Life's Second Chances

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The bright sunlight streamed into the large, dark room that belonged to the Titan named Raven. She stirred slightly as small rays of sunshine beamed through the cracks that the raven-colored curtains could not conceal. As the bright beams gently illuminated her dark sanctuary, the dark goddess could not ignore the signals of the dawn as she sat up slowly in her large circular bed. Her indigo eyes were closed, and a pale hand flew to her mouth to stop the yawn that enveloped her.

As Raven's lithe legs slid over to the edge of the bed, she thought unconsciously in relief, It was only a dream… BB as a baby, him making those cavity-filling comments, and the others making fun of me… She then yawned again, and mumbled under her breath, "What an odd dream…"

The young dark girl stretched her long, curvy legs, and slender arms to their highest pinnacle, and curiously glanced over at the raven-colored clock that lay atop her nearby dresser. The bright green numbers blared 9:45, and one of Raven's eyebrows raised a bit at the speculation.

"That's odd," she murmured, "I'm normally up earlier than this…" The dark-clad girl shrugged carelessly, ignoring the lime numbers, and raised a graceful hand toward the midnight-colored cloak, which lay at the dresser beside her. A shroud of opaque power engulfed it, and it flew into the mystic's pale hand as she skillfully clasped the ruby-colored gem around her neck.

Raven then rose herself up from the bed, and floated silently over to the automated door, which opened as soon as she was in range. She then started to head toward the living room, the so-called 'dream' still plaguing her mind. Why would I dream of something like that? she wondered as she drew closer to the recreation room. And why did it seem so vivid in my mind… so real?

She then shook her head, and put her hand her to her forehead, her indigo-colored gems closed. It has to be a dream. It'd take powerful magic to do that to Beast Boy… She sighed, and nodded to herself. And there's a much greater chance Beast Boy would call me 'creepy' than 'pretty'…

As Raven neared the common room, her indigo eyes widened, her jaw dropping almost to the ground as she heard a faintly familiar sound. N-No… I-It c-couldn't b-be… I-I'm i-imagining things… th-that's all… The dark girl drew closer, and mentally repeated a pair of sentences; "It's all in my mind… It was all just a dream…" The automated door then slid open that led to the living room, and Raven stood there, eyes widened to their maximum. To the view before her, she could only breathlessly say, "It wasn't a dream after all…"

A tiny squeal was heard, and the dark girl turned slightly to the noise to see little Beast Boy… or Garfield as he liked to be called, playing with Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg. He was currently sitting atop the counter, his small legs swinging back and forth, and his cherubic grin grew as he saw Raven. The tiny challenging waved frantically, and yelled, "G' mornin', Way-ven!"

Robin and Cyborg waved at Raven, and Starfire floated all too gleefully over to her, a contrail of sugary happiness seeming to flow after her energetic form. "Good morning, Raven! Did you sleep well, although you woke up later than you usually do? Beas—I mean, Garfield, has been waiting and waiting for your arrival! Let us go and say good morning!" Raven silently raised an eyebrow as she saw her friend's very emerald eyes sparkle with delight. Can she ever notbe hyper in the morning? The sugar's going to rush to her brain, and cause her to giggle like an idiot… The dark-clad girl slowly raised herself up into the air, and was about to make a cup of relaxing herbal tea when Starfire eagerly grabbed her wrist and forced her to join the others.

Raven sighed a little, and was pushed into the bar stool next to Garfield, and he giggled softly, his large clover-colored eyes beaming up at her. She waved faintly, and watched in slight amusement as Starfire seemed to bounce up and down from the sugary power that engulfed her tall, thin body. She mumbled under her breath about how crazy it was to let the Tamaranian to run off of sugary-substances. Beast Boy heard, and giggled softly at what she had said, causing Raven to flush slightly, but it was well hidden by her hood.

She then turned to Starfire, and monotonously spoke, "Starfire, just how muchsugar have you had this morning?"

The auburn-haired stopped in her mid-humming state, and seemed to loop-de-loop over to the lavender-haired beauty, her very green eyes sparkling. "Oh, I have had the toast of French, rolls of cinnamon, frosted animal-shaped cookies, a piece of cake, three cans of a carbonated beverage… oh, yes, and a tub of the cream of ice."

The four Titans blinked numerous times; Cyborg drooling from all the junk food listed, Raven twitching ever so slightly, Beast Boy's clover-colored eyes widening, and Robin kept an eyebrow raised. It was finally the Boy Wonder who broke the pregnant silence.

