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Must Be Approved By Crookshanks

By: Plumgirl

Summary: Hermione maybe successful and thriving, but she still hears her biological clock ticking. Being one of the only few women her age to still be single, Hermione takes drastic measures that Crookshanks is determined against…

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter… though I wish I did… who doesn't? Ms. JK Rowling owns it…

I felt a warm hand lightly brushing my head. I opened my eyes blearily and saw Hermione giving me a smile.

"I'm going to the daycare now, Crookshanks." Hermione said, softly.

I just yawned and fell asleep again as she gave me a kiss on my head and left quietly.

Later, around noon, I woke up. I stretched my sore limbs then slowly got up from my sleep cushion. I made my way to the kitchen. Hermione had set out some food for me in my bowl. I ate a bit, but I wasn't really hungry.

Usually after I had some food, I would go and take a nap in front of the fireplace until Hermione and Harry came home, but I decided to do something different.

I made my way towards the kitty door to go outside and get some fresh air.

I haven't done that in awhile.

The air outside was a bit nippy since it was October. The leaves on the ground made soft rustling noises as I walked on them across the front lawn.

Soon it would be winter.

I saw a few neighborhood kids playing in the street. They were joking and laughing. I watched them play for a while, chasing each other.

It made me think of Janie, John and Lily. They are probably busy studying right now at Hogwarts. I believe Janie was made Prefect this year. Hermione and Harry were so proud.

"Mum! Dad! They made me prefect!" Janie squealed, her green eyes sparkling with joy, showing her parents the gold prefect badge.

Hermione shrieked as she gave her daughter a big hug. Harry just grinned and gave Janie a kiss.

"Just like her mother." Harry said, with a smile.

"Oh my baby!" Hermione cried, with tears forming in her eyes, "She's all grown up!"

"Oh mom!" Janie said, turning red as Hermione dabbed at her eyes.

"This is awesome!" John exclaimed, with a grin.

Janie frowned as she put her hands on her hips in a very Hermione-like fashion.

"Don't think that I'll go easy on you just because you're my brother!" warned Janie, "If I catch you misbehaving, I will report it!"

"Oh come on!" John protested.

Johnathan Harold Potter. He's the carbon copy of his father with twice the mischief. I'm surprised he hasn't made Professor McGonagal retire yet. He's always pulling pranks. But he is a good kid. He was always sympathetic the fact that I was constantly on a diet. He'd always sneak me cookies.

He wrote in his last letter to his parents that he made it on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Harry was so proud.

I made my way to the park and sat under a tree. I watched a family there. The young child was chasing a squirrel with his father, while his mother was watching in amusement, rocking her sleeping baby.

The kid squealed with laughter as his father dove into a pile of leaves and missed the squirrel.

'Too slow.' I scoffed.

I could have easily caught that squirrel.

'Just need to pounce at the right moment.' I thought, watching the father sit up looking embarrassed.

The child squealed as he started chasing the squirrel again.

'Humans are too slow,' I thought, frowning at them, 'Why do they even try? They'll never catch it.'

The child groaned as the squirrel climbed up a tree. The father just gave the child a reassuring pat on the head.

'Hedwig would have swooped and caught the squirrel.' I mused.

As I watched them, I thought of Hedwig and how I would have hunting competitions with her. Whether it was a rat, squirrel, or garden gnome we would always catch them. It was really the matter of who caught it first.

Sometimes I would, sometimes she would. She was always better at catching squirrels because they would always climb up trees. Hedwig could easily fly and catch it. It didn't seem fair, but I was the faster runner. So I always caught the rats first.

The garden gnomes were a tossup. They were a tricky bunch, but quite amusing. They enjoyed the chase.

Just reminiscing about those times made me happy and a bit sad.

I walked back into the house as the sun was setting.

I looked around the empty living room, staring at the various photographs and portraits.

There were many magical pictures of the children at various ages.

Janie's first day at Hogwarts. She looked so adorable in her Hogwarts robes. I remember she was so scared.

