AN: Okay, I know it has been forever since I updated anything at all... but muses are fickle beasts :)

Title: Her Kisses
Author: whirleeQ
Warning: Slight season 2 finale spoilers...

Her kisses, like their relationship, have changed over time.

The first time she kissed him, it was innocent – a slight peck on the cheek – and while his cheeks burned and his heart pounded loudly in his chest, he knew she saw him only as a boy and that tempered it.

The second time she kissed him, it was brief and fumbling and awkward; yet the earth seemed to slip away from him, and he thought he might fall. It was when he saw her pulling away, the soft underground illumination revealing a soft blush and a nervous smile mirroring his own, that he knew he had already fallen.

The third time she kissed him, her tears flowed like water against his face. He was cold and shivering and weak, even in the warm heat of her arms. Yet the feel of her wet tears against his skin gave him the strength to hold on; to have hope, when he felt like drowning in despair.

The fourth time she kissed him, she knocked the wind right out of him. He didn't mind, though. He felt as light as air; happy and victorious, surrounded by the people that he loved.

The fifth time she kissed him, he felt himself drowning in all things her. Slowly yet steadily, the stream of kisses began to flow between them. His heart raced, the earth shook, the wind whipped her hair all around him, and between them, there was fire