"Uh… Star…" he said a little quietly, "Maybe… possibly… you should lay off the sugar for awhile…"

The Tamaranian girl gasped with shock, her emerald eyes widening, a hand flying to her gaping mouth. "Why, Robin?" she asked, her sparkling gems now blinking back tears, "The sugary and sweet goodness taste very pleasant indeed! I could never give them up!"

Robin's masked eyes lowered ever so slightly, feeling sorry for telling off the poor girl like that. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything… now she's sad, and… urgh, I hate seeing her cry! He attempted a smile, and softly placed a hand upon her quivering shoulder.

She looked up into his hidden eyes, and the Boy Wonder mentally slapped himself as he tried to think of the right words to say without hurting her feelings.

"Uh… well, Star… it's just that… too much sugar is bad for you. It doesn't only affect your health if you have too much of it, but when you first eat it, it makes you have a lot of energy, yet it also pays a price. When the energy rush stops, you lose a lot of it, and it makes you feel really tired." He crossed his fingers in his mind, hoping that it made sense to her. He sometimes had a tendency of going off on a tangent, and even causing people to raise an eyebrow in confusion at what he was trying to explain.

Starfire's emerald eyes widened even more, this time in understanding, and nodded enthusiastically. Her mouth formed an 'O' shape, and she asked innocently, "Does that mean that I need to take a 'cat nap' or will 'crash' soon?"

Robin smiled boyishly at the Tamaranian, and said reassuringly, "It's really okay if you have sugar, Star. You just have to make sure you don't have too much anymore, or you'll go into overdrive, and become exhausted in ten minutes."

Raven rolled her indigo eyes in slight annoyance at the naivety of the alien, and crossed her arms over her chest. "It's not like she didn't need sugar in the first place… she has the stuff coursing through her veins ever since she was born, most likely."

Garfield giggled, his eyes shimmering with admiration. She smiled a little in his direction, but covered it up with a dead-pan expression.

Starfire nodded once again at Robin's comment, and her eyes shone with emerald stars as she reached over to him, and engulfed the Boy Wonder in a mind-numbing hug. "Oh, many thanks, Robin! I am overjoyed by being educated about the sugar-high substances!"

Robin's masked eyes widened at the enthusiastic embrace, as his face flushed at the pressure and of the overzealous hug. "U-Uh… n-no problem, S-Star."

Raven rolled her eyes at the two, and muttered something under her breath. Gar, following the goth's example, rolled his eyes, and muttered "Awe dose two mawried or sumdin'?" in an adorable tone of voice.

Cyborg glanced over at the small green boy, and cracked up, holding his ribs from all the laughing. "Man, I really wish I would'a thought of that!" He ruffled up Gar's clover hair like he was his little brother, and grinned fondly.

Raven blew a stray strand of lavender hair out from underneath her hood, and muttered, "Not yet, amazingly. I'm surprised we haven't thrown an engagement party or anything yet."

Noticing the position they were in after her comment, Robin and Starfire promptly let go of each other, both blushing madly, and not even daring to glance out of the corner of their eyes to see the person they secretly liked. The Boy Wonder coughed, cleared his throat, and spoke up in his leader-like tone, "Well, since everyone's up, we should start making breakfast… and not sugar-enhanced meals." He didn't look at the Tamaranian, but she nodded slowly in response.

Cyborg's eyes widened, and yelled, "WAFFLE TIME!" He sped to the counter, and pulled out his special George Forman waffle iron.

Gar's clover-colored eyes widened, and he started swaying back and forth as he sang, "Waffle-time, wa-wa-wa-waffle time!"

The four remaining Titans silently wondered why the small green elf hadn't begged and argued for tofu, but kept their mouths shut. Robin went over to help Cyborg, Starfire giggled whole-heartedly at the little boy's singing, and Raven stayed in her seat, secretly watching Gar swing his small legs back in forth in excitement.

The lavender-haired beauty sighed, and kept a ghost of a smile on her hidden face. He can be such an energetic little elf… she thought, the smile widening a tiny bit larger. She then gasped silently, a hand flying to her thin lips in astonishment. Did Ijust call him an elf…? She shook her head, trying to rid herself of those embarrassing thoughts, but then thought about little Gar once again. Well, if he matches those cute, little elf ears……… There are those damned thoughts again! What's with me lately? I think I need some elf to go with my soup…WHAT THE HELL?

As she massaged her temple, trying to calm herself down internally, a small voice broke the silence that was in her mind.

