Life's Second Chances

Written By: AzKailani

Ideas and Plot By: Regrem Erutaerc

Hi, I bet some of you have heard of me from some of my other stories, like Baby…Titans and True. This is mainly a Beast Boy/Raven fic, but it also has hints of Robin/Starfire and Cyborg/Jinx. Also, this fic was helped a TON by Regrem Erutaerc. He was the one who thought of this idea, while I meerly wrote it out. Major props to him. This fic will be long, but don't expect the chapters to be as long as this one; this is the introduction chapter to the whole fic. I hope you enjoy!

The wailing of a break-in at the nearby Jump City Bank rang out loudly, leaving the ringing to pass through passerby's ears. Red siren lights blared out from the adjacent bank as the foolish Mumbo Jumbo skipped jauntily down the street, money bags overfilling the top of the azure performer's black magician hat.

He blew a stream of swirling red rose petals toward the spectators, who were clearly looking for a sign that some teenaged super heroes would appear out of thin air soon. However, when one of the men noticed a few glowing a ruby-red hue, an eyebrow rose, and they started going off like firecrackers. There were people all over the streets that began to run away, attempting to avoid the miniscule cherry bombs.

Suddenly, a cold jet of water burst out from nowhere, spraying the firecrackers down a nearby sewer opening. Three darkly-shaped figures stood on the ground, a birdarang and sonic cannon waiting in position, while the last was a feral shadow with glowing green eyes and sharp claws. Two shapely figures were settled in the clear sky, emerald and opaque glows from their positioned hands.

"You thought you were blue before, Mumbo? Just wait until we get through with you…" Robin started, his masked face turned into a cocky smirk, his bright green gloved hand punching the other hand.

"Yeah. You'll be black and blue like no other!" Beast Boy finished, his white teeth gleaming as he finished the statement.

Raven rolled her indigo eyes at the attempt of a joke by the green elf. He tried to make the sullen girl at least show a shadow of a smile, but nothing showed up; just the same deadpan demeanor she always had pasted on her sullen face. He sighed, shaking his head in defeat slightly, as Robin shouted, "Titans, go!"

"Ah. It seems that the Teen Titans have yet again come to foil my plan," mumbled the blue-faced Mumbo under his breath. He quickly jumped onto a lamp post, and cackled evilly, the money bags safely in his magic hat.

As soon as his laughter ceased, the villain was shot in the stomach by an emerald-colored bolt, the force of the blast sending him crashing into the brick wall behind him. "Oof!" he grunted, rubbing the back of his head, as a force of dark power seized him to be attached to the wall.

He smirked cockily, and said in a witty voice, "Aw, now that's no fun being double-teamed by two lovely dolls."

Raven raised an eyebrow curiously as Starfire blinked her very green eyes, and Mumbo winked at the two teenage girls. His hand slipped out from underneath the black force of power that was holding him down, and snapped his fingers. Out of nowhere, two large dolls that were replicated exactly like the two females flew out at them towards the sky.

The two young women's eyes widened, and as soon as they hit down upon them, the large replicas turned into small dolls that piled up as high as a five story building. Temporarily distracted, Raven's powers deactivated and let Mumbo loose. He jumped down from the wall and was running off before the male Titans could come to destroy his plans.

Starfire's auburn head popped out from the countless number of dolls, her exceptionally emerald orbs transforming into hearts, squealing at the sight of the replicas of themselves. "Aw, they are most adorable!" She put her arms around the large pile, and squeezed significantly hard, also bringing Raven into the mind-numbing embrace.

Raven's eyes bulged out a bit as she scrambled for breath, but she soon engulfed Starfire's arms with dark magic and removed the alien's arms from the mountain of stuffed dolls and herself. She blew a random strand of violet hair from underneath her hood, and said almost incoherently, "Yeah, they're so adorable; they're making me want to floss my teeth for years."

The Tameranian girl cocked her head to the side in a child-like manner, and spoke in a confused voice, "Please, friend, what do the dolls of stuffing have to do with one's dental hygiene?"

The gothic girl internally groaned, one of her eyes twitching in response. "Nothing, Starfire. Nothing at all."

Starfire was still bemused from her previous question, and started once again, "But, Rave—"

Raven growled slightly, leaving the orange-skinned girl scooting out of the other girl's way. "We'd better get back to the others before that crazy magician conjures up something worse… and more cavity-filling…" She mumbled the last part under her breath, trying to remove some of the dolls from on top of her, but they kept duplicating.

While mentally hurling some of the dolls away from her and Starfire, Beast Boy ran past in the form of a cheetah, and then quickly transformed into his normal goofy self, an eyebrow raised in interest. "What happened here, Rae? Star drag you to a doll shopping spree?" he teased lightheartedly, picking up and fingering one of the many Raven dolls.

Raven glared at him, which sent him reeling back by a burst of black energy. "Don't you have a magician to catch?" she asked coldly, her eyes searing through the green teenager.

Beast Boy blinked for a moment, and blushed, then said in a hestitant voice, "Uh, I would, but, uh, what about you?"

The goth shot him a glare, which gave him the final answer. He sighed, and he quickly and unnoticeably stuffed the doll inside his pocket, jumping back into the fight, a hint of sadness in his stance.

The pale girl sighed, as Starfire also helped get rid of the dolls, gradually putting more and more dolls into the very deep depths of her skirt. She hadn't meant to be so cold towards him; it was just the way the words came out. A spark of amusement flickered inside her soul, as a minute smirk pulled at the corner of her lips.

Though, Raven thought, that was kind of funny… Her eyes widened in shock, her hand flew to her mouth, as she mentally slapped herself. Great. 'Beast Boy' and 'funny' in the same sentence? She stole a glance over to Starfire, who was gleefully getting rid of the dolls. Those damn dolls must be getting to me… maybe they have perfume or something that helps these pointless thoughts…

Meanwhile, Robin was throwing numerous numbers of explosive disks at Mumbo, as Cyborg shot his sonic cannon toward the magician. Each and every time, the blue villain would jump or dodge the explosives and sonic blasts being hurled at him. Momentarily distracted by maneuvering around, Robin took a chance and attempted to hurl his bo staff at the magician's head, but suddenly, Mumbo turned around and smirked.

