Hey everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't been updating. I've had a few annoyances in my life. First I went back to school and that cut down on my free time to write and post. Then I had to do an externship for school which cut down on more writing time. In June my laptop crashed and I lost a lot of my work... luckily I had sent some to work on at school so I didn't lose all of my fics just some chapters. Then my laptop went out to be fixed which was supposed to take only 14 days and ended up being a month... only to find out that the idiots who fixed my laptop put an earlier version of Windows on when they were supposed to put Windows XP. Which shows how dumb these guys are because it said on the laptop Windows XP. So the next day after getting my laptop back they sent it out giving me a loaner... that was July... now we are approaching October and these idiots still haven't fixed my laptop or contacted me. First they ordered the wrong part. Then the part they ordered was defective. They were supposed to get the part over a week ago and send it back to me immediately... I've heard nothing from them since that phone call. Luckily Circuit City gave me a loaner to use. But since its a loaner I don't want to do much to it so the trial Word I have is ending soon and I wasn't able to do much work on my fics.

When I get my laptop back I'm hoping to post some chapters of my fics and get back into writing more chapters as well as post whatever fics I happen to finish by then. So I am going back to my old promise after I get my laptop back no more posting until I finish a fic. I'll continue to post the ones I've already worked on but new stuff won't be up until I finish writing them.

Thanks. Sorry its taking me so long to work on all of these stories.

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