see how I can stop Giovanni on my own."

"You're not on your own." Said a voice from the door. Brock turned to see Sabrina leaning against the doorframe looking very tired, but otherwise alright. "I have my own score to settle with that bastard."

"You really shouldn't be up and about." Said Brock

"My psychic abilities let me heal a lot faster than a normal human." Said Sabrina "Plus Alakazam wants to start training, as do the rest of my pokemon."

"But their all severely injured!" Protested Janine

"They used Recover the moment they had enough energy to do so, all they need now is a night in the rejuvenator and they'll be as good as new, physically anyway."

"Well I suppose you'll have to wait until morning to train then." Said Janine

"I suppose." Said Sabrina "I'll need a training partner Brock."

"Sure." Said Brock "You were always the second hardest Gym Leader to beat."

"Giovanni doesn't count." Said Sabrina

"I wasn't counting him." Said Brock "I was counting me."

"We'll see then." Said Sabrina "I suppose I'll rest then."

"So…" Said Brock "You aren't going to throw me out and call me a heartless monster?"

"That would be counter productive." Said Janine "I'm appalled at what you've done, as I find it disgusting that you killed those baby pokemon as well as helping destroy Pallet and Lavender Town, but I can understand your position even if I don't agree with it."

Brock sighed in relief. He'd been sure that he'd have to fend for himself now, and even though she did think he was disgusting at least she wasn't throwing him out. He thought about what she'd said before and wondered if he'd ever be able to atone for what he'd done.

Pikachu walked back and forth at the foot of Ash's bed. It had now been three weeks since they'd gotten out of Mahogany Town and Ash still hadn't woken up. The electric mouse thought about all that had happened since arriving in the Dragon's Holy Land and wondered what it all meant.

Upon arriving Gary had been frantically telling Claire how a huge Dragon-Pokemon had landed right in front of him and almost crushed him in the process. Pikachu had recognized the dragon as Rayquaza and was tempted to shock him for what he'd done to him on the Sky Pillar, but Misty had seen his cheeks sparking and had promptly berated him for wanting to harm an injured pokemon. Electra had also looked at him oddly and that had made him feel bad.

That was another thing on his mind. He didn't know why but he felt the need to earn Electra's approval. He'd seen plenty of female Pikachu before, but besides the initial attraction he hadn't felt like he had to be near them. It was odd since it wasn't even mating season and he was still going nuts over a stupid female. He was certain that he was the most powerful Pikachu in the world and he shouldn't let one girl get to him, but she was getting to him and it was driving him crazy.

One particular incident stuck out in his mind involving said Pikachu. It had been two days after they'd arrived and Most everyone was either off training or sitting around Ash hoping he'd wake up. All except former best friends who stab you in the back, or Sparky for short. Pikachu had caught the traitor trying to put moves on /Electra and he hadn't taken it too well. However he didn't act like his trainer and simply rush into things head on. He had calmly pulled Sparky to the side and explained to him what would happen if he didn't lay off. Sparky in turn had said that he could do whatever he wanted and if Pikachu didn't like it he could bite his own cheek sacks. That was the equivalent of telling a Pikachu to 'shove it.'

What followed was a battle that had storm clouds in the sky before it was over. They drew the attention of mostly all the pokemon and trainers in the area. The battle didn't end until Garry had Alakazam use Mirror Coat and take two Thunder Attacks which bounced back and hit both Pikachu. Now no one wanted to talk to Pikachu, except for Mune who had a similar confrontation with Gary's Umbreon when he had been getting too close to Dawn for the Espeon's liking.

"Pikachu!" Called Misty taking Pikachu out of his musings "I've called you three times, why are you zoning out?"

("Just thinking.") Replied the electric mouse

"I asked you if Ash showed any signs of waking up." She asked

("Nope.") Said Pikachu ("I'm telling you it has something to do with that mark on his head and the fact that Rayquaza is still out too.")

"I really hope he wakes up soon." Said Misty "Claire wants us to do a something, but she won't tell us what it is until Ash is up and moving."

"I'm glad I mean so much to you." Said a sarcastic and croaky voice.

"Ash!" Said Misty throwing her arms around her boyfriend

"Good to see you too Mist." Said Ash hugging her back. After about a minute Ash started turning blue. "Misty air!"