"Nah-ah-ah," he teased, pointing his wand at the pole. It rapidly turned into a tightly-wrapped rope; Robin's masked eyes widened as it started moving, rapidly tying him up. "Why Robin," Mumbo said jokingly, motioning towards the rope, "If I had known you had wanted to join my act, I would have chosen a time when you weren't so tied up. Ha ha!" Robin rocked back and forth, trying to unhook a birdarang out from underneath the rope, but to no avail. It was useless.

The magician continued to skip cheerfully on his way, until Cyborg punched him right in the jaw, causing the blue man to fall backwards onto the pavement. He rubbed his jaw carefully, and then frowned.

"Now, that wasn't very nice." He then grinned, and snapped his fingers, which caused life-sized blow-up punching dummies to replicate the mechanical man's exact appearance and begin to circle him. Cyborg pulled back his fist and started slamming all of the punching bag dummies, which all seemed to stay low to the ground, rather than popping up and hitting him again.

Cyborg grinned smugly, his arms folded across his broad chest in triumph. "Ha! Is that all you got, blue man? A bunch of dummies?"

Mumbo took this as a disapproving remark, and then smirked. "They're not as 'dumb' as they appear, Cyborg."

Out of nowhere, the eyes of the inflatable dummies glowed red, and Cyborg noticed that he was in a bad position at the moment. Oh crap, I'm in for it now… Unexpectedly, they all popped up as fast as lightning, slamming him in the metallic head, knocking him out in a split second.

Finally free from the multiple dolls, Raven pushed some of the remaining ones from off top of her and flew in the direction that she saw Beast Boy go towards. The others are probably over there, she thought confidently, They're probably beating that magician to a pulp by now…

However, when she drew closer to the scene, she noticed that Robin was tied up with a tightly bound rope, while Cyborg was surrounded by countless blow-up punching dummies… obviously knocked out. When the dark girl turned toward the magician, she saw Beast Boy, staring down Mumbo.

Raven grinned almost cockily at the display. She was sure the blue-faced magician would be terrified soon when he transformed into something ferocious, but as soon as she saw the villain smirk in the boy's direction, she knew in her soul that something was not right.

Beast Boy's green eyes narrowed at Mumbo, confused at why he was smirking in such a manner. I may be alone, he thought confidently, but he won't beat me that easily. The green elf closed his eyes and concentrated on becoming a fierce tyrannosaurus rex. He growled softly at the blue-faced man, his eyes glowing a feral-looking white, and body transforming into a giant tyrannosaurus rex. He roared, almost knocking Mumbo on his back, but stood his ground.

"So, the green jester is trying to upstage the star of the show, eh?" The magician smirked. "Maybe I should bring you down to size, and I know just the trick…" A small, midnight-colored velvet pouch appeared in his hand, and he threw a small handful of bright pink powder at the T-Rex's face. The boy instinctively took a large whiff of the dust as Mumbo started his rhyming spell. "Fifteen you may be, but let's count down…… 3…… 2…… 1…… Ta Ta……"

He winked one last time before using a smoke bomb to teleport away from the scene of the crime, the money from the bank still in the villain's possession. Beast Boy reverted to his normal form, dizzy and lightheaded, his vision very blurred. But before the smoke bomb completely covered his view, he barely noticed Raven flying towards to him, and a second later, muttered his beautiful angel's name. "Raven…" he murmured before falling to the ground, unconscious.

Starfire gasped slightly at the sight of Robin, who was still lying on the concrete. A look of worry spread across the girl's face in a split second. "Robin!" She quickly flew over to the Boy Wonder's side to see if he was alright. She gasped as she saw he was barely breathing. Thinking quickly, she quickly slipped her hand underneath the thickly bound ropes, soon allowing a soft green glow to slice the ropes in half.

The dark-haired boy heaved a large breath for a moment before glancing up at his savior. "Star—gasp—fire…?"

The Tameranian girl smiled gleefully. "Robin! You are unharmed!" She then hugged him about as tightly as the rope that had been coiled around him.

He gasped for breath, although he managed to breathe out, "S-Star-fi-fire... C-can't breathe…"

She blushed deeply, and let him go, although helping the Boy Wonder to his feet. "I am… truly sorry, Robin…"

Robin took a large breath of air before turning toward the now withdrawn-looking Starfire, warily stroking her long auburn hair, her soft, emerald gems glancing shyly at the ground. He carefully placed a hand on her quivering shoulder, and she slowly glanced up at the Boy Wonder, his grin almost a thousand-watt smile.

"It's no problem, Star," Robin said with full confidence, trying to relieve the immediate timidity of his best friend.

The girl smiled gratefully, and said in a soft voice, "Thank you, Robin."

He grinned back, and said in his leader-like tone, "We should go check on the others… just to make sure they're okay."

Starfire nodded in agreement. "Agreed."

They stared at each other for a couple of moments, before Cyborg finally awoke and rubbed his head. He groaned as he saw the two getting a little too smiley, so he yelled, "Hey, you two! Get a room! The street's not your bed!"

Robin glared at the tin-man, and through gritted teeth, muttered, "Sounds like he's just peachy…"

Starfire cocked her head to the side and stared at the Boy Wonder with ongoing curiosity. "Please, Robin…what does fruit have to do with Cyborg? He is not made of these 'peaches', is he?"

Robin, who was still irritated at the mechanical man, smiled at her naivete. She's so cute when she's innocent… "It's an earth saying, Star. It means he's fine."

The Tameranian girl nodded and smiled, her emerald eyes lighting up with excitement. "Thank you, Robin! That phrase is very… er… peachy!" She gave him a smile that lit up her whole face.

