A Kiss Goodbye

They walked back together, making their way through the maze of buildings to reach Mugenjou. Kazuki was sneaking glances while they walked, even though he could have stared outright for all Juubei cared. He was blind, after all, and too busy mapping out the ground with his feet to feel odd stares on the wind. They were coming up to the entrance of the wild, massive city.

"Thank you for today, Kazuki." Juubei stated regally, turning to face where he felt his friend standing. They had spent the day at the park, where Juubei could feel and smell the warm sunlight and the spring grass. It wasn't healthy to be in the tightly closed boundries of Mugenjou for long, the thread spinner felt. And it gave him an excuse to hold onto Juubei's hand while he guided him through the streets.

But he felt as though he might die if they parted again. Although the good thing about good-byes, he told himself, is that the person might come back. Deep within his heart, he knew Juubei would always come back to him.

"Bye, Juubei. I'll see you soon, right?"

"Of course. Good-bye, Kazuki." Juubei nodded, about to disappear within the South Gate that the group always used to breach the castle walls.

Kazuki hesitated for a moment. "Wait, Juubei!"

Hearing fast footsteps, he turned around, and suddenly Kazuki had hurried up to him and flung his arms around Juubei's neck, his hair whipping past their bodies, leaning up on his toes to accomdate Juubei's much taller body. Burying his face in Juubei's neck, he sighed deeply.

"I'll miss you." He said softly, leaning away slightly. His hand pulled back to trace Juubei's face, his bells clinking with his every movement. Juubei's lips quirked up in a small smile, and he felt for Kazuki's hair, running his hand through the strands.

"That means you'll come to visit me sooner. And then it will be as if we're never apart."

"I hope so," Kazuki chuckled, and Juubei brushed his lips against his forehead.

"Until then…" Juubei's voice faded as Kazuki watched him disappear into the depths of the entrance.

"Until then…" Kazuki murmured, watching for a moment before turning to head back home.