Harry was whistling a happy tune as he set a plate of pancakes in front of Janie.

"Eat up pumpkin." Harry said, giving Janie a kiss on the head, "Today's a big day."

Janie didn't say anything and just poked at her pancakes with a fork.

I crawled next to her chair, and then jumped in her lap. She gave me a small smile and started petting me.

"Crookshanks. You better not be trying to get some pancakes from Janie's plate." Hermione said, with a frown as she came in the kitchen with John and Lily.

'I wasn't.' I frowned. 'My mind isn't always on food.'

"Pancakes!" John cheered as he ran to his seat at the table.

"Pancakes!" Lily echoed.

Harry grinned as he gave them plates of pancakes.

"Thanks dad!"

"Thanks daddy!"

"You're welcome"

"It's okay, mummy," Janie said, "He wasn't."

Hermione just gave me a look, then kissed Janie on the head.

"Are you excited about today, sweetheart?" Hermione asked as she sat at the table and grabbed her mug of coffee.

Janie just shrugged as she continued to pet me.

"I wanna go to school too!" John declared.

"Me too!" Lily declared

"You need to wait a year." Hermione said, smiling, "Then you can join your sister. And Lily, you need to wait 4 years."



"Pumpkin, you didn't touch your pancakes." Harry said.

"I'm not hungry." Janie said, quietly as she held me against her chest.

Hermione and Harry exchanged worried looks.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" Hermione asked gently, "Is something bothering you?"

Janie just shook her head and held me tighter.

"You sure?" Harry asked, worried.

Janie fidgeted with my tail for awhile.

"Do I really have to go to Hogwarts?" Janie finally asked, fearfully.

Hermione looked surprised. "But sweetie you were so excited last week."

"I don't want to go anymore." Janie said, shaking her head.

"Why?" Harry asked, rubbing Janie's back.

Janie's lip quivered. "I just don't."

"But don't you want to go to Hogwarts with children your age?"

Janie just shook her head.

"But you're going to Hogwarts!" John said, looking at her oddly, "You can use magic there! You can cast hexes and jinxes with your wand! And play Quidditch!"

Hermione gave John a hard look. "There's more to Hogwarts than learning hexes and playing Quidditch, young man."

John gave her a doubtful look. Harry sniggered, but stopped at Hermione's glare.

"Baby?" Harry said, gently, touching Janie's shoulder.

"I just…It's just so far away," Janie said, her eyes filling with tears, "And I'll have to live there for the whole school year."

Harry opened his arms as she launched herself on him. I of course, having been held by Janie was squashed between the two. And not very happy. But considering the circumstances, I decided not to scratch and bite.

Just hiss very angrily.

Fortunately after a long, reassuring talk and some hugs and kisses, Janie decided to go after all. And she's done very well there ever since. She's always the top student in her year. She totally gets that from Hermione.

I grimaced as I noticed a picture of John when he was only a year old. I was in the picture with him and he was tugging on my tail. He always had a habit of doing that when he was young.

'Either that or putting it in his mouth.' I thought with a shudder.

'No John!' I hissed, as I moved my tail out of his reach.

Baby John looked surprised at my outburst. Usually I'm patient with him, but my tail was really sore from all the tugging.

John's lip started quivering as he began to whimper.

I knew that he would soon start to cry so I lowered my tail in front of him. His whimpering stopped.

"Gah!" John squealed, with laughter as he grabbed my tail with his pudgy hands.

I grimaced.

"Mep." John cried as he stuffed my tail in his mouth.

'Oh for Merlin's sake!' I thought, grumbling, 'baby drool.'

John squealed as he gummed and nibbled on my tail.

'Thank goodness he only has one tooth.' I thought.

"John! Baby! No!" Hermione scolded gently as she picked him up.

Before he could whimper, Hermione bounced him a couple times then handed him a cookie.

'Thank you, Hermione.' I thought gratefully as I rubbed my head against her ankle.

Hermione gave John a kiss on his head then set him down in his playpen

Hermione then grabbed the plate of the remaining cookies and set it on the coffee table and joined Harry and Janie on the couch. Harry was reading a story to Janie.