Robin also grinned back, and was about to say something else to her, but Cyborg groaned very loudly and walked over to them. "Now that you two are done flirting for the moment, where's BB and Rae?"

Meanwhile, Raven flew through the surrounding smoke, trying to spot Beast Boy through the heavy fog. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when they reopened, they glowed a searing white to see through the thick smoke. He's got to be somewhere around here…

She finally spotted him and flew over to Beast Boy, although with a bit of difficulty from the surrounding smoke. She coughed heavily, but gracefully landed down by the green boy, and her indigo gems widening as she warily looked down at him.

The emerald-colored shape-shifter was sleeping at the moment, due to whatever Mumbo did to him, but Raven couldn't help the concern and worry that she felt at the moment. I could have been there to stop him, she thought, carefully brushing aside the boy's emerald-colored locks. If I could have gotten out of those damn dolls fast enough, I could have stopped him, and this wouldn't have happened…

Starfire's very green eyes glanced nervously around the surrounding area. "I'm very concerned for our friends' well beings. I do not see Raven nor Beast Boy."

Robin put his gloved hand up to his head, trying to see past the smoke, and then spotted a figure coming from out of the surrounding fog, carrying someone in their arms. As the shadowed figure drew closer, he surprisingly noticed it was Raven, carrying an unconscious Beast Boy in her arms, bridal style. The Boy Wonder's masked eyes widened considerably at the sight, but said nothing.

Raven finally floated over to the other three Titans, and spoke in a voice that still was her, but not as much. "Robin, we need to get Beast Boy to the medical lab. Mumbo used some sort of spell on him." Her tone was still monotonous, but also had a hint of urgency and worry tied into it.

Robin stole a quick glance down at Beast Boy, whom was still in the dark sorceress's arms, and then slightly up at Raven, who had her indigo eyes glued to the elf's limp body. He reassuringly placed a hand on her slightly quivering shoulder and smiled gently at her.

"He'll be fine, Raven. Don't worry."

She glanced up, and shot a heated glare at Robin, while the boy backpedaled a bit, his masked eyes quirking a little in surprise at her frown.

I'm not worried about Beast Boy, Raven thought confidently. Why would I be about him? It's not like I like the little green elf or anything…

The Boy Wonder went quickly back into his leader mode, and said, "Cy, get the car, and Star, go to the tower and get the Med Lab ready."

Cyborg nodded and ran in a steady pace to the T-Car, quickly driving it to where Robin, Raven, and Beast Boy were. Starfire also nodded in a hurried look, and streaked across the blue sky to the Tower.

The masked boy held open the door as Raven went in, and she slowly and steadily set down Beast Boy's head on her lap. Robin then went into the car beside Cyborg, and they drove as quickly as they could without going over the speed limit.

Raven nervously glanced down at the unconscious boy in her lap, worried thoughts haunting her. Again, she instinctively brushed aside the emerald locks of hair that kept slipping to the front of his face. She sighed, and took a glance up front, where Cyborg was driving and Robin was sitting shotgun, peering out through the window. Thankfully, neither of them noticed her brushing aside his stubborn hair.

What in the heavens did Mumbo do to Beast Boy? She asked herself. He wouldn't have done this for any apparent reason… that spell and powder is going to do something to him somehow, but I'm not sure what exactly… She took her eyes off the green boy's face for a moment, and glanced around his whole body, to see if she saw anything out of the ordinary. I don't see anything wrong with him… maybe it does something to him later in time or inside of him…? Her indigo eyes widened considerably, bringing back memories when Robin was forced to work for Slade. This better not bring him into meltdown or anything, or I'll personally take care of that lousy magician myself…

She then sighed deeply, and thought, This is all my fault. If I would have just phased through those damn dolls or made a shield around myself, I could have been there. I should have known… She glanced down sadly at the boy, who had a tranquil look upon his face.

Robin glanced back around at the pair, to see how Raven was doing at the moment, and saw her gently pushing aside the green hair that stubbornly wouldn't stay in the same place. He noted the immediate concern in her usually emotionless gems and was thinking about saying something to calm her, but he thought against it. That heated glare she sent towards his direction earlier was a scar that he did not want to open again.

Her eyes turned glassy indigo for a moment, and she closed them, trying to get rid of the evidence of seeing the other male Titans see her cry. I… I hope that he's alright… And if he's not, it's all my fault…

The heavy metal door slid open to reveal the large and reliable Medical Laboratory that donned many vaccines, beds, and other objects to help the sick get well once again. Three figures walked slowly into the Med Lab, Cyborg holding the still unconscious Beast Boy in his large arms, Robin following with a determined look on his face, while Raven trailed behind, an emotionless facade now upon her face.

Cyborg carefully laid down the unconscious boy, a look of worry etched across his mahogany face. Robin glanced down a bit nervously, but kept a straight face, while Starfire glanced worriedly over Robin's shoulder. Raven silently levitated over to Beast Boy's bedside, as she watched the careful breathing he did.

As the green boy's body sank into the mattress, a small doll, that looked exactly like the dark goddess Raven, slipped out of the elf's pocket and onto the floor. Starfire's keen sense of hearing heard something drop, her very green eyes enlarging as she saw the small doll, squealing and hugging the tiny toy.

"Oh, it's the cute stuffed doll that was made to look like our dear friend Raven!" she gushed, breaking the silence barrier of the other three Titans.

Raven turned toward the alien girl, an eyebrow arched at her reaction, as her indigo gems widened at the sight of the doll. He kept that thing! Underneath her dark hood, she blushed deeply, feeling very embarrassed about the doll.

Cyborg stole a glance at the small doll bound tightly in the Tameranian girl's grip and smirked mischievously, his hand moving up to rub his chin thoughtfully. "Hmm… I wonder why Beast Boy would keep a doll that looked like Raven… could the reason possibly be because it looks just like her?"

The dark girl could then feel the blush strengthen. She moved her hood to hide her flushing face, but it did not help the conversation about the Raven doll.

