Tornado Alley

Summary- What happens if a Tornado hits Tulsa Oklahoma?

Authors Note- Hey it's me again. I just wanted you to know I'm from Oklahoma so this fic is going to give a few true details on things that happen. The story is false but there are some true facts!

Warning- Read at own risk. Any damage(s) done to your brain is/are not my responsibility.

Disclaimer- I don't own The Outsiders.

Oklahoma Fact- Did you know that Oklahoma is located right in the middle of Tornado Alley and is often hit hard with storms and tornadoes?

True- May 3, not this year. a couple years back. An F-5 plus hit Oklahoma.

On with the story

Darry's POV

"Hey Dar. There are some 'severe storms' comin' this way." Pony said. "We need to take 'tornado precautions'," he finished.

Soon after he says that the storm comes in. There is a bunch of lighting. Wind speeds between eighty to a hundred miles per hour. There is hail and heavy rain. I sit on the porch with my brothers watching the storm.

Yellow streaks of lighting came from the sky and light up the whole sky. Then there are many loud roars of thunder in quick succession with leaves and echoes. The wind knocks trees over its so strong.

The electricity in the house blinks off and then back on. I watch the sky as it lights up. It's a beautiful sight.

Then out of nowhere the winds pick up more speed. There is a gustnado. You can't see through it. Soon there is debris and limbs of trees flying everywhere. Soon the sirens went off. "Quick, cover your heads." I yell figuring it was to late to make it in the house. The tornado passes quickly.

I breathe a sigh of relief. I set up looking first in the yard at all the debris. Then I looked toward my brothers. Soda was looking at he tornado damages. "Oh My!" I yell. Pony was laying on the ground unconscious and his head was bleeding.

HEHE I'm leaving it here. There will be longer chapters on the story ahead. I want to let you know we had a heavy storm with the wind power it has in the story eighty plus. But no there was not tornado. A gustado yes there was one of them.

Useless Oklahoma Fact- State bird is Scissor Tail Fly Catcher.

Thanks again to Chocolate! You're a life saver! Thanks!

Beta Note- I was unable to contact the author so I have NO CLUE what a gustnado or whatever it is, is. So…whatever. REVIEW!