The cookies smelled really good, but before I can think of a way to get one Hermione got out her wand and casted a charm on them.

"Sorry Crookshanks, but I've charmed them so you can't eat them.' Hermione said, firmly, "You know you're on a diet."

Harry gave me an apologetic look.

I glowered at Hermione and sniffed.

That witch can be too smart for her own good. I decided to go take a nap, when I heard John calling for me.

"Bah!" John called to me, pointing his cookie at my tail.

I grimaced as I started to walk away. The last thing I need is a sore tail. But I heard John give a small whimper. I hated it when he cried, so I went and jumped into his playpen.

John squealed and clapped his hands together, dropping his cookie. I eyed the cookie.

I gave John a pleading look. 'Not so hard.'

John just giggled as he grabbed his cookie and toddled over to me. He plopped down in front of me and cooed at me.

I eyed his cookie. John cooed as he gave me his cookie.

"Pah!" He cried.

After that incident I realized his tuggings and droolings weren't so bad. And as he got older, he grew out of it.

I grinned inwardly as I saw the picture of Lily's stuffed animal tea party.

I watched Lily as she asked Hermione for a pot of tea.

"I'm having a tea party. " Lily announced, as she put a couple of cookies on a plate.

"Oh?" Hermione asked, amused, as she poured tea into the tiny teapot, "Am I invited?"

Lily bit her lip. "I would invite you, mum, but last time I invited dad, he broke my chair."

Harry turned bright red and almost choked on his tea.

"He did?" Hermione asked, raising an eyebrow, "I don't remember seeing a broken chair."

"Daddy fixed it right away." Piped Lily.

"Er..yeah.." Harry said, scratching his head, "Those plastic chairs are tiny, so when I sat on it, it cracked."

Hermione rolled her eyes, "You could have sat on a regular chair."

Harry just gave a sheepish grin., "the regular chair wouldn't fit inside the teahouse."

"Besides you and daddy are too big to fit inside the teahouse." Lily said, as she carried the plate of cookies and tea out of the kitchen, "Come on Crookshanks!"

I watched as Harry and Hermione shared an amused look.

Lily went to the backyard where her teahouse stood. It was a small plastic house replica and inside were five small plastic chairs and a table. On three chairs were stuffed animal, a bunny rabbit and a frog. Lily gave me a smile as she ran to get her chest of tea party clothes.

As I waited for her return I sat on one of the chairs getting ready for the party.

"Hey what are you doing in there?" Hedwig hooted. She had flown onto the windowsill of the plastic house.

"Having a tea party." I meowed with as much dignity as I could muster.

Hedwig hooted with laughter. "Tea party!"

"Yes." I stuck my flat face up in the air.

Hedwig just hooted with laughter at me. "You realize that Lily's going to make you wear her tea parties clothes."


"That includes bonnets."

"I know."

Hedwig hooted in laughter, "You really do like wearing bonnets!"

I just ignored her as she hooted with laughter.

"Hedwig!" Lily cried happily as she came back with her chest full of tea party clothes, "Do you want to join our tea party?"

Hedwig stopped hooting and quickly flew away.

I smirked at the retreating owl.

"Okay, here's your bonnet," Lily said, happily, "and I got some matching booties."

I grimaced at the sight of the lacy bonnet and booties. I held still as she put them on. She smiled and poured the tea. I would bear it.

For Lily.

I mewed as she put a cookie on my plate.

For the cookies.

Despite the humiliating dress ups, those tea parties were fun. I got to eat all the cookies I want and had my own special alone time with Lily. She was a bright little girl and always so sweet. I was worried for awhile because I noticed she tend to spend more time with me at the daycare than other children. Not that I hated the attention, but I wanted her to have some friends her own age.

Fortunately she became friends with the youngest daughter of Luna and the dolt. They would have tea parties together and always invite me. The spread was much nicer too.

She was probably having one right now at Hogwarts with Luna.

