Yoghurt Cinnamon

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Grimacing noticeably, he stared at the boy, who was currently snuggled up against him, swallow a spoonful of unidentifiable substance.

"Shinn, are you sure that's safe to eat?"

The raven-haired teen turned his head around while brandishing his spoon at him, "Of course it is!"

"But…what is it?" Kira slumped further into the couch and stared at the, apparently, edible food with apprehension.

"Well," paused Shinn as he poked the concoction. "It's yoghurt but I mixed in cinnamon as well."

Violet eyes blinked underneath brown bangs. "Don't you mean it's cinnamon mixed with only a little bit of yoghurt?" He stared at the lumpy, powdery sustenance and wondered to himself how anyone could eat that.

"Same thing," smiled Shinn as he ate another spoonful. "It's good, you know. Would you like to try?"

"I-uhhh…" He grinned uncertainly, and tried to avoid the utensil, that was filled with the cinnamon-yoghurt mixture, making its way towards his mouth. "No it's okay, Shinn. Rea-"

His next words were muffled by the descent of the spoon that was forced through his teeth.

"Isn't it good?" purred Shinn, obviously quite happy with himself.

Kira choked in the cinnamon, pushing the spoon out of his mouth quickly. His face was contorted into a pained smile before he nodded, "It's…good…"

Red eyes flashed in his direction, scrutinizing him. "Are you sure?"

"…Yes?" lied Kira uncertainly. "Anything to make you happy Shinn…"

A sly smile formed on his lips and Shinn took another spoonful of the mixture. "Open up."

Kira inwardly sighed and did as he was told. He watched as the spoon drifted closer and closer towards his face but before it reached his mouth, Shinn smeared it across his face.

Disgusted, Kira wiped the brown substance off his nose and glanced at Shinn accusingly, "Shinn!"

Without responding, the black haired boy kissed his cheek and grinned pleasantly, "I'm going to get some more. Want any?"

Slightly disgruntled by Shinn's previous action but not wanting to invoke his wrath anymore, Kira nodded obediently. He gazed at the younger boy's retreating form to the kitchen and he sighed silently.

Some days he just can't win.



Kira has a bad food streak running. First Cagalli and Andrew. Now Shinn. Maybe Lacus or Athrun next? X3

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