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The Wedding Planner

Chapter One: The Drunken Truth

"I'm sorry Anna but to change the colour of your roses now would make them two days late for the wedding. The ones you have now are perfect, they match all your décor and seriously can you see yellow flowers matching dark green dresses?"

Hermione Granger, 22, was something no one would ever picture her doing, but it was a job she loved. Hermione was a wedding planner in the wizarding world. Only her business, called "Muggle Magic Weddings", did weddings the muggle way, with a touch of magic, hence the business name. The business was a huge success and twice Hermione has had to find a bigger location for her growing number of employees. So far she has twenty female and male witches and wizards working for her, not including those that helped set up the weddings.

"I guess you are right, Hermione," Anna replied, running a hand through her curly blonde hair, "I am just so nervous about tomorrow! Brendan seems to be coping well… why can't I?"

Hermione reached across her dark oak table and took hold of one of Anna's hands and squeezed it, "The bride is always visibly nervous… the groom knows how to hide it, but I bet Brendan is extremely nervous. Tomorrow will go perfect and I will most surely be there to see that it does."

Anna smiled, "Thankyou so much for everything Hermione! How can I thank you?"

Hermione smiled in return, "By enjoying your big day as becoming Mrs Anna Jacobs."

Anna nodded, stood and left the large office painted a delicate cream with four vases in every corner of the room full of blooming fuchsia pink gerberas. Behind her desk was a wall length window, which showed the busy Digion Alley.

Hermione leaned back in her leather black chair and sighed looking at her office door, which was directly in her line of vision.

"One, two, three-" The office door swung open and in entered her office assistant, Luna Lovegood. The bubbly blonde smiled warmly at her boss and placed a manila folder on her desk, "Hello Luna."

"Hi Hermione. You sure look tired," replied Luna one hand holding her bottle cork necklace.

"I sure feel it," sighed Hermione leaning forward and taking looking at the manila folder, "This is the Weasley-Potter file?"

"Yes. Ginny and Harry are outside waiting for you. Would you like a coffee?"

"Yes please and could you send them in?"

Luna nodded and exited humming a Weird Sister's song. Moments later, a two month pregnant Ginny and Harry walked in, smiling broadly at their long time friend and now Wedding Planner.

"Hermione! You need sleep," was Ginny's greeting as Hermione stood to hug them.

"Gee thanks a lot Ginny," laughed Hermione hugging her, "You sound like Luna."

"She sure hasn't changed," commented Harry, now hugging Hermione.

"She's a good friend and worker, Harry. She knows how to keep files organized better then me – and that is saying something."

The three sat down, with Harry and Ginny sitting in the two cushioned seats in front of Hermione's desk.

"Okay, so have you both picked a wedding date?" asked Hermione pulling out a form she needed to fill in as she looked at them.

"Molly wants it on the same date as hers and Arthur's anniversary," said Harry, "Ginny and I want it on the date of my parent's anniversary. So we are kind of in a pickle."

"Can I have those dates?"

"The 15th of August is my parents and the 20th of October is James and Lily's."

Hermione frowned and pulled open her desk door. She lifted and few books out and pulled out a black book. Harry and Ginny swapped confused glances, as Hermione flicked through the pages murmuring, "Won't be a moment."

"Okay," replied Harry, "Are you looking for something to do with our wedding?"

"Uh huh… I heard about Draco Malfoy being freed from Azkaban. Is it true?" asked Hermione glancing up at Harry.

"Oh yeah. It was finally proven that all along he was telling the truth and that he didn't kill the Mildew family. So he's a free innocent man," sighed Harry, "Although I don't reckon he's all that innocent."

"Draco Malfoy is and always will be a mystery to those who know him and those who don't," replied

Ginny coolly, "I don't like the guy, but that's just what I think."

Hermione nodded as she looked back down at her book before looking up at Harry apprehensively, "I think I have found a date that might suits you both and so that Molly and Arthur understand."

"What is it?" asked Ginny leaning forward curiously.

"The 21st of September… Sirius's birthday."

