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"Hey, Kate, you got the address we're supposed to meet Paul at?" Solomon turned around to look at his sister-in-law from the front passenger seat of the rental Vincent was driving.

"Yeah, it's in the fifth arrondissement on the rue Cuvier."

"Are you sure?" Solomon grinned at Kate.

"Duh, of course! I don't get directions wrong." Kate stuck her tongue out at Solomon as he laughed and turned forward again.

"Who is it we are meeting?" Nikko had been asleep when the others were talking over this meeting. He was fighting off the after affects of a bad head cold he got from Juliet. That'll teach me not to kiss her when she's sick.

"Paul's contact from here in Paris. I guess he found some more out about that temple you guys destroyed a few years ago." Kate crossed her arms and smirked at her men.

Vincent coughed slightly. "It was necessary to get away from Tollan's men."

"Yeah, right." Kate answered sarcastically. "Oh, I think it's right here."

Vincent drove the car into the nearest empty space. The four of them got out and walked to the building Kate was pointing at.

"Paul said it was the fourth door on the right in the upstairs hallway."

"Could he get any more vague?" Solomon muttered to himself, since he was used to some of Paul's directions.

"Yeah, he could have said the red door." Vincent laughed.

The team went up the staircase and stopped in front of the flat they had been directed to. After knocking for a couple of minutes, the four of them began to look at each other, wondering what was up.

"Maybe this guy stepped out to the local café?" Nikko wondered.

"Paul said he would meet us at precisely 1 in the afternoon at this flat." Kate was pulling out her cell phone.

"Are you calling Paul?" Solomon leaned on the door jam.

"Yeah, but I just got his service." Kate thought for a second. "Let me call Gianni and see if he knows anything."

"That won't be necessary." Tollan was blocking the way they had come up, and some of his goons were blocking the other end of the hallway, and they all had their guns out.

"Can we set one foot out of New York without you showing up?" Solomon was more than a little disgusted.

"If you would be so kind as to let my men inject you with a mild tranquilizer so your journey will be more pleasant."

Vincent barked out a laugh. "How can we be sure that it isn't something stronger?"

Tollan looked a bit surprised. "We only want to interrogate you." He walked up to Solomon and smiled. "We like the chase too much to destroy you."

Tollan's men tranquilized the team, and then led them downstairs to a van waiting at the curb. The four Veritas people were handcuffed and blindfolded before then van moved from its parking space.

Quite some time later, the van finally stopped. Tollan directed his men to take the captives to a room on the second floor of an old estate house.