"Sorry." She said and smiled sheepishly at him. "But don't you ever do that again!" She yelled

"I'm sorry." Said Ash "Next time I'll just ask the weird transformations not to come."

"You know what I meant!" Yelled Misty

("Hey Ash.") Said Pikachu hopping onto his friend's stomach

"Hey Pikachu." Said Ash "Have you been keeping out of trouble?"

"No." Said Misty "He got mad that Sparky tried to hit on Electra and the two of them almost destroyed a good portion of the Holy Land."

"Wow." Said Ash "You really like her huh?"

("Well…Gary was flirting with Misty the whole time you were out.") Said Pikachu

"He did what?" Said Ash hopping out the bed and heading toward the door. "I'll kill him!"

"Ash Pikachu's lying." Said Misty calmly "See look he's laughing his head off."

Sure enough the electric-mouse was rolling on the floor with laughter and pointing a paw at Ash.

"That's not funny Pikachu." Said Ash "Gary could have been seriously hurt."

"By what Ashy-boy?" Asked Gary coming into the room "Surely not by you?"

"Don't start Gary." Said Ash then his stomach grumbled "Hey can I get some food?"

"Aren't you going to ask about your pokemon?" Asked Misty

"Oh yeah." Said Ash "How are they doing and how's Psyduck?"

"Everyone's back at perfect health except for Psyduck." Said Misty "For some reason his headache seems to have gotten worse."

"So he can use his psychic attacks now right?" Asked Ash

"You know I didn't even think of that." Said Misty "I'll have to see later."

"Good now can I have some food?" Asked Ash

"Is that all you think about?" Asked Misty incredulously

"Hey I haven't eaten in…wait how long have I been out?" Asked Ash

("Three weeks.") Said Pikachu

"THREE WEEKS!" Yelled Ash

"It's not that bad Ash." Said Gary "You really haven't missed much. Giovanni's been real quiet since the attack on Mahogany and all the pokemon have been doing is training."

"I haven't eaten in THREE WEEKS?" Said Ash again ignoring Gary's comment. "I'm starving!" With that Ash ran out of the room in search of the kitchen.

Three hours later found the group assembled out around where Rayquaza was still lying on the ground. The Dragon God was awake however he was still exhausted from his battle with Deoxys.

"I see you've found all the chosen that have been awakened so far." Said Rayquaza

"What there are more?" Asked Gary

"Not yet." Said the dragon "But in time there might be."

"So what now?" Asked Ash

"Well I've got a plan." Said Claire "I've found out that the leader of Fuschia Gym is Giovanni's number two. His gym has a lot of labs underneath as well as a lot of trainers living there."

"So we take it out." Said Gary

"Yeah I'm sick of always defending and never attacking." Said Richie "You can't win with just defense."

"So whose going?" Asked Misty

"I can't go." Said Claire "If I was seen they'd try to use me as an excuse to openly attack Johto."

"I'm going." Said Gary "I'm going crazy just being here with nothing to do but train."

"Count me in." Said Ash

"You just woke up!" Said Misty "You can't go!"

"I feel fine Mist!" Protested Ash

"Ashton Satoshi Ketchum you are not going and that is FINAL!" Roared Misty

("Ash I'd give this one up if I were you.") Advised Mune

("Listen to reason Ash.") Said Pikachu "Although I really want to go too." He added mentally

"Ash is fine Misty." Said Rayquaza "The transformation just wore him out."

"That's another thing." Said Richie "Why did Ash transform?"

"It's the power of the mark." Said Rayquaza "The chosen ones can assume the form of those that marked them, when the need arises."

"Like when we almost died." Said Ash "I get it."

"Does that mean I can turn into an Entei?" Asked Richie

"Did he mark you?" Asked Rayquaza

"No." Answered Richie

"Well when he does you will be able too, but not before." Said Rayquaza

("I suppose you want me to mark you then?") Asked Entei to his trainer. Richie nodded ("Hold out your right arm.") Richie did so and Entei took one of his claws and raked it across the skin of Richie's forearm carefully drawing a flame. Next he took his paw and placed it atop the flame making Richie wince. The mark was now a flame with Entei's paw print around it. Suicune and Raikou did the same with their trainers drawing a water drop and lightning bolt respectively and then placing their paw prints over them.

