Chapter 10: I Love You

Severus was sitting on his old, full size bed, hands under his chin, just staring blankly at the wall opposite him.

The room smelled of must and death, although Severus was pretty sure that the smell of death was coming off of himself regarding his previous 'activities'.

The sound of the two children screaming right before they died was playing over and over again in his mind and causing bile to rise in his throat.

He tried to swallow it down, but eventually it pushed it's way out. He didn't even try to run to the toilet in the bathroom or even the wastebasket.

He just deposited his liquid-guilt onto his carpet floor. The floor that was once a pasty color was now covered in a greenish-yellow substance.

He started to tremble before he heard the door open. It was rusty and creaked, alerting him of intruders. He didn't even need to look. He knew who it was.

The only other person in the house. The person approached him slowly and set his bony hand on Severus's shoulder.

He shook it off, but since he was turned away from the man, he missed the flash of hurt that crossed his eyes.

Voldemort sat down next to him and they stayed in silence for a while. Voldemort opened his mouth to speak countless times but closed it almost immediately after.

He wanted to say something, anything, but he didn't know what there was to say. Finally, Severus got fed up with the quiet and turned to speak to the younger teen beside him.

"You are an immature, infuriating git." It came off as more of a statement than an insult though.

Voldemort nodded. "I know."

Severus was about to say something else to scold him but stopped as the words left his masters mouth.

He was so taken back that he sat there with his mouth hanging open for about a minute before he had gotten over his shock enough to close it.

Out of everything The Dark Lord could have done, this was certainly the least expected. Severus stared at him, wondering if this was all part of some evil plan to screw him over.

Years of betrayal had left him paranoid, and for good reason. "What?" Was all he managed to get out. Confusion and suspicion was evident in his dark eyes.

Voldemort gave him a pathetic smile, which Severus raised an eyebrow to. Now, that is odd, he thought to himself.

"I said you're right. I am an immature, infuriating git, as you so nicely put it. I just, I don't know, I've always been that way, and now, I don't know how to change."

The sincerity in his eyes was overwhelming, especially considering the person it was coming from. Severus nodded, curious as to where this was going.

Voldemort swallowed hard and looked to the ground, shutting his eyes. "I never thought that I'd be saying this but I, I care about you. And, for some reason that I can't quite comprehend, I hate it when you're upset with me. It, well, it hurts. I'm, I'm. Huh. Okay, this is hard for me to say, because I've never said it before, but I'm sorry."

He felt naked. Here he was, open and vulnerable in front of the man he had once considered his servant. Severus stared at him with an emotionless gaze for what seemed like an eternity.

From most people, an apology would not have been enough in this situation, but Voldemort was not most people, and for him to apologize meant more than a young bride giving her virginity away to the groom on their honeymoon.

He leaned in towards Tom, who turned to look at him, and planted his lips firmly on the other's. Tom wasted no time hesitating, and returned the kiss with full force.

Their tongues were battling, as they tasted each other. Severus wrapped his arms around Voldemort's waist and pulled him closer and Voldemort instinctively wrapped his own arms around Severus's neck.

The dark-haired man lifted the teen up slightly and laid him on the bed, straddling his hips. He kissed down his neck and nibbled on the soft and tender spot right where the crevice was.

Voldemort let out a low moan and started to unbutton Severus's shirt and pull it off. Severus was a little less patient and ripped Voldemort's shirt off, causing the buttons to go flying around the room, and threw it on the floor.

Before Voldemort could say anything about it, Severus attacked his neck again, this time moving down to place hot, wet kisses on his chest.

He unbuckled Voldemort's belt and undid his pants. The other boy lifted his hips to help Severus remove his pants.

Severus yanked his pants off as well, all the while never stopping his kissing. He kissed every inch of Voldemort's chest, and then when it was completely wet from his mouth, he blew air softly onto his pale skin, causing shivers to go through the Dark Lord.

The two were left in nothing but boxers, which Severus soon decided were just getting in the way. They quickly joined the rest of their clothes in a heap on the floor.

He kissed his way down Voldemort's treasure trail before coming to his throbbing erection. He sucked just the head at first, lightly biting it, enough to pinch but not enough to bleed.

The teens hands found their way to Severus's hair and began running his fingers through it. Severus heard the moans of Tom, urging him for more contact. Severus took his length into his mouth and hummed while sucking.

It sent vibrations up Voldemort's shaft and he gasped. "Oh, Severus…" He trailed off, but Severus wasn't going to let him finish this easily.

Just as Tom was about to cum, he removed his mouth from his penis. Tom groaned. "Severus, please." He was writhing now and Severus loved it.

He whispered for him to be patient and Voldemort moaned in protest. He tried to bring his hands down to finish the job but Severus stopped him. "Wait," he commanded.

Tom nodded, although the wait was killing him. Severus spit in his hand spread the saliva onto his dick. He then stuck two of his fingers in his mouth to moisten them before sticking them up Tom's hole.

He wriggled and the intrusion but allowed it. Severus slowly scissored his opening and then pulled his fingers out.

Voldemort was left feeling empty, but only for a second, because Severus slammed his cock up the boy's arse. He cried out in pain.

He felt like he was being torn in half, but Severus kept thrusting in a slow and steady motion. After a few thrusts, Severus hit his prostate and Voldemort moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, Severus, do that again." His eyes were slid shut and his face was flushed. Severus obliged. He hit that spot over and over again until Voldemort couldn't hold it in any longer.

He shot his seed all over both their chests. Severus rode out his orgasm for another minute before he came deep inside of his master.

He pulled out slowly and saw that Tom winced. He slid off of him so that they were lying side by side on the bed.

Tom turned towards Severus and curled up to him, with Severus wrapping his arms around him protectively. The sticky sperm on his chest going ignored.

They were breathing hard and neither spoke until they had caught their breath. Thoughts of Lucius were no longer in Severus's mind. Lucius was married.

He was never going to leave Narcissa for him and to be honest, Severus didn't want him to anymore.

Somewhere along the lines, he had fallen out of love with the Malfoy and in love with another. The same person who was in his arms at this moment.

So Severus finally spoke the words that Voldemort had been dying to here. "I love you."

Voldemort smiled against his chest and replied with the truth. "I love you too."

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