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SUMMARY: AU. Alias/Gilmore Girls. Sark/Rory. Sark is actually Sydney and Nadia's younger brother... Nadia's twin. (For my own sanity I'm ignoring the whole Sloane is Nadia's father and sticking with Jack. As for the Lazarey issue Lazarey raised Sark.) Sark is discovered to be Nadia's twin and along with Nadia he works for the CIA after helping them railroad Lauren (only for Lauren to disappear) in return for his loyalty. And the Bristows are in for another shock from Sark.

NOTES: I work the timeline longer and different and since I don't pay attention to episode titles you'll just have to figure it out.

The timelines are wonky and I go off in my own world at certain parts. I haven't seen the last four episodes of this season and pretty much I've only seen like half the episodes of this season and only maybe three or four from each previous seasons. So sorry if I go off into my own world.



Internet conversations


Julian Sark smiles faintly at the sight of the woman sleeping beside him. 'I wouldn't have this if it wasn't for the bloody Bristow stubbornness.' He leans down dropping a kiss to her head.

Slowly the woman stirs smiling sleepily, "Stop with deep thoughts and sleep."

"Did I ever tell you how I found out the truth?"

"Mmm not fully why?" She yawns

"Marshall being the bored snoop he is decided he wanted to fix something in his spare time..."


2006: CIA

"Uh Agent Bristow." Marshall Flinkman says nervously from the doorway.

Jack Bristow looks up silently groaning at the sight of shy, nervous tech genius, "Yes Marshall?"

"Um there's something I think you need to see." Marshall enters the office handing Jack a piece of paper

"What is this, another DNA profile?" Jack inquires

"Uh, yeah. I managed to fix the problem with the DNA database." Marshall says nervously. "I was curious what else I could find. It automatically reran Nadia's blood... but it came up with another match." He points to the second number. "I ran it blind so not to corrupt the results. When I checked the number against the name, I ran it again... and again... four more times. Every time it came up with the same thing... Nadia has a twin."

Jack starts in surprise, 'Another child?' He looks towards the window where his two daughters are talking with their boyfriends, "A twin?"

"Twin brother." Marshall says nervously. "And you won't believe who it is"



Jack enters the office tossing the paper he received from Marshall onto the young man's chest as he leans back in his chair.

"Whatever it is it is not my fault." Julian Sark scowls as he glares at the other man, "I'm being bloody good." He picks up the piece of paper, "DNA map... what of it?"

"Who are you?" Jack demands

"You know who I am... more than I do." Sark says bitterly.

"Don't dodge the question Sark." Jack says angrily. "Who are you?"

Sark shrugs "I have no bloody idea." He looks at the paper, "Why would a DNA map bring on the question of my past?"

"How is it you inherited Lazarey's money?"

"His wife wanted a child... they ended up adopting. Why do you think I was shipped off to school after she died? He didn't want me around in the first place. To save face he kept me in his will... don't know why and don't care."

"How old were you when you were adopted?"

"I don't know. No one talked about it." Sark shrugs "Why?" He watches as Jack storms out of the office. Sark looks back at the ceiling pondering over the conversation. 'Bristows... they are on their way to driving me insane.'


Jack paces as he waits for his wife, 'How could she not tell me she had twins? First she disappears while pregnant with my child... only to have twins and not telling me!'


Jack turns on his heel staring at his wife, "You declined to inform me of something."

Irina tilts her head, "And that is?"

"That you had twins." Jack watches his wife pale then quickly cover-up by steeling her features.

"Because it wasn't pertinent to revealing Nadia's existence..." she looks away briefly, "he died."

Jack hands her a file, "Apparently you were lied to."

Irina opens the file to reveal a DNA map, "What how... when"

"Marshall... one of our techs fixed the genetic database and it reran the last check... and came up with another match. He ran it numerous times to be sure. He came up with a result that wasn't in the database before."

Irina turns the page her eyes widening when she sees a picture of Sark. She looks at her husband, "Tell me you're joking."

Jack shakes his head, "I had Marshall run his DNA just to be sure... outside of the database."

"This is not going to go over well with any of them. Nadia might be fine with it but Sydney and Julian... they both are going to take this bad."

"Well considering they tried killing each other." Jack sighs running his hands over his face. "You should have told me Irina"

"I was told he was dead!" Irina snaps. "I didn't think you or they needed to know." She looks at the picture of Julian Sark... her baby boy. "None of them will take this well" she whispers sadly. "Sydney and Sark despise each other. Nadia and Sark will handle it fine since they never had to meet each other head to head. That is if Sydney hasn't turned Nadia against her brother." She bites her lip

"Why bother telling any of them?" Jack demands

Irina stares at her husband, "You don't think he won't find out? Any hint of you treating him different in anyway he will get suspicious and start thinking and searching."

"Telling them is a waste of emotions." Jack protests

"If you tell him he might be willing to cooperate more than he is." Irina points out.

"What? Do you really think the CIA or anyone would go easier on him knowing the truth about his parentage? They most likely wouldn't allow interaction with him."