"Raven?" Starfire asked, her eyes widening, "Why is the wa-full maker melting…?" She pointed a finger to the now liquefying Forman iron, and the dark girl bit her bottom lip.

"AHHHH!" Cyborg screamed, both eyes widening, as he took out his special George Forman fire extinguisher. He sprayed it all over the liquefied waffle maker, and then held it up to him adoringly, tears rolling down his cheeks. He then cuddled the machine like it was a baby, and turned to Raven, misty-eyed. "Why would you do something like that to my baby?"

The dark girl raised a single eyebrow in question. "…I thought the T-Car was your baby?"

Garfield giggled, and gurgled out, "Ooh, Cybowg's cheatin' on his ladiwes!"

The metallic teen grumbled under his breath about little know-it-alls, and then glanced sideways at Raven, who had a small, hidden smirk upon her cloaked face. "But really, Raven," he asked, sniffling a little, "Why'd you do it?"

She blinked, and shrugged her shoulders slightly, a worried look on her face, but managed out, "I… I'm not sure."

Robin and Starfire simultaneously turned to Raven, worry shining brightly in the girl's eyes, and the boy's mask drooped a little, an eyebrow quirked in question. Cyborg turned away from his waffle machine, and had a hint of concern in his eyes. Garfield looked up at the girl, a concerned look on his green face, and asked timidly, "What's da matter, Way-ven?"

"Uh, are you sure you're okay, Raven?" The Boy Wonder asked, concerned for his teammate's well-being.

The Tamaranian girl then flew over to her, her gems taking on a glassy appearance, still both physically and mentally high from all the sugar she had ate. "Yes, Raven, are you alright?"

The mechanical teen quirked an eyebrow slightly, and said almost incoherently, "What could have made you lose control like that? You haven't lost control in a long time…"

Raven sighed, and said almost inaudibly, "I… I've been having some odd thoughts lately… and they've been bothering me." Her tone switched from calm to her normal manner in a split second. As she turned to the Titans, Starfire was about to open her mouth, but the dark girl interrupted her, "And don't expect me to tell you those thoughts."

Cyborg blinked, and a small grin expanded across his face. "So, Raven, are there any specific patterns to when these 'odd thoughts' occur?"

The dark-clad girl blinked her indigo eyes for a split second, then turned her gems toward little Garfield unnoticed. The mechanical teen was the only one who noticed since he was the only one near enough to see it. "If I'm not even going to tell you what the thoughts are in the first place, what makes you think I'll tell you that?"

Cyborg blinked slightly, but followed the girl's wandering eyes over to the small green elf, and he smirked, then shrugged and walked over to the trash can in the kitchen to throw away the melted waffle maker. His previous mournful loss over the machine was now gone from his face, and replaced by prospect of a possible future about teasing, since he had now found out about this new realization.

As he turned toward the door to the kitchen, the dark-skinned teen said in a taunting voice, "Have it your way, Rae. Though," he speculated, putting a finger to his chin in thought, "I hope you 'work through' and 'get along' with whatever seems to be causing you trouble, if you ever find out what it is, that is…"

Raven blinked, and then glared at the leaving teen, almost searing beams through his half mechanical-half real body. What the hell did he mean by that? she asked herself, raising an eyebrow in question.

The Tamaranian girl blinked her very green eyes, and asked, concerned, "But why, Raven? Why will you not let us help you with the problems with your inner thoughts?"

The lavender-haired girl bit her lip, trying not to yell at the naïve alien. She didn't deserve it, and she was just trying to be helpful. "It's nothing I can't handle. I'll deal with it. No need to worry."

Little Garfield blinked up at her. "We just wan-ted to help."

Raven turned her head slightly, feeling sort of bad for being so cold to the Titans; Garfield also probably taking it personally.

The three Titans looked at her, but said nothing further. Starfire opened her mouth slightly, and said quietly, "If you ever need someone to talk to Raven, we are always here for assistance."

Raven nodded mutely, and Robin's masked eyes turned to her. "We'll leave you alone to deal with this yourself, for now… but we'll step in if things get too serious… whether you like it or not."

She nodded once again, and inwardly bit her lip. Hopefully, things didn't get that complicated.

Robin, Starfire, and little Garfield glanced a little worriedly over at Raven, but silently thought if she really was alright. The dark-clad girl bit her lip slightly, and mused, Why am I having these thoughts in the first place…?

