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Chapter 9 Pure Pleasure

"McGonagall's face was priceless!" laughed Sirius when he and Remus returned to the dorm.

"Yeah. Too bad Jamesie and Pete took all the blame for it; if they hadn't they wouldn't be in detention right now," commented Remus fairly.

"True, but then we wouldn't have hours up here by ourselves." Sirius put his hand on the small of Remus' back. "You remember what you promised me?"

Remus felt his heart thrash rapidly with a combination of excitement and apprehension in his chest and his mouth went dry so all he could do was nod mutely.

"Well, I want it now."

The werewolf merely nodded again.

Sirius glanced eagerly around the room. "So, your bed or mine?"

"Er..." Remus cleared his throat. "The one we do it in is bound to have a faint scent left behind in it, and, ah, I have a good sense of smell-" He ceased speaking abruptly, blushing.

With a sly smile Sirius speculated, "You want us to make it in your bed so you can smell it for days afterwards?"

Remus blushed deeper, causing his answer to be obvious.

"All right," Sirius agreed. "But then I can be on top." He refused to await Remus' reply; he simply picked him up and unceremoniously threw him onto the four-poster. Then he leapt beside him, pulled the hangings shut, and muttered a Silencing Charm in case James and Peter came back early before tossing his wand aside. He leaned over to kiss Remus, but Remus put his hand on his shoulder to stop him.

"Please, Siri, not so fast. I want this to be like-like," he searched his mind for the word that he wanted and found it. "Chocolate."

"Chocolate?" questioned Sirius, thoroughly confused. He wished for them both to enjoy this, however, he was uncertain if that was possible since he did not have the slightest clue what his beloved wanted.

Seeing Sirius' bewilderment Remus elabourated, "When I eat chocolate I don't shove a bunch of it in my mouth and swallow it. I savour each small piece so I can taste its warmth and sweetness throughout my entire body, not just my mouth, and memorise the details of the flavour. This ought to be like that."

This little speech left Sirius in a state of total arousal, but he would progress steadily if necessary; anything to allow him to ravish his beautiful boyfriend senseless. "Okay, lie down." Once Remus complied Sirius traced every curve of Remus' face with his moist lips while unbuttoning Remus' shirt one solitary button at a time.

Remus felt hot breath against his ear whisper, "How's this, Moony?" When he attempted to respond appreciatively the only audible sound was an undignified squeak.

Sirius chuckled and slipped the completely undone shirt off of Remus' shoulders. He took Remus' hands and guided them to his own shirt collar to show that the lycanthrope should now remove his shirt. As Remus did this Sirius kissed his exposed torso and licked his nipples until they became hard with desire. He fingered Remus' belt buckle and smoothly slid the trousers off of Remus' intricately scarred legs.

This time Remus required no guidance of what he should do next; he discarded Sirius' trousers with such simplicity that Sirius was amazed he'd had no prior experience. Sirius did not dwell on this, though, for he moved his focus to the last garment on Remus' slim body, the boxers, and tugged them off his hipbones and down his legs with tantalising slowness. After Remus returned the favour, leaving Sirius fully and gloriously naked as well, he eased Remus onto his lap. His left hand rubbed Remus' hard sex methodically and his right hand massaged his back.

Never had Remus felt fragile or in need of protection, yet that didn't alter the fact that being in the other boy's arms made him feel safe and that the caresses made him feel wanted. Remus tilted up his head with his eyes shut and his lips slightly parted, inviting Sirius to kiss him.

The gently closed eyelids on Remus' pale face resulted in him looking the innocently delicate way that Sirius endeared so much, however, Sirius did not treat him delicately; he had held his powerful desire at bay as long as he could. He locked his mouth with Remus' in a fierce kiss.

Remus had gained his confidence by then, and there was no hesitation in the passionate returning pressure he put on Sirius' lips. He shifted his position on Sirius' lap so that their hard groins ground together for the first time. A rush of delight coursed through him when he felt Sirius gasp in ecstasy against his mouth.

After about an hour they fell onto the mattress, exhausted, but completely satisfied with each other. Remus leaned against Sirius, resting his head on the muscular chest to listen to the soothing heartbeat.

"I think I like doing 'anything' for you."

"Me too." Sirius ran his fingers through Remus' soft hair adoringly. "I love you."

"I love chocolate," returned Remus sleepily.


"I love you too."

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