"Why is it tingling?" Asked Richie looking at his mark

"Because you're near other chosen ones." Said Rayquaza "Now Ash I didn't do this before, but I submit to be your pokemon TEMPORARILY."

"You mean it?" Asked Ash looking extremely happy.

"Just throw the pokeball before I change my mind." Said Rayquaza irritably

"Okay." Said Ash "Ultra Ball go!" He yelled as he threw the gold and black ball. It hit the Dragon God and a red beam came out and encompassed him. A few seconds later the ball was on the ground and a beep was heard signaling a successful capture.

"Well now that that's settled I guess I'm going." Said Ash

"If you're going I'm going so I can keep you out of trouble." Said Misty

"So everyone is going except Claire." Said Richie "Now we need to come up with a plan."

"Well we can just fly there." Said Ash

"Works for me." Said Gary "Can I borrow Dragonite Claire?"

"If he wants to go with you." Said the Gym Leader "What do you say Dragonite?"

("Whatever.") Said the dragon

"Oh Ash I modified your Poke'dex so you can hold unlimited pokemon." Said Gary "I figure you'll need it if you decide to run through another forest full of annoying trainers."

"You're never going to let me live that down are you?" Asked Ash

"Nope." Said Gary

The group disassembled and Ash went off to the PC in order to reformat his party. He had quite a few pokemon, but he didn't feel the need to have more than ten out at a time. He decided on a party of Pikachu, Mune, Dawn, Onyx, Crawdaunt, Tauros, Quilava, Maganium, Croconaw and after talking to Lisa Charizard. He also had Electra, Silver and Rayquaza making his party of thirteen pokemon.

A few hours later the group of four assembled at the Dragon's Shrine. After much grumbling, mostly from Pikachu, all the pokemon were returned to their balls in order to make the trip easier. Ash called out Charizard, Richie called out Zippo, Dragonite walked up to Gary and Misty called out Gyarados. They all mounted their pokemon and took off into the air heading for Fuschia.

Giovanni paced back and forth in his grand office inside Veridian Gym. He didn't know how the plan had failed, and this time he couldn't really blame anyone. The boy had surprised him by turning into what he no knew was a Rayquaza. Knowing this he knew that next time he faced the boy he'd need something more powerful. It was time to step up Mewtwo's training.

He walked down to the training area set aside for his prized creation. Once inside he smirked at Mewtwo's sedated form against the wall. The beast hadn't tried anything since the slave helmet was modified and this time Giovanni was sure it was going to 100 obedient. Raising his communicator to his mouth he switched to the labs' frequency.

"Are the prototypes ready?" He asked

"Which ones sir?" Asked a scientist on the other end

"The Class D specimens." Said Giovanni

"They are ready for testing sir." Said the scientist

"Good, transfer them to M-Arena." Said Giovanni

"Roger sir." Said the scientist

Giovanni waited patiently for the transfer machine in the corner of the room to activate. It did after only a few minutes' wait. The Rocket boss took out six pokeballs which looked like Ultra Balls only without the gold stripes and having a silver bottom instead of a white. He threw the pokeballs releasing six creatures of all black with menacing crimson eyes. There was a Rhydon, Nidoking and a Beedrill. The other three were hard to recognize. They seemed to be crosses between many different pokemon. They had six arms. A set of Machamp arms, Scizor blades and Tentacruel tentacles. They stood on two legs which looked as though they came from a Dragonite. They also had four large Charizard wings. The heads were those of Aggron. They also had a tail which resembled a Raichu's only much thicker and having a spiked ball on the end instead of a lightning bolt. The creatures were also plated with thick steel-rock skin. Giovanni called the creatures Chimera Clones. The other creatures were simply normal pokemon who had been spliced with cells from Dark-type pokemon. The Chimera Clones also had been spliced with Dark cells.

"This is your ultimate test Mewtwo." Said Giovanni he hit a button on the inside of his suit jacket and Mewtwo's restraints were released.