Starfire glanced up from her hugging fest with the doll, her emerald gems blinking numerous times. "Do you mean that he kept the doll of Raven, due to the comfort of knowing something like her was near him at all times?"

Raven blushed even deeper at the mention of the word 'comfort' involving her, even if it was indirectly.

Cyborg chuckled softly and grinned at the auburn-haired girl. "You're right, Star. BB always likes things that involve Raven." He then turned to the now almost completely flushed girl, a playful grin upon his face. "Isn't that right, Rae-Rae?" he asked teasingly, one of his eyebrows wiggling for the effect.

Starfire giggled softly, but Raven didn't answer. She was much too embarrassed to speak. So, she moved her hood down more and moved herself out of harm's way.

The mechanical man came right up to the dark girl's face, trying to see the blush on her covered face, the grin still lighting up his facial features. "What's the matter, Raven? Tryin' to hide your blush?" The second he said the last word, Raven was immediately grinding her teeth to the bare maximum, steam almost billowing out her ears.

Before the dark girl could retort (or blow the boy's head off his mechanical shoulders), Robin "hu-hmmed", arms crossed across his broad chest, metallic boot tapping, masked eyes narrowed. The three other Titans glanced over at him, as the Boy Wonder cleared his throat. "Aren't we straying from the topic at hand? We're here to check on Beast Boy, not to talk about why he kept a doll of Raven."

The indigo-haired girl blushed slightly more, then thought villainously, If I hear one, and I mean one more taunt, I'll make sure that damn tin man goes to the scrap heap in a millisecond flat.

He glared at Cyborg, who nodded (then stuck his tongue out at the leader), and smiled a bit at Starfire, who smiled in return. Raven rolled her eyes at the couple's romantic gesture. Oh, puh-lease.

She then glared at the large mechanical man, who sweat-dropped immediately at the intensity of the glare, in which he could easily imagine the burning fire in her now darkly-lit indigo eyes. We'll discuss that later, her message seemed to say in her searing eyes. He gulped loudly and hurriedly rushed over to the computer before he could be turned into a tin can.

Raven massaged her nose, and then floated over to the swivel chair and gracefully sat down in it, her eyes full of worry. She glanced over to the others; Cyborg was sitting at the computer, and Robin and Starfire were standing behind the mechanical man, so she stole a quick glance at the doll.

Why in the heavens would he keep that doll? she asked herself thoughtfully. I mean, it's a stupid doll that looks like it could give people cavities in a glance's notice… Raven then glanced around once more, and skillfully scooped up the doll, tucking it in the depths of her cloak in the grasp of her belt where no one could see it. I'll destroy this horrid thing later in the flames of my wrath, she thought evilly, a smirk crossing her pale face. This thing cannot be related to me in the very least… it's cute. She then watched with a growing, wary look on her face back at Beast Boy.

Cyborg took one last glance at Raven and then sat down at the main computer to scan for any abnormalities, typing away at the keyboard. The status was loading for the moment, and the three other Titans watched Beast Boy's movement and loading status. Raven cautiously stared at him, the nervousness inside her growing with every second passing.

The seconds, it seemed to the young dark woman, felt like hours, and she started to worry even more. Suddenly, a timid, quiet voice spoke in her head.

"I-Is he going to be alright?" Timid asked worriedly.

Someone blew a huff of impatience, whom was none other than Brave. "Of course he's gonna be okay. Goddess, you have to be such a baby sometimes!" Her voice was loud as always, although it had a bit of humor swirled into it.

Timid sniffled a little, seeming as if she were about to cry.

Knowledge sighed, a touch of dislike in her voice. "You shouldn't talk to Timid like that. She is just worried for Beast Boy's well being."

Bravery merely 'hmph'ed toward the yellow emotion, as Knowledge didn't reply.

Wisdom sighed as she spoke to the other emotions. "Beast Boy will be fine; we just have to wait until Cyborg finishes scanning him for any abnormalities."

The other emotions weren't so sure of the brown-cloaked emotion's reassurance.

Before any of the other emotions had time to speak, a loud and clear BEEP was made from the large computer where Cyborg was sitting at. He blinked both real and robotic eyes for a moment, and swiveled the chair around toward the other three Titans, curiosity equally shared amongst them.


"Spit it out already," Raven almost growled, her indigo eyes glaring into those of the mechanical man's.

He blinked once again, and said in a low, hesitant voice, "Well, uh, there seems to be nothing wrong with him."

The pregnant silence that followed went on for a couple of moments, which felt like hours to the four Titans. Robin curiously raised an eyebrow, while Starfire was still floating, still confused. Cyborg stared absentmindedly at the ceiling, counting the tiles, and Raven… well, the dark girl did not look happy. She also raised an eyebrow, but one of her eyes began to twitch in impatience.

The lavender-haired beauty shot a heated glare at Cyborg, and then started saying in a neutral voice, "Scan him again."

Cyborg blinked, and said, "Raven, I don't think—"

"Cyborg, please scan him. Mumbo did something to him, and I would like to know what." Her voice was calm and collected, but slowly building up with anger.

"But Raven, I don't think—"

"What are you waiting for? An invitation? Start scanning him already!" she snapped as her eyes narrowed at him. She was standing up, and a few random objects glowed with black energy.

The mechanical man blinked and nodded slowly. "Alright, alright. I'll scan him again. No need to bite my head off."

Raven almost immediately dropped the objects and sat back down, the usual, passive look upon her pale face.

Cyborg cracked his knuckles and began to type once again. Every few moments the results would show up, and he'd shake his head in Raven's direction, but she kept persisting for him to keep trying.

"Cyborg," Raven said, as she levitated above her chair serenely, hours later, "Do you think that Mumbo would do something that didn't affect Beast Boy, other than knock him out? Uh, Cyborg?"

The teenager who was being spoken to had his head slumped on the back of the chair. There was a small amount of drool in the bottom corner of his mouth, a thumb also placed in the opening, and he was muttering something about "waffles attacking the universe".

