After Kate was safely back in the room, the guards told them they were being taken back to Paris. After an uneventful ride back to the city, they were let off at the hotel they were staying at.

Nikko collapsed into an armchair as Calvin let them into their rooms. "What a day!"

Cal looked at the four of them. "What happened?"

"Yes, what happened?" Maggie echoed him as she and Juliet entered the room.

Kate closed her eyes briefly, then launched into the truth. "Well, it seems that my mother and father did NOT die in the accident. Oh, and Tollan is my brother."

"What!" Maggie, Calvin and Juliet all exclaimed.

Solomon chuckled. "It was one hell of a family reunion."

Kate started laughing maniacally at that. "Oh, that's a good one! No, really, my mother is Tollan's mother, my father is out there somewhere," she spread both arms out wide, "and I think I am brain-dead."

Vincent put his arm around his wife, pulled her close, and kissed the top of her head. "We are all still here."

"And we will start looking for Jonathan as soon as we get home." Solomon took Kate's free hand and kissed it.

Kate leaned into her husband and gripped Solomon's hand tighter. "Part of me knows that, but that was lot to take in."

"We all need to take a lot more care when it comes to Dorna and their goons." Solomon looked at all the members of his team. "They could be gunning for us even more now that we know the truth about Kate's parents."

"I will step up security immediately." Vincent reached for the room's phone.

"Solomon?" Kate pulled him into a corner.

"What's on your mind?"

"Why now? They could have gone on forever letting me believe that my parents were dead."

Solomon hugged his sister-in-law close. "My guess is that your father may be getting close to us. Or to the truth. Don't forget that my dad, your dad, and Paul got us all started on finding the truth."