Disclaimer: Avatar: The Last Airbender belongs to Nick.

Drabble #1: He needs her
Word Count: 211
Pairing: AxK

He holds her against him. His embrace is warm; it always is, and she's comforted by it.

She knows he's going to leave in the morning. There's another city – another conflict, one that only he can resolve. And she's okay with that, because he needs her.

She doesn't ask anything from him, and for that he is grateful. He's already given away far too much.

He kisses her, and she melts.

She doesn't know when she started loving him. She's been by his side for nearly half her life.

For him, it was when he first opened his eyes after a hundred years of sleep, but he'll never tell her that. He can't. He's not supposed to love her, so he never speaks of his feelings. She's okay with that as well, since words are transient and insubstantial. The slight tremor that passes through his body when he kisses her, the way he reverently whispers her name when they make love, and the way he holds her tightly afterwards as if fearful that she'll be gone when he wakes up is all very, very real.

He knows he should let her go, knows that he's hurting her by keeping her his secret, but he needs her.

And she's okay with that.