She heard no reply, other than the soft snoring of Robin and Starfire. The couple was sitting next to each other in a pair of swivel chairs, Starfire's auburn head was lolled on the Boy Wonder's shoulder, his cape coming to use as a sort of blanket to the young girl. A small doll of herself was clutched in one hand that was also grabbing a hold of Robin. They both had a calm, serene smile on their faces.

Raven sighed deeply, took a deep, relaxed breath, and slowly floated over to Cyborg, then yelled in a very loud voice in his ear that could wake the dead, "WAFFLES!"

Cyborg screamed bloody murder as his eyes widened in shock, and yelled, "WHERE, WHERE!" While he yelled, Robin's head shot up, his masked eyes raised in confusion, as Starfire's also followed suit, her eyes burning a vibrant green.

Raven almost smirked at their reactions, but felt a bit bad for waking up the couple. "Sorry I woke you guys up," she said, a tad of remorse in her voice, "but now's not the time to sleep like a pair of love birds." They glanced at each other out of the corner of their eyes, both slightly blushing at the nickname.

As Robin yelled at Cyborg for waking him and Starfire up (the latter of the two gripping a hand on the Boy Wonder's shoulder), Raven blinked at what she had said before waking the three Titans up. Wait a minute, she thought, raising an eyebrow curiously, I said that ridiculous thing about waffles? What was I thinking? She then sighed, and thought, Beast Boy's rubbing off on me… way too much. She then remembered something. Speaking of Beast Boy…

The dark girl turned towards Cyborg, who was now sitting in his swivel chair, a bit worried about the possible attacks of the waffles, but said, in her monotonous voice, "Cyborg. You fell asleep during the scan. Scan him again; more thoroughly this time. Mumbo's spell must have done something to him."

The large teenager blinked, then shook his head. "I'm telling you, Rae… there's nothing wrong with him. We've scanned him so many times, and there was bound to be something turn up if there were any problems at all with BB."

Raven growled slightly, and folded her arms across her chest stubbornly. "Cyborg," she stated calmly, although some excess fire from before still blazed in her indigo eyes, "Do you truly think that Mumbo Jumbo, the most bogus magician villain we've ever came across, would just cast a mere spell to cause Beast Boy to become unconscious?"

He sighed and turned his eyes toward the floating girl. "Even if that were the case, our scanners aren't picking anything up," he yawned heavily and scratched his head, "and it's getting too late to keep goin' at this."

Robin nodded in agreement. "We haven't eaten in hours, and we need sleep, just in case of any more break-ins tonight or tomorrow morning."

Starfire's auburn head lolled, and said, "Yes, we need to sleep, so we are not, as you call them, 'zombies'."

Raven's indigo gems turned almost pleading. "But—"

Cyborg placed a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder, a reassuring look upon his mahogany face. "Rae, B will be fine. The security system's very high tech in here since… you know…" Raven slightly shivered when she remembered that particular episode, involving Beast Boy and a villain named Adonis, "…and there's no need to worry." She smiled in the slightest, but Cyborg then grinned mischievously. "Though," he said, tapping his chin lightly, "you could always stay with him tonight if you're still worried, Raven." The smile immediately left her pale face, as Cyborg's waffle maker zoomed in, flinging waffles crazily at the poor teen.

His eyes widened immensely, as he yelled, "ATTACKING WAFFLES! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" The mechanical man sped out of the room very quickly, almost knocking down a wall in the process, the waffle maker in hot pursuit.

Robin sweat-dropped as he turned to Raven, who had a very slight smirk on her face. "We're all going down to the kitchen for a late night dinner, since we haven't eaten anything for hours. Are you going to be okay?"

The dark girl's eyes narrowed at him, and snapped, "I'll be fine!" One of the Boy Wonder's masked eyes raised a bit in confusion and surprise, and Raven sighed. "I'm just going to make sure that the spell didn't do anything to Beast Boy, since the Waffle King is now being tracked down by his henchmen."

Starfire blinked her very green eyes, and innocently asked, "You will not be joining us for a late night snack?"

Raven sighed, and shook her head. "No, I won't. You guys go eat."

The Tamerainian nodded, although she appeared to be disappointed at the dark girl's remark. Robin took the Starfire's hand, and said, "If you still want to come down—"

"—I will if I'm hungry," she answered, immediately closing the door as they left.

Robin and Starfire blinked at the closed metal door, and they took off toward the kitchen.

Raven sighed heavily as she turned back around towards the green elf, who was still breathing calmly. She went over to the swivel chair and sat down, watching the boy with growing interest. Why in the heavens did I act like that? She asked herself, reclining her head back in the chair.

Why was I yelling at everybody, even though they were all trying their best to see what's wrong with Beast Boy? I mean, it's not like I like that little grass stain.

She folded her arms across her chest, and huffed. I mean, his jokes aren't all that funny… He always wants me to participate in the others' so-called "fun"… no matter how many times he asks me and I say no.

She sighed, and glanced over at the calm boy on the bed. He's always very persistent, and determined not to give up, especially on me. No matter how impossible the task to get me to laugh or, at the very least, smile. He always is very determined to get me to show my true emotions without the least amount of damage.

She stared long and hard at the boy. He always defends me in battle, even though he knows I don't need any assistance at all. He jumps in to protect me and does everything possibly known to man to do it and makes sure I'm alright, no matter how strong or weak the blast was. And he's always the first person, no matter what, who's willing to risk himself for me.

The indigo-haired girl's eyes widened at all the thoughts centered toward Beast Boy in her head, and she shook her head, hoping to get rid of the feelings plaguing her mind. What is it with me and thinking about him like that… Am I going crazy? She breathed slowly, and thought serenely, I just need to calm myself down, that's all.