"Now all of you attack!" He ordered

Mewtwo simply stood there observing his strange opponents. The Chimeras charged first two of them lashing out with their tentacles and slashing with their blades. The third launched a Hyper Beam-like attack only it was pure black energy. The Rhydon leapt into the air gaining impressive height for its massive weight. The Beedrill took to the air firing off Poison Sting attacks which also held a dark aura. Nidoking started a Rollout attack circling Mewtwo while steadily gaining speed. The clone pokemon didn't even flinch as the attacks connected. He simply stood there taking on damage for about five minutes until his eyes suddenly glowed purple. He thrust both hands forward and sent all the offending pokemon slamming into the titanium wall.

Wasting no time the clone pokemon pressed his advantage using a Double Team attack he divided into six different copies. Unlike a normal Double Team these copies weren't illusions due to Mewtwo's incredible psychic energy as well as his erratic DNA. Each copy took on a pokemon. The first aimed a Hyper Beam right at the head of one of the Chimera Clones. He ruthlessly blasted the abomination killing it instantly. The next copy took a different approach. Instead of a Hyper Beam it used a super strong Blizzard attack which froze the Chimera solid. After that it launched a wave of psychic energy which shattered the ice as well as the frozen pokemon.

The third clone didn't have as easy a time. The Chimera wasn't as dazed as its siblings so it managed to hit the clone with a Faint Attack and followed up with a Shadow Ball. Mewtwo caught the attack, added his own energy and sent it hurtling back blasting a hole straight through the offending pokemon's chest. He then dodged an attack from the Beedrill who was giving his other copy a problem. Ignoring the bug knowing that his copy would take care of it he turned back to the Chimera. It wasn't dead so he prepared to finish it when Giovanni stopped him.

"Leave one alive Mewtwo." He said

The clone backed down and Giovanni returned the remaining Chimera to its pokeball. The next copy was still dealing with the Beedrill. The Dark bug was extremely fast and it was difficult to get a psychic grip on due to the Dark and Bug aspects of it. It charged at Mewtwo with a Dark Fury Cutter managing to cause some significant damage to the clone's chest. Mewtwo didn't take kindly to this and hit the offending bug with the strongest Flamethrower he could muster. The results were instantly satisfying as the bug was turned into ash. The Rhydon and Nidoking seemed to work well together so they combined their energies against the other two copies. They used Fissure attacks which managed to catch one of the clones rendering it unconscious. The remaining copy floated into the air and unleashed a psychic force which caused a whirlwind strong enough to lift the massive pokemon into the air. Next he launched a Hydro Pump from his left hand at the spinning whirlwind. The pokemon within let out cries of pain as the water hammered their rock-skin. Mewtwo released them and followed up the attack with a Psychic Blast so strong the two pokemon exploded.

"Well." Said Giovanni as the copies disappeared leaving the original alone on the field. "That's enough for today Mewtwo, those were all level 100 pokemon I must say I am very pleased."

Mewtwo simply stood there unable to respond. However inside the pokemon was plotting a way to get out of the slave helmet as well as the influence of the GS ball. It knew that if it kept fighting it would reach the point of Genocide Syndrome and be unable to control itself. If that happened he'd likely destroy the world, that despite his best efforts he'd come to enjoy in the last few years. These thoughts were obliterated as Giovanni activated the slave helmet forcing Mewtwo to bow to him. This only served to accelerate the process of Genocide Syndrome and further obliterate the clone's mind.

"We're almost there guys!" Called Gary over the rushing wind. They had flown south first to get over the ocean. Next they headed east over the sea to avoid being detected by radar until it was too late for their opposition to mount a proper offence. Now they were approaching the Fuschia coastline.

"Alright everyone get your masks on!" Called Richie. It was decided that they should all wear ski masks for this mission since if they were recognized it would cause them trouble later on.

The four flew straight towards the castle-like structure of Fuschia Gym. It resembled an old Japanese castle and it even housed a great deal of ninja trainers. As they approached a battalion of Beedrill met them. The bugs didn't stand a chance against the combined might of two Charizards a Gyarados and a Dragonite. It only took a few Flamethrowers and they were through.

"Alright guys each of us will take a quadrant." Said Gary "These guys are all here and they won't hesitate to kill us, so don't hold back, this is war and people have to die to win a war. Give it everything you've got and bring this place to the ground."

"Whatever you say Gary." Said Ash hesitantly. He didn't like killing things, and he'd never done it before. Gary was telling him he had to take lives of both human and pokemon and his mind was unable to grasp that concept.