"So that means he doesn't deserve the truth?" Irina demands her voice cold. "I swear Jack if you don't tell him..."

"He doesn't need to know Irina. Knowing doesn't change anything... he's not getting out."

"Despite his... activities he's still your son." Irina says angrily as she turns on her heel walking away.

'She's going to tell him.' He realizes sighing heavily. 'I guess I should prepare the girls.'


Sark scowls seeing Irina sitting in his dimly lit kitchen with a bottle of scotch open, "Oh bloody hell what now?" He groans

"We need to talk." Irina says calmly.

"About?" Sark asks leaning against the counter regarding his former mentor.

"This" Irina slides a folder across the counter.

Curious by her... silence Sark picks up the folder opening it. "How sure..." he trails off biting his lower lip.

"Very." Irina stares at him waiting for his reaction, "Julian?"

"How is it you never knew?" Sark demands after a moment of silence.

"They told me you died." Irina answers calmly.

"That answers the question of why Jack was questioning me about Lazarey." Sark muses

"I have no idea if he's going to discuss this with Sydney and Nadia."

"Meaning he doesn't really want them to know" Sark remarks dryly.

"This does cause some... issues."

"To say the least." Sark mutters

"You have tried killing your sister Julian." Irina points out

"Well I didn't." Sark reminds his voice cold and hard, "As per your orders." He leans against the counter. "Why tell me?"

"You deserve to know." Irina shrugs

Sark rubs his forehead, "Just what I need."

"Julian I know this is a surprise"

"You think" Sark snaps

"I'm sorry Julian. I really had no idea." Irina looks down.

"It doesn't matter. It's the past." Sark waves off, "I'm going to bed. Lock up when you leave."


Sydney stares at her Dad, "Please tell me you're kidding"

"Do you really think I would kid about this?" Jack retorts

"But I hate him." Sydney groans

Jack looks at Nadia, "Nadia?"

"Does he know?" Nadia questions

"By now I'm betting he does. Your mother was very intent on him knowing."

"I'm not treating him any different. He's still an ass." Sydney states crossing her arms over her chest.

"How did he end up with Lazarey?" Nadia asks curiously

"I'm betting someone handed him over to Lazarey after you were born."

"How is it no one knew he was adopted?" Sydney demands

"I don't know. Perhaps it wasn't a legal adoption. Perhaps he was adopted under another name." Jack shrugs "The only one who can answer is Sark... and as you know he's not one for talking about his past."

"True." Sydney agrees "So what now?"

Jack sighs, "I have no idea."


"Can we talk?" Nadia asks as her brother opens the door.

Sark nods stepping aside he allows her to enter, "So I take it you ended up with the conversation as well" he states as he heads back to the kitchen.

"I thought I was done with surprises about my life." Nadia sighs as she sits at the counter.

"Know the feeling." Sark agrees. "So how did our dear sister take the news?"

"Not happy." Nadia admits

"Well we have tried killing each other." Sark says calmly.

"True." Nadia agrees "So what now?"

"I have no idea." Sark admits

"It's not like we can jump right into being siblings."

"No. That would be too..."


"To say the least." Sark says with a sigh. "Go from fighting Bristows only to find out I am one."

"Life... is quite odd I have realized." Nadia admits

"That is an understatement." The two grin at each other. "So how should we torment our big sister?"

Nadia shakes her head amused at her new found brother's question. "Oh I'm sure you'll come up with something."


Sark glances up as Jack enters, "If you are here to talk I'm up to my neck in these reports."

"I take it you and Nadia spoke."

"Yes." Sark nods

"And?" Jack prompts

"None of us can jump into this new category."


"If Sydney can call a truce to the all out hostility I can as well."

"Good." Jack nods

"I take it this isn't going to be a talked subject."

"Dixon has been informed of this new... revelation and agreed that is not one they need to know about."

Sark nods "And I would prefer that this new revelation stay out of the criminal world. I am already seen as a Judas, for the lack of a better word; add this new revelation and I would be even more of a mark."

"Agreed." Jack nods "How is this analysis coming along?"

"Fine." Sark turns his attention back to the paperwork before him. He glances up to see Jack has left the office, 'Good.'


Sark glances up to see Sydney "I'm working"

Sydney closes the door, "What are you going to do with this information?"

Sark looks at her, "What think I really want this out?" He demands. "I have a life other than what I do Sydney. I keep my personal and business separate. This getting out would not go well."

"What personal life? All you do is work. Only time you do anything else is on missions."

"You don't know everything about me Bristow." Sark says coldly. "Like I said, I keep my personal life separate from this life. And if this bit of news got out as well as some other information my personal life would be invaded. That is something I won't tolerate."

"And what is that?"

"We may be... related but my life is none of your business. If you'll excuse me I have work to do."

Sydney stares at him then turns walking out of the room.


I had the idea to write a Sark/Rory fic. I hope you like it. Let me now what you think. I've written 20 some chapters. I know I still have other fics to update and finish but I write as I think.