Ginny looked at Harry whose face held an unreadable expression. Hermione bit her lower lip and looked down at the page. After a silent minute Hermione shrugged her shoulders.

"I understand if you don't agree to the date Harry, I only thought-" Harry cut Hermione off mid sentence.

"That is a perfect idea. Sirius would've loved it, knowing him he probably would be gloating about the fact my wedding is on his birthday. I'm sure Molly and Arthur will understand," spoke Harry softly, a smile on his face now.

"So book your wedding in on that day?"

"Absolutely… if Ginny agrees," replied Harry turning to his wife-to-be.

Ginny leaned forward and pecked Harry lovingly on the cheek, "Are you crazy? Of course I agree."

"Very well then," sighed Hermione writing in her wedding diary, "The 21st of September it is. This gives us five months to organize this wedding."

"Where do we start?" asked Ginny smiling broadly.

"Well, have you chosen bridesmaid's? Groomsmen?"

"Yes," nodded Harry, "My best man is Ron of course and the two groomsman are Seamus and Neville."

Hermione filled in the form adding the wedding date, couples name, and now the groomsmen, "Ronald Weasley… Seamus Finnigan and Neville Longbottom… okay, Ginny?"

Ginny smiled at Hermione mischievously, "You, Hermione dear, are my Matron of Honour."

"Ginny, I'm flattered but you do realize I am running this wedding as well?"

"I know but you have plenty of people who can handle it while the ceremony is in progress right?"

"Well yes, there is Hannah… and Michael… and Sally."

"There you go, now write your name down in that box with Matron of Honour on the top."

Hermione smiled and shook her head in disbelief as she filled in her name, "Okay and your two bridesmaids?"

"Michelle Castlehanger and my lovely friend Lavender Brown."

"Lavender?" cried Harry and Hermione in shock.

"I work with her! Her and I get along okay, look Hermione I know you and her haven't gotten along since sixth year… and things between her and Ron are awkward but she is my friend."

Hermione sighed and filled in Lavender's name, although her pen grip tightened considerably.

"Okay. Now I want you both to go home and decide upon colours for this wedding – and please make sure they don't clash together, let alone with Ginny's hair."

Ginny chuckled, "Thankyou Mione."

Hermione stood up with both Harry and Ginny and stepped around the table and hugged them both saying to Harry, "Sirius would be so proud of you. Getting married and going to be a dad in seventh months."

Harry smiled and pulled away, "Thanks Herms. I'll see you later."

"Bye you two."

Ginny and Harry left hand in hand smiling at each other lovingly as Hermione shut her office door and slumped down in the chair Harry just vacated. Her gaze wandered to the window and focused on the Big Ben she could see in the distance.

It had been a while since Hermione had a boyfriend. Ron of course was her last one, but careers drove them apart with Ron being caught up in Aurour business and Hermione being caught up in planning weddings. Hermione seriously believed she was coping on her own without a life companion, but obviously she was mistaken.

Hermione sighed and glanced at the wall clock made of clear glass to see the time read five thirty. The door opened behind her with the entrance of a humming Luna.

"No more appointments today, Hermione," said Luna collecting Harry and Ginny's folder, "Are you going to the club opening in Hogsmeade? I am. It's a dress up one too. I think I'll go as a spiritual being. My father says I'll become one when I die."

Hermione merely nodded not knowing exactly what to say, "I don't know. I have the Jacobs and Mortimer wedding tomorrow at 11am till roughly 10pm."

Luna sat down in front of Hermione, her normal dreamy expression gone, replaced by a not normally seen serious one, "Hermione you are a dear friend to me, but you need to stop dwelling on the past and enjoy life. The Jacobs and Mortimer wedding isn't a big one anyway. I believe that Michael or Padma can handle the wedding."

Hermione smiled and ran a hand through her curls, "Thanks Luna."

"Now I expect to see you outside Enchanted at 7pm sharp."

"Yes boss."

Luna smiled, "You're the boss Hermione. Not me."

Hermione watched as Luna stood and left her office with the file shutting the door behind her. Once Hermione heard Luna's footsteps disappear she laughed at Luna's final comment before cleaning up her desk.