"Ash get over it." Said Gary "Think about what these people did to Pallet and Lavender Town and all the other times they've tried to kill you."

The mention of Pallet was all Ash needed and he steered Charizard toward the north quadrant of the Gym. "I don't want any of you to die." He called back "Especially you Mist. I love you." With that he left them to start his assault on the Gym. The others split up as well heading for their respective areas.

Gary and Dragonite headed for the west part of the Gym were they found a group of trainers waiting for them. The Rockets didn't wait to give him a chance to land. They released all manner of flying pokemon, the most worrisome for Gary were the Mantine as they could use Ice Beam and Blizzard which could do considerable damage to Dragonite. Gary lifted Raikou's pokeball and released the Thunder Beast. It roared upon escaping the pokeball and this immediately sent several of the birds flying in the opposite direction. Those brave enough to withstand it were hit with a Thunder attack which utterly obliterated them.

Gary had Dragonite launch a Dragonbreath attack at the roof where the trainers were standing. This caused the wood to catch fire and sent the trainers panicking. Those that had water pokemon released them to try and fight the fire, but Raikou had now landed on the roof as well and made short work of them and their trainers. Gary recalled the Thunder Beast and moved on to the next part of the building where more trainers were pouring out.

He released his pokemon and they charged into battle to meat the opposing trainers. Umbreon slammed into anything that moved with a Faint Attack while Blastoise blasted the opposition with a torrent of pressurized water. Doduo used Tri Attack to hit incoming enemies while running around and using Fury Attack on anything that got close to it. Alakazam teleported around and used Psychic Attack which obliterated the Poison Pokemon. Archanine ran around using Flamethrower and Fire Blast, taking out the many Venamoth and Vanonat around the area. Nidoking and Nidoqueen caused massive structural damage with their Earthquake attacks and plowed through the many trainers like bowling pins. Scizor flew around attacking the bird pokemon with Dragonite. The dragon used Metal Claw and Dragonbreath to take out the avian adversaries and Scizor used Swords Dance turning itself into a living whirlwind of destruction.

Not long after it started the battle in the west quadrant was over. Gary looked over to the north quadrant just in time to see one of the massive towers, which was in flames, come toppling down.

"Looks like Ash is doing a good job." He said as he headed toward the middle of the Gym where it looked like a fierce battle was raging.

Misty soared over the towers of Fuschia Gym having Gyarados launch Flamethrower after Flamethrower at the building. She was doing serious damage to the structure, but she wasn't paying attention to the ground below and Gyarados was hit with a Thunderbolt attack. The atrocious pokemon grunted in pain from the electric attack and started to descend.

"Gyarados stay up as long as you can!" Misty urged, but Gyarados was already starting to fade from its long flight and being away from water for so long. Misty knew this, so as soon as she hit the ground she returned Gyarados and released her other remaining pokemon, excluding Psyduck. She didn't even give the trainers a chance to release anymore of their pokemon. Suicune, Staryu and Politoed used Blizzard attacks that combined to form a massive blast of super cold air and snow. The trainers and pokemon were stopped in their tracks by the attack and fell to Ariados' Signal Beam. Kingdra used Dragonbreath attacks against the many Poison-types that were scattered around the area while Corsala opted for using Spike Cannon against the fleeing pokemon. None of the pokemon could stand up to the might of Suicune and with the added bonus of strong water pokemon backing the aurora pokemon up it didn't take long to clear the east quadrant.

Misty looked around seeing that this part of the Gym was completely destroyed. She felt the ground shake and realized it had come from the center. She saw a flash of lighting strike somewhere in that area and headed there.

("Richie I can't take much more of this.") Zippo grunted as another Poison sting hit him in the underbelly. They had been flying around the south quadrant for over thirty minutes and it seemed that this quadrant housed a trainer's barracks. Zippo did his best to combat the many trainers, but alone it wasn't enough. Richie released Entei and as with Raikou he let out a roar which caused many of the weaker pokemon to scatter. Next Richie sent out Sparky, Happy, Kyra and Rose. With the added help Zippo was able to land and Richie dismounted. The Charizard returned to the air and began using Blast Burn on anything that moved. The attack hit a gas tank on the side of the building which was presumably used for heating and cooking. The explosion it caused totally destroyed the barracks and anything left inside. Soon the south quadrant was a blazing inferno and Richie headed to the middle of the Gym where it seemed the only remaining tower stood.

