Voldemort was standing in front of his followers after the successful mission at Hogwarts.

They had killed Dumbledore and only lost one of their men in the process. Voldemort really didn't care about him.

The only reason that he would care if one of his followers died is that during the final battle, he would have less on his side.

But oh well, he knew he was going to win the final battle anyway. He had his hood up at all times so no one saw his face.

Letting someone see his face would mean that he respected them and Voldemort didn't respect anyone. But anyway, back to the topic.

He was very proud of Severus. He had killed Dumbledore for him, since that useless Malfoy couldn't. All the Malfoys were useless.

Lucius had gotten himself caught and thrown in jail and Draco couldn't manage to kill Dumbledore even though he had the chance and could have done it easily.

He sighed, aggravated. Sometimes –wait, all the time, people were stupid and he got annoyed with them. He lifted his wand and pointed it at Draco.

He started to say 'Adava Kedavra' but Severus jumped in front of him and yelled "No!"

"What is the meaning of this, Snape?" Voldemort hissed.

Snape bowed his head. "Master, please don't kill Draco. Take me instead."

He was willing to give up his life for his godson. Voldemort stood there, shocked. Why would Severus give up his life for a useless boy? He asked him that.

"Master, it is… love." Snape said the last part really quiet because he knew his master wasn't the biggest fan of love. Okay, he despised it.

Voldemort gaped, all though, nobody saw it because his hood was up and covered his face. He had always thought so well of Severus.

He just couldn't believe that he would feel love. He sighed and rubbed his temples, because he could feel a headache coming on.

Normally, he would have just killed whoever stood in his way, but for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to kill Severus.

He wasn't sure why and didn't really care or want to think about it. "Very well. You are all free to go, for now," he said, menacingly.

Everyone's mouths hung open. They were shocked but still obeyed his orders and left with one question buzzing around in their heads.

Why hadn't Voldemort killed Snape?

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