Silver Fancy






'Well, Yuni, you knew it was coming!' she told herself with a grin as Chieri bounced into the diner with a starry-eyed, idiotically smiling, lovestruck teenage look about her. Judging by the elegant, simply decorated diamond ring adorning her lovingly clenched hand, Ysuzuki had finally sacrificed all male egotism, flung aside his pride, and humbly knelt before her, asking _the_ question. The big one. The life-latering, bachelor-stealing, honeymoon-producing, big question.

The one with the forbidden 'm-word' in it.

The one that spoke of commitment, love, and absolute adoration.

The one most men ran screaming away like all hell was after them.

She grinned as Chieri excitedly babbled, answering "yes!" to an enthusiastic question of whether or not Yuni wanted to be a bridesmaid.

And then Chieri paused, looking penetratingly at her bosom friend, her constant companion.

"Are you lonely, Yuni-chan?" she asked quietly and it was if Yuni had been punched in the stomach.

"No, no!" she protested and the light-haired girl hesitated before, more slowly, continuing her narrative.

It was true, Yuni realized. She was lonely.


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