Ash jumped off Charizard and wasted no time releasing his pokemon to start their assault against the assembled trainers. There were about thirty of them in all and they all looked at Ash as if he were crazy.

"You think you can take on all of us?" One of them wearing a Rocket uniform jeered. For an answer Ash simply pointed to the trainers. Pikachu jumped forward and released a Thunder attack so strong it rendered half the trainers unconscious before they even released their pokemon. This was all that the others needed to throw out their various pokeballs. Most of them were poison pokemon like Ekans, Arbok and Gulpin. Onyx' Earthquake made short work of them and their trainers. Croconaw went around biting trainers viciously and blasting them Hydro Pump whenever the need arose. Meganium wasn't much of a match for the many bug and poison pokemon and the heat was getting to her from the fires caused by Quilava and Charizard. Ash was forced to return her to her pokeball and save her for an emergency.

Dawn and Mune worked as a team and took out the trainers that were pouring into the north quadrant from the center of the Gym. Dawn was practically invisible hidden in the shadows and Mune's psychic attacks decimated the man poison types. Eventually though the surge of trainers was getting too much for them and they fell back with the rest of Ash's pokemon.

Electra and Pikachu also worked as a team shocking anything that wasn't Ash or a pokemon they recognized. Pikachu let off a particularly powerful Thunderbolt that caused the ground to shake when it struck the flaming tower. The building collapsed almost instantly after the impact.

Ash saw the trainers pouring in from the middle and realized that they must have figured him to be the most opposition. He had an uncharacteristic smirk on his face that would have made Gary proud. "Tauros charge right through them." He ordered. The bull pokemon didn't hesitate to obey and charged at the trainers full speed. Ash knew that he could end this quickly if he sent out Rayquaza, but he didn't want it known that he had Rayquaza as he was sure Team Rocket would want it just as badly as they did Suicune, Entei and Raikou. He also didn't release Silver as he was saving him for a trump card.

He charged after Tauros and his pokemon followed suit. He came into the middle courtyard where a man in a black Gi was standing. The man held himself with an air of superiority. He had long black hair and vicious looking grey eyes. When he saw Ash he spoke.

"So you and your friends want to come and destroy my Gym?" He asked

"It isn't your Gym." Said Ash "It belongs to Koga's family, but you killed him."

"Koga was a weakling." Said Kason "And you will join him in the grave, Fire!"

("No you don't.") Said Mune erecting a massive Protect around the assembled pokemon and Ash. From the side a hail of gunfire rained down as well as a few miniature missiles. They exploded around the barrier which Mune barely managed to hold. Next a series of Hyper Beams slammed into the barrier and Mune began to waver. Just as another wave of gunfire was about to be shot at the group Charizard came flying overhead and used Blast Burn to take out the assembled snipers. Kason hissed angrily and released his pokemon. He had an Arbok, Swalot, Seadra, Tentacruel, Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

"You think that scares me?" Asked Ash "You're still going to pay for what you did to Pallet."

"So you're from that backwater town?" Asked Kason "Well I'll send you to join the rest of the people we killed there."

Kason's Nidoking and Nidoqueen surged forward intent on stomping the smaller pokemon flat. Croconaw countered with a Hydro Pump and he was joined by Crawdaunt who fired a Bubble Beam. Onyx had burrowed into the ground some time ago and was now wreaking havoc on the pokemon with his Earthquake attack. Tentacruel fired against the incoming water attacks with a Hydro Pump of its own. The force of the water was strong enough to push back against Croconaw and Crawdaunt and sent them tumbling backwards. Ash grunted in frustration at seeing two of his pokemon go down, but he didn't let it dampen his resolve.

Pikachu leapt into to battle and took out Tentacruel and Seadra in the blink of an eye with a Thunderbolt attack. Next he used his agility to run around and smack the assembled pokemon with Iron Tail. This made short work of Arbok, but it didn't seam to effect Swalot much at all. However when Charizard launched another Blast Burn attack it did effect the Poison Bag pokemon. The gasses inside of it ignited and caused an explosion which took out a support beam of the building they were standing in front of.