Raven then turned toward the green goblin in question. And why do they always involve Garfield? she asked herself, and then blinked at the realization of calling the boy by his real name, groaning in protest. Great… now I'm calling him by his first name. What's ne— Just as she was wondering what could go next wrong, Cyborg returned from throwing away the destroyed George Forman grill.

The large teen grinned, and turned toward small Garfield, who was looking up at him with growing interest. "Well, little man, since ya don't remember them, how 'bout I reintroduce you to the 'grace of video games'?"

Garfield's clover-colored eyes widened immensely at the fascination with these 'video games', but Raven huffed slightly, and muttered from underneath her dark hood, "Great, you're starting him off on video games to rot his brain at such a young age? Very caring and responsible friend you are, Cyborg."

Cyborg whined, "That's not true! Video games don't rot your brain… just maybe slow it down a bit. Plus anyways, it's proven to help one's eye-hand coordination." But, Cyborg's complaints fell on deaf ears while the small elf's eyes widened immensely at what was just said from his beautiful dark angel. "Wotting my bwain? My bwain's gonna explode?"

Raven's indigo eyes widened a bit at what she had just said, and glided over to him in comfort. "No," she said, trying to stop him from having a mental breakdown, "I was being sarcastic. Your brain's not going to rot or explode."

Garfield's eyes depleted to their normal size, and tried to act suave, then grinned charmingly up at her, as if he knew all along that his brain would neither rot nor explode. "Awwight. Thank yew, Wae."

Raven blushed slightly, and muttered briefly, "No problem."

Garfield smiled back, and then bounced over to Cyborg, asking curiously what video games are.

The lavender-haired girl blinked, and mentally slapped herself. Great. Just great. Now I'm blushing… just because he smiled at me. What the hell is wrong with me? She then glanced back up at Garfield, who was now listening to everything Cyborg said about video games. Why would I blush at that little elf? She blinked, and sighed as she watched him. He's really innocent… and very sweet-looking. His little elf ears are rather cute when they show off how happy or excited he is. Her indigo-colored eyes widened immensely, and then growled slightly. What the hell! She took a calm, relaxed breath. That's it. I'm going to Nevermore, and fix whatever is causing these damned thoughts.

Raven then angrily levitated herself over to the automated door, and was about to slip out when little Garfield noticed that she was about to leave.

"Wae? Where awe yew goin'?" he asked innocently, looking up from the video game that he and Cyborg were playing. His clover-colored eyes widened at the thought of her leaving him.

The dark girl heard the immediate sadness in his voice, and she turned around toward him, smiling softly. "Don't worry, Garfield. I'm merely going to try and figure out what's causing my current problems. I'll be back when I'm finished. Go ahead and play with your video games… You don't have to worry about me."

The little elf looked up at her with admiration, and a hint of worry. "Awe yew suwe yew don't need an-nee hewp? Ay can hewp with wha'ever yew need me ta do…"

Raven smiled slightly. "I'll be fine. Go on and play your games and have your fun. You really don't have to worry about me."

Garfield smiled, although a little uncertainly, and nodded. "Okee. If yew say yew're okay, then Ay believe yew."

She smiled reassuringly at him, and then floated off into the hallway leading to her room, wanting desperately to get out of the living room before any other strange thoughts plagued her mind.

Little Garfield peered over his shoulder to see that Raven was gone. He sighed lightly, and Cyborg looked down at him, concerned for his 'little brother'.

"Hey, what's wrong, little man?" he asked thoughtfully, his eyebrow raised slightly.

The green elf sighed again, and looked up at the large half-mechanical teen, then smiled slightly. "Ay… Ay'm wowwied abou' Waven."

Cyborg chuckled lightly, mumbling a few choice innuendoes under his breath about Beast Boy still liking Raven even at his current age, but the little changling understood none of it. He then placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to ease his thoughts, and smiled gently at him. "She's fine, Gar, really," he explained, "She just needs some alone time… some time to think."

Garfield smiled slightly, and nodded. "Oh. Awight." But internally, he was still very worried about what the dark mystic was doing up in her room.

Cyborg knew that he wasn't satisfied, and continued. "Come on, little man. She's been through far worse than this before, and she can handle this just as well as any other situation. After all… what's the worst that could happen?" He chuckled lightly, reassuring the boy further, and Garfield nodded, his clover-colored eyes understanding the large teen. He then pointed toward the controller, and Cyborg just grinned. "Alright, but I'm warnin' yah… I'm the master of games!" The green elf giggled, and the two battled in combat against each other, no longer worrying about the mysterious dark girl who was up in her room, about to enter her mind… her Nevermore.