The Spider Web has finally been concluded! Yes, this is a completely OOC final word from me, Latikono. Just thought I'd touch on a few things and answer any possible wandering thoughts some of you may have had.

I immensely appreciate all the support, wonderful comments, and helpful suggestions I received on this fan fiction piece, my first one ever (and my first finished story period!). Again I thank you all! I would have given up on chapter six if it hadn't been for you all urging me to continue. That and this C2 community thing someone added me to, called "Awesome Original Characters" - I am so friggan' flattered! Wow! I did hope that I did my job in turning out good original characters, Dahlia especially of course, and now I feel I've done just that.

In case anyone was curious, no, my Batman fan fic "career" has not stopped here - After devoting most of the past three months to doing a character study on Jonathan Crane, watching snippets of Batman Begins over and over, playing the Batman Begins video game, doing a lot of online research for most every Crane-related site out there, and even going out and buying Scarecrow Tales and Batman the Animated Series: Season One on DVD, I felt that letting go now would just be too painful. 3 (Ahh, I give myself too much credit - After all, I do love Batman itself, so it wasn't all just for character studies. ) I've already plotted out the basic idea of yet another Crane fan fiction, this time centering around our twisted villain's adolescent life in high school. And since variety is the spice of life, I'm going to do it in a completely different format from how I did The Spider Web with flopping back and forth between Crane and Dahlia in third person limited point of view and even naming the chapters. I do hope I get a few comments from you when that first chapter or two gets uploaded. I also hope I'm not too repetitious in this one plot or character wise, if at all. I have no estimates as to when I'll start up this new fan fiction, but it won't be for a while. I need to give my brain a bit of time to recover, since this is the first story I've ever finished. Yikes!

Just for kicks, here's a basic cast list I took some time to put together for all the named characters in The Spider Web:

CAST (In order of appearance)

Dahlia Rhodes/The Banshee...Winona Ryder
Jonathan Crane/The Scarecrow...Cillian Murphy
Natalie O'Neil...Brittany Daniel
Linda Barker...Rachel True
Lou Rhodes...James Woods
Caitlin Barr...Aimee Graham
Chris...Skeet Ulrich
Eric...Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
The Batman...Christian Bale
Frank Kendrick...Jeffrey Tambor
Reid...Elijah Wood
Richard Dodge...Benjamin Bratt

Now, my final few messages . . . I have decided to do a sequel! Yes, I have. Check my profile to find it, titled The Spider Web: Master of Fear.

I hope dearly that I don't somehow butcher anything or screw up in any way, as sequels tend to do. So far, though, it's doing pretty good with only three chapters up. I'm still thinking real hard about where I want the plot to go.

The Spider Web forum: Check my profile.

And finally, my completely different Batman Begins fan fiction, Prince Charming is up. For that, check my profile as well.

But at this point, I think I'm going to put a hiatus on writing it . . . I don't know. I'm more interested in The Spider Web: Master of Fear than I am with this one. Plus, it's hard leading three lives; One of which is in third person limited, and the other two first person. That's a lot of character to have inside one body, especially with so many other offline matters to attend to, heh.

So there you have it. I don't think I have anything else to say. Thank you very much for reading. Until we meet again.