Author's Notes: This is the story I was leading up to with my first two stories, "Heylin Takeover" and "Flashback". I hope people like it. And please… REPLY! I don't care what you have to say, as long as I know people are reading.

Chapter 1: Evil Geniuses

Drakken was typing away at his computer, looking for information on a certain monkey statue. He could hardly concentrate, however, thanks to the noises outside the lair. He hit a button on the keyboard and accessed a camera outside the lair. "Shego, what's going on out there?" he asked in an irritated tone.

"I guess these cops thought they could get into the lair without being caught," Shego responded as she threw plasma bolts at the police cars in front of her. The cars exploded, taking care of the remaining police officers. Shego turned and walked back through the hidden door of the lair.

Drakken grumbled and kept searching the web. "Grrr… there's nothing useful here. I only have one option." He pushed another button on his keyboard just as Shego walked into the room.

Somewhere in Lord Monkey Fist's castle, his laptop started beeping. One of his monkey ninjas answered it. "Oo aah?" it asked.

Drakken dragged his hand over his face. "May I speak to Lord Monkey Fist?" he asked.

The monkey ninja screeched at him and ran off to another room.

"Why are you calling Monkey Fist?" Shego asked him. "Do you need help grooming or something?"

Drakken glared at her. "He has information that I want."

"Whatever." Shego walked over to a chair, picking up a magazine on her way.

After waiting a few minutes, Monkey Fist appeared on the screen. "I hope you have a good reason for calling me, Drakken," he said.

"Well," Drakken began, "first of all, I was wondering if we ever worked together before."

"No, and I would prefer that it stay that way," Monkey Fist replied. He was about to close the communication link.

"No! Wait! I wanted to ask you about an ancient monkey artifact!" Drakken shouted. He was getting desperate.

"Hmmm… continue."

"Have you ever heard of the Tempus Simia idol?"

Monkey Fist was taken aback. "How would you know of such a powerful object?"

"Let's just say one of my inventions went wrong."

"No surprise there," Monkey Fist commented.

Drakken continued, ignoring Monkey Fist's jibes. "For some reason, my machine transported me to a time when you, me, and Killigan were in a jet searching for the head to the idol."

Monkey Fist pondered this information for a while, and then his eyes went wide. "I have personally investigated the Tempus Simia idol, but all I've found was a piece of it. It must have been smashed at some point in time, causing all versions of it throughout time to be destroyed. If that were the case, then anything that had been affected by the idol would have reverted to normal."

"In other words, I visited a past that didn't exist?" Drakken asked.

"Precisely," Monkey Fist answered. "The only problem with this information is that we can't do anything with it."

"Ah, that's where you're wrong," Drakken said. He was rearing up for another one of his crazy ideas. "I have already come up with a plan to restore the power of the monkey! Just bring your piece of the monkey to my lair in a few hours." Before Monkey Fist could respond, Drakken closed the link.

"You came up with a plan that fast?" Shego asked him, looking up from her magazine.

"They don't call me an evil genius for nothing," Drakken responded. He walked into his lab and began working.


"This had better work, Drakken," Monkey Fist said.

"Don't worry, it will. Prepare to be amazed," Drakken said as he switched on his time machine. The small device shot a laser into the air, ripping open a portal. Drakken picked up the machine and walked through. Two seconds later, he came back out. "So, how long have I been gone?" he asked.

"Two seconds," Shego answered.

"…You're being sarcastic, right?" Drakken asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, she isn't," Monkey Fist said. "Apparently one piece of the idol isn't enough to travel through time." He began to walk towards the door. "If you don't mind, I'm going to go waste my time on something more productive."

"Mind if I join you?" Shego joked. She began following him. Drakken gaped at her in horror. "Don't worry, Dr. D. I was kidding." Even so, she still left the room after Monkey Fist. Drakken threw the machine on the ground. It didn't break. He kicked it, which didn't prove any more effective.

"Stupid time machine!" he shouted.

"Stupid time machine!" Jack Spicer shouted. He hit the side of the device, trying to get it to work. There was a small spark, and the portal finally opened. "Yes! Who's the bomb?" he exclaimed.

"Not you," said the future-Jack that had just stepped out of the machine.

"Ah man!" the real Jack shouted. He walked through the portal. "It still only goes back two seconds! If only I had that Eye of Dashi!"

"Does someone need help getting Shen Gong Wu?" said a ghostly voice. Wuya floated through the wall, scaring Jack half to death.

"WUYA! What are you doing here? I thought you wanted to be with Chase Young," Jack whined.

"That fool only cares about his own needs," Wuya responded. "You're much better at collecting the Shen Gong Wu than he is."

"Oh, so you're only coming back to me because it would help you. Well, I'm not taking it anymore!" Jack shouted at her.

"Oh, really?" Wuya answered. She looked at him menacingly.

"I've got my robots to detect Shen Gong Wu for me. Besides, you're always ditching me for someone better!" Jack was really getting worked up.

"This time I promise I won't abandon you, Jack," Wuya said in an unconvincing tone.

"How am I supposed to believe that?"

"Fine… we'll do this the hard way. GET THE SHEN GONG WU FOR ME OR I WILL HAUNT YOUR DREAMS FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!" she screamed. Lightning flew from her body. Jack cowered in the corner.

"Um… that works too."