On top of the mantelpiece was my favorite picture. Hermione and Harry's wedding picture. Hermione looked beautiful in her white dress. She looked so happy.

Hermione took long, deep breaths, as she gripped tightly onto her bouquet.

"You look so beautiful, Princess." Mr. Granger said, softly, as he gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Hermione just nodded as she looked nervously towards the aisle that she would have to walk down. The walk to her the next step of her life.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" Mr. Granger asked, as he held out his arm.

Hermione stared at his arm for awhile.

I mewed at her and she broke out of her daze. She gave me a nervous look, and I mewed again.

'You'll be fine.' I thought.

Hermione smiled and took her father's arm.

"I'm ready."

I smiled as her figure in the picture threw her head back and laughed as Harry's figure carried her and spun her around. The figures then bent their heads together to kiss.

So happy and so in love.

I felt a warm hand lightly brushing my head. I opened my eyes blearily and saw Hermione giving me a smile.

I had fallen asleep on the couch.

"Crookshanks, I have your dinner ready." Hermione said, gently.

I just blinked a couple times, and then closed my eyes again. I'm not that hungry. I'm tired.

Hermione's laughter rang throughout the living room. I opened one eye and saw Hermione and Harry dancing, or at least Hermione was. Harry kept tickling her sides. Hermione started squealing and tried to move away, but Harry wrapped his arms around her waist.

Hermione laughed and Harry nuzzled his face in her hair.

"We're supposed to be dancing, Harry!" Hermione said, after she had calmed down.

"But this is so much more fun!" Harry pouted.

Hermione just smiled. "You're the one that suggested dancing."

Harry just gave her a cheeky grin, "I wasn't suggesting this kind of dancing."

Hermione swatted Harry's arm as he waggled his eyebrows.

"Randy old man."

"Hey I'm not old. You're old."

Hermione just gave Harry another swat.

"Crookshanks! You're awake!" Harry exclaimed.

"Are you hungry?" Hermione asked, looking concerned, "You haven't eaten dinner yet."

Hermione bit her lip as I made no move to go and eat. I just put my head down on my paws, closing my eyes again.

"It's okay.' I heard Harry say softly to Hermione.

Hermione scratch my back gently as she held me. She didn't say anything, but just watched the fire in the fireplace.

I just purred softly at her minstrations.

I liked these small private moments with her. I'm not saying I mind Harry, but it's been awhile since Hermione and I have had some alone time. Usually she's busy with the daycare or with Harry.

I would be able to spend more time with her if I went to the daycare, but it's too draining for me now. I don't have the energy to play and entertain the kids.

I expected this to happen. I mean that's part of life.

And I think I'm ready.

I've been ready.

The only thing that would have held me back was if Hermione had no one else. If she had to be all alone.

Fortunately she's not.

Fortunately she has Harry, Janie, John and Lily. And her circle of friends. Yes, even the dolt. I'm grateful that she has the dolt as a friend. He may not be my favorite person, but he brings joy to my Hermione's life.

So I'm not worried. She's going to be fine. She maybe sad for a little while, but she has all of them to make her happy. She won't be alone.

Am I afraid?

Maybe a little, But who isn't?

I'm more sad than afraid.

But I'm ready.

I'm tired of this old body. My aches and pains and being so tired all the time. That's one good thing I guess. I won't feel pain anymore.

But I am going to miss her.

I felt my eyes getting heavy. I closed my eyes to go to sleep.

I felt Hermione kiss me softly on my head.

"Good night, Crookshanks.' Hermione said, softly.

'Goodnight Hermione.'

The End.

AN: I know I promised pure fluff, but after a chat with my lovely boyfriend I realized that I couldn't make it purely fluff…I had to tie things up… There was a few fluffy bits…so it wasn't all bad…

Anyways I'd like to thank all the readers and my boyfriend for their support… I've gone through a lot since I started this story, so this story holds a lot of significance to me..… I feel I grew a lot… Now that I have finished the story. I feel a bit sad… like a chapter of my life is ending… but I know it's better to and start the next chapter of my life…

Thank you

With love, Plums

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