Hermione sighed as she walked into her apartment. Her apartment was built only three years ago in a new Magical Village called Albus, after the late Albus Dumbledore. It was your basic apartment, a kitchen with a medium sized dining area separated by a wall with a swinging door, which led into the lounge room, connecting from the lounge room was a hallway which led to a bedroom and separate bathroom. Nothing extravagant, but a nice little place that suited Hermione's life just fine. She placed her bag on the dining room table and pushed open the kitchen door and walked past the deep maroon lounges to the table where her telephone and answering machine sat.

"One message Crookshanks," sighed Hermione as her old cat ran out to greet from her bedroom.

Hermione hit the play button and listened.

"Hi Hermione darling. It's Mum. Listen I was wondering if we could possibly meet up for a coffee sometime soon? It's been two weeks since I saw you last and well since… that it's been a bit quiet here. Anyway please ring back. I love you sweetie."

Hermione sighed and picked up a photo frame on the table beside the phone. In it was her Mum, Dad and herself all hugging at the opening of her business. Sadly her father suffered a heart attack five months ago. No one knew what triggered it; Hermione's father was a healthy man. But since his death neither Hermione nor her Mum had been the same.

"Miss you Dad," whispered Hermione running her finger over his face before placing the photo on the table and looking at her fluff ball of a cat, "Your home alone tonight Crookshanks. I'm going out with a friend… I need a costume."

Hermione walked down her dark hallway an into her large bedroom which contained a double bed covered in a dark purple cotton quilt with white pillows... about ten pillows to be exact. Hermione walked into her walk in wardrobe and looked at her variety of clothes.

"What to go as…" sighed Hermione. A smile broadened across her face as she realized something. All her childhood life she dreamed of being a fairy and tonight was her chance to make that dream a reality in a way. She grabbed a pale pink dress and looked at it. It was designed to be snug fitting around the bust but to flow out from under the bust. The material hung in all different lengths to give a layered affect with the bottom unseen layer one length. The top layers were made out of see through pink material and the bust area and bottom layer made of pink silk. The bust had a wavy sequin design sewn across it and the straps were thick elastic with beads treaded over it. Hermione smiled at it and laid it on her bed. Next were the shoes. She re-entered the wardrobe and bent down to her tidily arranged shoes and grabbed her sequin covered flat-soled pink ones.

"Good enough," sighed Hermione, "Now… wings."

Hermione turned her dress over and murmured a spell turning two sequins on the back into two delicate realistic white fairy wings. Hermione then undressed and carefully pulled on the dress. It came to just below her knees with all the layers hanging at different lengths. The wings fluttered on her back as she moved to slip on her shoes. Next obviously came the hair. Hermione skipped to the bathroom with a happy smile on her face. It had been a long time since she'd been this happy. Hermione looked in the mirror and waved her wand. Instantly her hair was pulled half up by clips and flowers decorated around the area of the pink clips.

"All ready," sighed Hermione walking back to her room to collect her white going out purse placing money and her wand inside.

She glanced at the hall clock to see it was ten to seven. She turned to see Crookshanks eyeing her… suspiciously.

"Oh Shanks, I'm not bringing a guy home okay? You go and… sleep or something. I'll be home before midnight," sighed Hermione before apperating.


Hermione opened her eyes to see a huge building with music blasting from its front doors. People were milling into it all around her dressed up all differently. Hermione waved to a few people who she knew and peered around for Luna. She turned around and took a step forward to collide into someone. She stumbled back, but Luna grabbed her arm to steady her.

"Oh Luna!" cried Hermione smiling at her and than looking at the person she ran into, "You."

"Evening Granger."

Hermione shrugged Luna off her and glared at the blonde haired man, "Come on Luna. Lets head in shall we?"

Luna nodded and turned to leave with Hermione. Hermione glanced at Luna's costume, which was a pale silky grey gown. Her hair was tinged with grey and her makeup was pale in colour.

"So you are a spiritual person?" asked Hermione as they showed ID to the burly guard.