Raven floated silently and slowly up into her meditating position above the chair. Meditation always calms my nerves, she thought confidently, her indigo eyes slowly closing. She started to compose herself, breathing lightly, concentrating on her mediation, while she muttered her usual mantra, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Azarath Metrion Zinthos…" Her eyes and body were focusing on the spell; her mind was in a completely different place. Thoughts of the small green elf kept on flooding her mind, and she knew she couldn't escape the fogging thoughts that were clouding her mind. She thought of all the things he did for her; from helping to make her feel comfortable (internally), from comforting her when Malchior betrayed her and ripped her heart out.

He truly does have a kind heart, she thought softly. An array of flashbacks from when she was very cruel and cold to him scattered around her mind, all showing her that she was always the rudest to him, and never as much to anyone else. But why am I so mean to him?

More thoughts flew randomly around her mind… thoughts when Beast Boy always would come up to her and try to cheer her up; either smile or laugh, but nothing ever came. She noticed that she was always rude to him when he tried to make her happy. Everyone else on the team (save those special occasions when Starfire wanted a 'girl's night' or 'girl's talk') gave up on trying to get the happiness out of Raven, the goddess of darkness, but Beast Boy? He never gave up, Raven realized. He truly is kind.

The indigo-haired girl sighed, and stared at the serene-looking boy, a small smile tugging at the corners of her thin lips. And he is sort of cute when he grins, with that fang of his sticking out… Raven's indigo-colored eyes widened immensely, almost to the point of bulging out of her skull. Since when did I ever think Beast Boy is cute!

She sighed deeply, and rubbed her head. It's just my lack of sleep that's causing me to think that way about the little green goblin… that's all. At that exact moment, her mouth widened, which forced a large yawn to come out, her arms stretching high into the air. Her eyes closed slowly, and she started to fall over onto a soft comforter and the small body lying on the bed, a peaceful smile upon her face.

Meanwhile, down the hall in the kitchen, the three remaining Titans were snacking on a late night dinner, which consisted of meat lovers and mustard pizza.

Robin sat on one side of the booth, beside Starfire, eating a piece of pizza instinctively as he stared at the girl, whom was listening to Cyborg's joke. The bright crescent moon flowed through the window, reflecting off her flowing auburn hair, making her appear more elegant. She's so beautiful… he thought unknowingly, a slight bit of drool in the corner of his mouth, his masked eyes taking on a droopy, dreamy state. She then giggled at the punch line, and the arm he was leaning on flopped to the side, as he watched her laugh heartedly. And she's so adorable when she laughs…

Cyborg glanced over at the Boy Wonder, who was completely drooling onto the pizza, and slowly edging onto the counter. He raised an eyebrow, and grinned mischievously. Does he always have to stare at Star? He cleared his throat, and then teasingly said, "Yo, Lover Boy, close your trap before ya drool yourself a river and float away in it."

Robin shook his head to get rid of the notions in his head (which were anything but perverted), and wiped away the drool in the corner of his mouth. Starfire blinked her incredibly green eyes, turned slightly to the dark-haired boy (who was trying to be the image of 'cool'), and naively asked, "Robin, why does Cyborg call you "a boy of lover"?"

The masked boy blinked for a moment, tugging unconsciously at his uniform's neck, and crossed his arms, muttering something about "stupid robots listening to everything". He then cleared his throat, offered a small smile to Starfire, and then said smoothly, "Nothing for you to worry about, Star." She smiled back (Cyborg sticking his tongue out at the Boy Wonder), as Robin turned back to the mechanical man, an eyebrow quirked, and glared at him.

Starfire sighed as she glanced sideways at Robin. "I am most deeply concerned about Raven. She is normally not this… lobstery."

Cyborg raised an eyebrow curiously, and before he could ask what she meant, Robin cut in, saving Starfire the trouble. "She means so crabby."

The mechanical man nodded, understanding what she meant, as Robin turned back towards Starfire to answer her concern. "She does seem a bit more agitated, but she may just be concerned about Beast Boy."

Cyborg's eyebrow stayed raised. "What do you mean 'she may be concerned about BB?' The only thing Rae's concerned about are being as far away as possible from everyone."

Starfire shook her head, and stirred her root beer with her straw, her emerald-colored gems focusing on the swirling mass of carbonated soda. "I would have to disagree, Cyborg. Raven cares about every one of us very much… it is just that she is not able to control her emotions without doing some type of damage. And she rather likes Beast Boy… she just has not realized it yet."

Robin raised an eyebrow curiously at Starfire. "How do you know she likes him? And why do you think that she likes him? Not to be rude or anything, Star, but Raven always wants him out of her face at all times."

The Tameranian girl shook her head once again. "Not really, Robin. She may have used to be bothered by Beast Boy's 'dairy' jokes and daily antics to try and make her smile, but have you not noticed that she no longer complains about his presence? And she no longer does the 'put downs' anymore? I'd find her glancing at him whenever no one is supposedly not looking, and when she is alone, she has been having a difficult time meditating."

Cyborg shook his head, and twirled some of the sagging cheese from the pizza onto his finger and into his mouth. "That doesn't mean she's over the top-madly in love-wants to marry and live in Hawaii- and spend her entire life with him." Robin nodded in agreement.

Starfire took a sip of root beer, and then looked at both of the boys. "They are always protecting one another in battle, and during our 'girl talks', Raven is always bringing up Beast Boy in some way in our talks, although, I do not think she even realizes it. She also told me that he was the only one of us that comforted her about the whole 'Malchior' situation, and she felt very relaxed when she spoke to him about it. She has tried to, as they say, deny her feelings without even consciously realizing it."

Robin and Cyborg glanced at each other, and looked back at her. The dark-skinned boy took a sip of his Coke, and nodded. "Yeah, I think I get what you're sayin', Star. They had a little moment back in Raven's mirror over a year ago…"

The Boy Wonder's eyebrow rose. "What mirror?"

Cyborg shrugged as he waved casually at him. "Nothin' for you to get your spandex in a bunch about." Robin's eyebrow stayed raised, but said nothing. The large teen stretched, and continued on by saying, "Well, I can kinda see what you mean, Star, 'cause of some of the moments they had together, buuut, I doubt they like each other more than just friends, that's all." He shrugged, and then remembered about the said gothic girl. "Speaking of Raven, don't you think she's spent enough time in the med lab?" He winked at the other two, and they smiled a bit.

