It wasn't until 6 am that morning when Travis finally climbed into bed. His entire night came flashing back to him in a matter of seconds.

He'd lost a fistfight to his now ex-roommate.

When he was out of the room, Travis had called 9-1-1.

Derrick had found him on the floor by the phone.

And ten minutes later, Derrick was being led away by New York police.

Travis was taken to a hospital immediately, although the name and location escaped him, as he was only half-conscious.

He sat down on his mattress, and he'd forgotten how good it felt under his weight. He didn't bother to check on Jones because he knew she was okay. He'd fought for her. He did. Travis smiled to himself as he unlaced his boots and set them down with a heavy clunk next to his bed.

Pulling a sheet over himself, he took a deep sigh and closed his eyes.

It was then that he heard the soft padding of feet grow ever so slightly louder.

"Travis?" came a softly whispered voice. He opened one eye. "Are you back?"

When he saw Jones standing in his doorframe, his heart melted slightly. The sun was just starting to rise behind her and she looked like an angel. He lifted the corner of his blanket, inviting her into the solstice of his room.

She smiled and crept in, crawled between the sheets, and let her feet nudge his under the blanket. He felt her forehead press against his; two friends were finally joined after a long time apart. Travis felt himself let out a soft sigh. "I missed you," he breathed.

He could feel her smile. "Not just my body?" she breathed, teasing, back.

He opened his eyes to look at her eyelids. "No," he whispered quite solemnly. "I missed you. All of you. The way you smell, the way you sip a cup of coffee, the way you play with your hair, the way your hands turn pages of books, the way you look when… when…"

"When I catch you looking at me?" she finished.

He put one hand to the side of her face. He knew that she knew.

Jones opened her honest blue eyes and their eyes locked in one, chaotic tangle of truth coming apart.

Then, when she kissed him, the whole world put itself back together again.