"Yes. You're a fairy. That was Draco Malfoy back there wasn't it? He seems the same since school doesn't he? Funny how people don't change much."

"Funny that. This place is playing muggle music!" cried Hermione.

"That's because a muggleborn owns the club… well I think he is half muggle anyway."

Hermione nodded and nodded her head a little as Black Eyed Peas- Don't Phunk With My Heart played.

"Oh look! My cousin is here. You don't mind if I go speak to her do you?" asked Luna smiling at Hermione.

"Of course not. I'm going to relax and have a drink okay?"

Luna nodded and ran over to her cousin. Hermione sighed and wound her way through the throng of people to the round bar. She sat on a bright coloured stool and waved her hand for the bartender, who was Seamus.

"Seamus! This is your bar?" grinned Hermione.

"Hermione Granger. Never thought I'd see you here," smiled Seamus, "And yes it is my bar."

"Luna told me to get out for one night, so here I am dressed as a fairy."

"A very pretty one might I observe," chuckled Seamus, "So what can I get you? And it's on the house."

"Oh umm… do you have muggle drinks by any chance?"

"Sure do."

"Okay, I'll have a bailey."

"One bailey coming right up Herms."

Hermione smiled and swivelled around in her chair to look at the dancing crowd. People were massing together on the dance floor, their bodies moving with the beat of the music. Hermione nodded her head a little to the beat and smiled at Seamus when he placed her drink in front of her. Hermione turned her chair back around making her wings flutter behind her.

"Hello my Angel."

Hermione's body froze at the voice causing her wings to flutter about in frenzy. She turned her head and forced a smile on her face as Ron Weasley paled at the sight of her.

"Hermione… I didn't know it was you," he said glancing around at the people.

"Hi Ron," replied Hermione quietly looking directly into her drink.

Ever since the break up, which ended after an argument about commitment, things between the two had been rather tense and immensely awkward. Ron waved to Seamus who nodded back before glancing at Hermione.

"I heard you were doing Ginny and Harry's wedding," said Ron after scooping around for a conversation, "That'll be good for business won't it? Doing Harry Potter's wedding."

"I'm not doing it for the business Ron," retorted Hermione looking at him coldly now, "He's my bestfriend just like he is yours. That is why I am doing it – free of charge too."

"Look I don't want to fight Hermione. How about we just… try to be friends?"

Hermione stood up, grabbing her bag, "Actually I'm feeling rather tired and I have a big wedding to handle tomorrow. See you later Ron."

"Yeah, later Hermione. Business always came first for you didn't it?"

"I thought you said you didn't want to argue Ronald," snarled Hermione before pushing past him, heading for the exit tears threatening to fall down her angry red cheeks.


He sat in the shadows, a familiar look on his inherited features as he watched the conversation turned argument occur meters away. He continued to watch as the red haired man sat at the bar running a hand through his hair as Seamus consoled him. Bits of the conversation drifted to him as he listened and watched the brunette run past him, close to tears.

"…still love her… messed it up now… big mouth… probably hates me… such a fool… threw it away…"

Slowly he stood and left, the smirk plastered on his face.


Hermione stood outside breathing deeply the pulsing music behind her mingled with the merry drunken laughs coming from the warm and inviting familiar Three Broomsticks. Glancing behind her at the club, Hermione walked over to the pub, forgetting about her fluttering wings still attached to her costume. She pushed the door open and walked past the table to the bar where Rosemerta stood serving a rather large man, donning a moleskin coat. No one seemed to notice her strange attire due to their drunken state.

"Hello Hagrid," said Hermione quietly as she sat down on the spare stool beside him, "Rosemerta."

"Hermione! Good ter see yer!" boomed Hagrid patting her so hard on the back that she nearly fell off her stool, "Oh I err… crushed yer wings."

"It doesn't matter," mumbled Hermione pulling her wand out of her purse and transfiguring them back to sequins, "This whole night was a waste of preparation anyway."

"My dear, you seem sad," commented Rosemerta looking at her worriedly, "A young thing like you should be loving life."