Starfire nodded, and said gleefully, "Yes, I do think we should check upon our friends!" She gracefully floated up from in between the two boys and soared out to entrance of the hallway, waiting for the other two. Robin sighed dreamily, and Cyborg nudged him so hard that he flew out of the booth and onto the floor in a puddle of mush. The larger boy smirked, but the auburn-haired alien gasped, and flew back over to the Boy Wonder in concern. "Robin! Are you all right?"

He looked up at the beautiful angel before him, and smiled meekly up at her. "Yeah, I'm fine, Star… don't worry 'bout me."

She didn't seem the least bit fazed about what he said, and instead, seized him up into a mind numbing hug. "Oh, Robin, you do not have to act the hero at all times! You can tell me!"

He grinned dizzily (half because he was in the arms of the girl of his dreams) as Starfire smiled her bright grin down at him, and Robin felt as if he were being mentally pulled into pecking her on the cheek, that beautiful auburn-haired face with her flawless skin and dazzling emerald gems that were reflecting off his pathetic body…

Cyborg groaned at the lovey-dovey expression on the Boy Wonder's mushy face, and coughed at the scene. "Uh, you do know I'm still here… right?" The couple blinked at one another, and flushed a deep red as Robin quickly jumped out of Starfire's embrace, and the girl stood up almost immediately, straightening her long, auburn hair nervously.

The dark-skinned boy smirked and motioned toward the automatic door. "C'mon, let's go check up on BB and Rae."

Robin and Starfire glanced sideways at one another, caught themselves staring at one another, and blushed again.

I'm so stupid for acting like that… I mean, Starfire, the girl who all the guys think is the most gorgeous girl in the universe? She doesn't feel the same way about me as I do about her… God, I'm an idiot… Robin sighed as he trudged after Cyborg to the med lab, his masked gaze never falling upon the red-haired beauty.

Starfire glanced up as her masked Boy Wonder slumped after the large mechanical teen. She sighed lightly, and started to walk, since she did not have the usual happiness that brightened her heart and soul, and followed the boys' path to the lab. If only Robin would feel the same way I feel about him. He is adored by many girls all around the city, and I am not up to par on what he likes in a girl. I am nothing special to him, just a friend who is a girl.

She then continued on her way, and almost ran into Robin when Cyborg whispered softly, "I think I may be startin' to see what you mean, Star…"

She gave him a quizzical look, but then peered over Robin's shoulders, and her emotional eyes turned glassy. "Aww, they are most adorable!" She smiled brightly as she watched Beast Boy's chest rhythmically move up and down, while Raven's head and arms were lying on top of his body. Peaceful expressions were on both of their relaxed faces.

Cyborg carefully lifted the sleeping goddess off of her relaxed position on the slumbering boy, and smiled slightly at the serene expression upon her pale face. "You never see Rae like this… ever," he whispered to his fellow Titans as he brought her into his arms... "I mean, the whole 'peaceful and relaxed' face, y'know? She's either pissed at someone, or ignores us completely. And even then, she still gets mad at people."

Robin shrugged nonchalantly. "Who knows? Maybe she does like Beast Boy, like Star said. Either way though, we'd better take her to her room. I'd doubt Raven would like to wake up in such a bright room in the morning… and I'd rather like to keep all my body parts in place…" He shivered at the mere thought, and led Cyborg and Starfire out into the hallway down to the girls' hallway as the automatic med lab door slammed shut. As the door closed behind them, the Titans failed to notice that the green Titan's clothes appeared a little too large for even his small body.

While Cyborg went into the dark goddess's room to drop her off onto the bed, Robin and Starfire waited out in the hallway until he came back. As soon as he came out, a loud yawn erupted from his mouth, and he covered it with a hand and waved them off. "G'night, y'all. See ya in the morning. Sleep well…" While he passed Robin, he winked in his direction as the masked boy grinned nervously. He watched warily as the large teen turned down the hallway to the boys' hallway, and turned back to see Starfire, who was smiling at him. He gulped inwardly, and thought, Ohhh, holy crap on a stick…

Starfire glanced nervously around them and straightened out her hair tensely, her very green eyes diverted toward the side. "Robin, may I ask you a favor?"

The Boy Wonder nodded instinctively at her words, and his heart started pounding a mile a millisecond. "U-u-h-h, s-sure, St-Star-fi-fire…" He mentally slapped himself, and thought, Stupid. Stuttering is a sure way to get the girl of your dreams to like you, huh? Idiot. What a dick I am…

The Tameranian girl continued to straighten her hair with her slender, manicured nails, but diverted her emerald gems up slightly at the Boy Wonder who stood a couple inches short of her. Oh, I hope he does not laugh at my pointless question… that would be very embarrassing in front of him"Robin, I was wondering if you could possibly walk me to my room. I feel… the 'nervousness' feeling when I have to wander the dark halls by myself this late at night."

Robin's heart rate went immediately down, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Heh, for a second there, I thought she was gonna ask me something else… He smiled reassuringly at the auburn-haired princess and placed a comforting hand on her slightly quivering shoulder. She glanced up a little awkwardly, but his bright, boyish grin freed her from the increasing worry that always built up when he wasn't around, and almost diminished the fearful thought completely.

"Come on. Let's go," he spoke in a smooth, comforting voice. She smiled, and they walked silently to her room. Although it was only a couple doors down from Raven's room, Robin couldn't help but feel the presence of the beautiful girl walking next to him, and it seemed far too short of a walk when Starfire said softly into his ear, "We have reached my room, Robin."

Robin glanced up and noticed that they were directly in front of the door with the bold, blocked letters STARFIRE. He nodded, and then noticed he was still holding onto her shoulder. He blushed immediately, and quickly brought his gloved hand to the back of his jet-black hair, nervously rubbing it.