"Damn you boy!" Yelled Kason "This isn't over!" He threw a flash grenade to the ground and in the blink of an eye he and his remaining pokemon were gone, or so Ash thought. "Twin Needle!" Kason yelled from somewhere in the distance. Ash felt something hot stick into his back and looked over his shoulder into the red insect eyes of a Beedrill. Ash slumped to the ground as the poison started to circulate through his body.

("Ash!") Yelled Pikachu. The thunder mouse fired the Beedrill with a Thunder attack and then sniffed out Kason. The ninja had covered a good distance, but he couldn't outrun an enraged Pikachu. The rodent used his agility to get in front of the fleeing Gym Leader and sparked his cheeks threateningly.

"What can you do against me you little rat." Said Kason "I've got something special for you." He withdrew a Master Ball from his belt and tossed it into the air. "I was told not to use this, but I don't see why it matters now." From the ball appeared a pokemon that Pikachu had never seen before. It looked like a Zapdos only different. It was larger and had a tube coming from its head and going to the joint between its wings. It was also a dark orange color instead of the normal golden yellow of a regular Zapdos. "Meet Zapdostwo made from Zapdos' DNA and twice as powerful as the original, Zapdostwo obliterate this rodent, then go back and destroy the rest of the vermin in my Gym."

The Zapdos wannabe charged electricity and fired a Zap Cannon at Pikachu. The electric mouse was undaunted and fired back with a Zap Cannon of his own. The two crashed in mid air and it seemed that they were at a stalemate.

"Don't let that runt overpower you!" Yelled Kason

Zapdostwo poured everything it had into the attack and lightning surged the whole area. Pikachu started to falter, but he gritted his teeth in determination and poured even more power into the attack.

"Pika….Pika….CHUUUU!" He yelled as he poured in everything he had. The amount of energy in the air lit up the whole area and Kason was caught in the crossfire where he was charred to a crisp. Zapdostwo summoned thunderclouds to aid it and the lightning struck Pikachu. The energy surged through his small body, but it had the opposite effect as it was intended. Pikachu gathered the energy up and unleashed it in a humongous Thunder attack that slammed into Zapdostwo. The bird didn't stand a chance against such a massive attack and exploded due to the tremendous energy. Pikachu panted heavily before collapsing to the ground with exhaustion.

Misty ran into the middle area of the Gym and saw nothing but destruction. The central tower was destroyed along with the buildings that ran along the side separating the quadrants. She saw a group of pokemon surrounding something and she recognized them as Ash's. She ran over to them and almost got hit with a Hyper Beam from Tauros. However once the pokemon saw who she was they let their guard down and allowed her to see Ash. He was on the ground and breathing heavily. His eyes were glazed over and he was vomiting. One of the pokemon had the sense to turn his head to prevent choking, but he was still in bad shape.

"What happened to him?" She asked urgently

("A Beedrill snuck up on him.") Said Mune ("None of us saw it until it was too late.")

"Well give him an antidote!" Yelled Misty fumbling around on her person looking for one.

("We did.") Said Charizard ("It didn't work though.")

"That was probably a modified Beedrill." Said Gary coming into the area followed by Richie "Alakazam Teleport him back to Black Thorn, I know its far but you can do it."

The psychic pokemon nodded and placed a hand on Ash, before he disappeared Misty grabbed his pokeball belt and in a flash he was gone.

"Right everyone back in the balls, we'll be heading back now." Said Gary

"Where's Pikachu?" Asked Richie

("He went after Kason.") Said Electra

As if on cue the group saw a brilliant flash of light and looked toward it to see Zapdostwo explode.

"What was that?" Asked Richie

"I think it was Pikachu." Said Gary

The group rushed off in the direction of the blast and found an exhausted Pikachu lying on the ground.

"Where's Kason?" Wondered Richie

"I don't think we'll need to worry about him anymore." Said Gary "Pikachu here took out that huge bird and Kason was probably right here with him, so he's most likely dead."

Misty returned Pikachu to his pokeball and the others followed suit with their own pokemon. Soon the group was ready to leave once again. They mounted their pokemon, Misty riding Charizard since Gyarados had been knocked out, and headed back to Blackthorn where they hoped to find Ash looking better then he had when he left.

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