"I know… but I ran into… Ron and well… an argument flared up and here I am. Could I have a fire whiskey please?"

Rosemerta nodded and poured Hermione a large glass in exchange for four sickles. Hagrid peered at Hermione sadly.

"I though' you two would be like James an' Lily Potter. Argued a lot bu' saw past that and foun' love," mused Hagrid.

"We did. But… we kind of took each other for granted thinking both of us would always be there and focused on our work," here Hermione took a long gulp of her drink, "And then one night… another one please Rosemerta… one night he comes home all angry like and accuses me… thanks Rosemerta… of having an affair with Michael Corner… this is really nice stuff… anyway I have no idea why he is so pissed at me for so I say to him," Hermione paused as she drank her drink whole ignoring the blonde who sat in the stool beside her, "Another one please… so I say to him what gives you that stupid idea. He says because you're not committed to the relationship… and so I spent the next ten minutes proving… I like this drink… the next ten minutes proving I'm innocent… but then he's starts accusing me of all this… I accuse him of all that and the argument got so bad… so bad that he said he didn't love me and wasn't committed to me… so I left… I left him and went to my mums… then three weeks later my dad died," Hermione once again signalled Rosemerta for her forth drink.

Hagrid sighed, "An' yer argued tonight?"

Hermione nodded sculling her drink down and again ordering for another one, "Yep… he said work comes before any thing else… but it doesn't Hagrid. I have just been through a lot… a lot of shit. My dad died… my mums all depressed… I want a man in my life… thanks Rosemerta… like this man just here."

Hagrid frowned as Hermione poked the blonde beside her, "Hermione tha's-"

"Draco Malfoy," grinned Hermione as he looked at her with his raised eyebrows, "See Hagrid… he's a nice looking person… he looks nice I guess but I know him… he's an arsehole." Hermione paused as she took a swig of her drink as the alcoholic affects began to sink in, "He's an arsehole but I am guessing deep down inside he's human… unlike Ron. He was till he accused me of shagging Michael. Michael is engaged to Cho Chang. But I heard she is shagging some guy she works with… or girl I don't know really. But Draco Malfoy I think you can be nice. Maybe if you were nice I would date you… if I were insane."

Draco chuckled earning a glare from Hagrid who pulled Hermione's drink away from her.

"Hey that's my drink!" cried Hermione slipping off her stool and crashing into Draco, landing them both on the dirty floor, "Now look!"

Hagrid stood up and helped Hermione off Draco, but leaving Draco to stand up on his own, "I thin' you need ter get home."

"I need another drink!" cried Hermione pulling her self from Hagrid and turning to a silent Draco, "You have nice eyes."

Before Draco or Hagrid could possibly reply, Hermione crushed her lips against Draco's taking in his intoxicating taste. Alarmed Draco pushed Hermione off him stating, "I'm not drunk Granger or stupid enough to kiss you."

"You are such an arse Draco Malfoy," replied Hermione before stumbling out of the bar without her purse or wand.

Hagrid grabbed Hermione's purse and ran out after her.

Hermione tripped down the stairs and fell onto the hard packed ground giggling as she looked up at Hagrid, "I fell."


Hermione and a frustrated Hagrid looked up to see Harry standing next to a frowning Ron.

"Hello Hagrid… is she okay?" asked Harry running over and helping his drunken bestfriend up.

"She's drunk," sighed Hagrid glancing at Ron and shaking his head as he walked over, "Bes' get 'er home before she kisses Malfoy again."

"What do you want?" snapped Hermione pulling herself out of Harry's grip and glaring at Ron, "You are nothing but a low accusing arsehole! I don't put business before relationships thankyou very muchly. Michael is engaged to Cho Chang, I'll have you know! And to make you feel worse I kissed Draco Malfoy and liked it!"

"Come on Hermione," sighed Harry taking her purse from Hagrid and slipping his arm tightly around her waist, "I'm taking you home. Sorry about this Hagrid… Ron I won't be long."

Hermione smirked at Ron as Harry and her left with a crack.

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