Starfire smiled cheerfully at him, and said, "Good night, Robin. I appreciate that you gave up some of your time to walk me down to my bedroom. I am very grateful."

The Boy Wonder blushed immediately, and stuttered, "N-n-no p-p-problem, S-S-Star." She smiled one last time, before the automatic door of her bedroom opened, and she slipped inside without another word. He grinned sheepishly, and swayed back and forth as he walked down the hall to his room to finally get a good night's sleep, and dream about a certain auburn-haired princess from Tameran.

About three hours later, Raven awoke to an odd noise coming from down the hall. "Huh…?" she asked herself dizzily, as she sat up in her bedroom and rubbed her indigo eyes, yawning widely. "What's that noise…?"

She slowly made her way toward the unknown noise. It grew slightly louder as she became closer and closer to it. She was led onto the bottom floor, and raised an eyebrow as some noises came out of nowhere. She suddenly powered up her dark abilities, and was about to strike, when…

"Whoa! Easy there, Raven!" Robin said, holding up his hands in an 'I mean you no harm' gesture. Instead of the usual brightly-colored spandex he usually wore, a gray T-shirt covering his lean but noticeably muscular upper body and black baggy work out pants. Raven raised an eyebrow at the pajama wear, but said nothing.

Starfire zipped up from behind the Boy Wonder, and floated above the ground, a spark of confusion in her emotional emerald eyes. "You have also heard the noise of unknown, Raven?" she asked naïvely, floating beside Robin. She donned a bright pink tank top that matched with a pair of equally bright pink pajama pants that had bright yellow stars scattered all around, with bright pink, fluffy slippers and a large yellow star on the middle of them. Cyborg lumbered behind her, yawning widely, his bright yellow nightcap tipped on its side.

The dark-haired boy glanced out of the corner of his masked eyes at the princess, and blushed slightly at the better close up of her shirt. Nice bod…

The dark goddess nodded, and Cyborg yawned widely, his bright yellow nightcap tipped on the side, and turned slightly, to see Robin almost drooling over the view.

The large mechanical teen rolled both robotic and real eyes, and said, "C'mon, Boy Blunder, it's too late at night for your ogling of your girlfriend…" He yawned again as Robin blushed slightly, and crossed his arms over his broad chest.

I know better than to say that she's not my girlfriend… after everything that happened between us at that visit to the space station and being deserted on that unknown planet… But nobody really knows other than us what really happened between us… He thought, a more visible blush creeping up his cheeks this time. He cleared his throat, although he was still blushing, and firmly said, "I wasn't ogling at her."

Starfire blinked her large emerald eyes, and said naively, "Robin…" she yawned slightly, "What does Cyborg mean by 'ogling'?" She then let out an enormous yawn that almost caused her to fall onto the floor.

Robin turned around toward the auburn-haired girl, with a blush still on his face, and muttered, "I'll tell you later, Star." She nodded, and formed an 'O' shape with her mouth, understanding what he meant.

Raven cleared her throat, and the three remaining Titans turned back around to look at the dark girl. "Have you forgotten why we're out in the hallway in the first place at two-thirty in the morning?"

Robin nodded, and turned to the two. "Raven's right. We're out here for a reason… not to parade in our pajamas."

Cyborg's eyes transformed into a mischievous glint, and he smirked teasingly as he muttered in the Boy Wonder's ear, "But I'm sure you don't mind seeing Star parading around in her p.j's…"

Robin blushed crimson in a half of a second, and grinded his teeth to the bone as he muttered, "If you keep up with the sex innuendos, you'll find yourself without many, many pieces in the morning."

Cyborg gulped deeply, and whistled innocently as Raven growled loudly, bringing the two boys back into reality. "You two better shut up before I dislocate both of your body parts permanently." The Boy Wonder and mechanical teen stole a glance at one another, and quieted down immediately. She then turned toward the Titans and said, "Let's get back to finding what the sound is… before I make you shut up eternally."

The boys gulp edgily, and nervously complied as Raven smirked dangerously. A number of thoughts were bothering each of the Titans…

I wonder what that noise is… Robin thought intriguingly.

That noise is disturbing our rest! Starfire thought.

Not something I wanna deal with at 2:30 in the morning… Cyborg thought grumpily.

We have to find out what it is… the Boy Wonder thought determinedly.

I hope whoever or whatever it is is alright… the Tameranian girl thought worriedly.

Stupid noises… the mechanical teen thought tiredly.

That noise… it sounds like a high-pitched noise of some sort… and coming from— Raven's indigo eyes widened immensely, and she gasped audibly. She then turned toward the stairway and flew quickly down it.

Starfire gave the boys an inquisitive look, and asked worriedly, "What is the matter with Raven?"

Cyborg shrugged, but Robin's masked eyes showed an unknown emotion. "We have to follow her… Now."

The mechanical teen jogged down the stairway as Robin motioned for Starfire to follow, and the two raced down the dark flight of stairs.

Raven zipped around the walls and past other rooms to a certain room. That sound… it's coming from the Med Lab. I hope Beast Boy's alright… Wait… is that crying?

She stopped in front of the Medical Laboratory door, and it slid open slowly. She stepped inside, and then stood completely still, shock entirely visible on her even paler skin, her indigo gems widened to their full capacity.

The three remaining Titans quickly turned the corner, and Robin slid around the corner, and panted slightly. "Raven—are you—okay?" He panted in between breaths.

Cyborg and Starfire came right after him, stood behind Raven, and the former gaped at what he saw in the Med Lab. Starfire floated gracefully down beside Raven, stars shining as bright as the ones in the sky in her eyes.

Robin raised a curious eyebrow, and said, "What are you guys staring at?"

The mechanical teen's mouth was still to the floor, but managed to point to what they were looking at. The Boy Wonder turned around, and his masked eyes widened as large as dinner plates, his jaw dropping down to the floor.

Raven was the only one who could answer at the sight of what lie before her, but it took all her strength to stutter out two single words…

"B-Beast B-Boy!"

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