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Without a Choice


To the trained eye, the Valley of the End was alight as the two combatants within traded blows at super human speed. This was not surprising however, if the causal observer (not that there were any) stopped to consider the fact that neither one was entirely human at this point.

Sasuke Uchiha allowed himself a tiny smile, he had activated the level 2 curse seal a short while ago and the power that now flowed through him was amazing. This was what he needed to defeat his brother. This was what power truly was; Itachi would never know power like this. Breaking away from that train of thought, he focused on his opponent. They stood apart for the moment sizing up each other. His opponent, Naruto Uzumaki, now stood on his hands and feet and stared at Sasuke through the red aura that surrounded him; the aura Sasuke noted with interest resembled a great fox.

Naruto also surveyed his once friend and rival, Sasuke no longer looked human. His skin was pitch black and his eyes were a deep shade of purple except where the blood red of the Sharingan could be seen. Naruto was afraid for his comrade, afraid of what would come of this cursed power. He had tried to tell Sasuke that power always came at a price but Sasuke wouldn't listen. Naruto didn't want to kill Sasuke but he wouldn't talk anymore and so Naruto might not have any other choice.

It was Sasuke who broke the silence, "It's no use, Naruto. I'm not going back. Give it up and leave before I have to kill you."

When Naruto answered it was in a low growl, "Never. I made a promise to Sakura-chan that I would bring you back and I never go back on my word."

"Fine then, if you won't leave then let's end this now." With that he began to charge his most powerful attack.


A few hundred feet away on the edge of the valley the only other living souls for a mile or more watched the fight with bated breath.

Hinata Hyuga knew that they weren't supposed to be there, she and Sakura-chan were supposed to be back in the village but Naruto-kun was out here.

Two hours earlier she had been training with her teammate Shino when she had noticed it, an intense chakra signature flaring up in the distance. Without her Byakugan she wouldn't have noticed it, but as it was she had seen the flare as clear as day, she had also seen the second one appearing shortly after. She knew that chakra; she remembered it from Naruto-kun's fight with Neji-nii-san. It hadn't taken her long to decide that she would go; she would prove to Naruto-kun that she could be strong.

She had tried to leave alone but Sakura had seen her as she had tried to sneak through the village gates. Hinata had forgotten that Sakura was sitting there waiting for some sign of the search party. When she had found out what Hinata was planning, she had demanded to go as well. And that was how Hinata Hyuga and Sakura Haruno found themselves on the rim of the Valley of the End watching as the two boys, both something less and something more than human, prepared to end the fight in one final attack.


Naruto allowed a small sigh to escape him before following Sasuke's example. Naruto gathered his chakra to his palm and struggled to force it together; finally it came together into a small orb about three inches across. Meanwhile Sasuke brought energy into his hand until it looked like his entire arm was covered in black lightning.

"This ends now Naruto, DARK CHIDORI!" Sasuke screamed charging his former teammate.

"RASENGAN!" Naruto yelled leaping forward with his own attack.

The two attacks met and the whole valley shuddered. Hinata and Sakura watched as the two attacks tried to rip each other apart only to backfire and send both combatants flying towards opposite ends of the valley. They watched as Naruto came to a violent stop in the valley wall not far from where they stood. Sasuke recovered first and charged his unmoving foe.

Sasuke found Naruto sitting against the wall of the valley not moving more than to breathe. Sasuke smiled as he charged another Chidori, "You lose."

Hinata watched in silent horror as Sasuke knelt down to get a better angle on Naruto's heart. He wouldn't, would he? But Hinata knew deep down that yes he would. Before her mind could decide anything her body reacted, instinct kicked in and she moved. She leapt from her perch over looking the battle and raced down the side of the valley, as she ran she cried out to the one she could never bring herself to tell she loved. "NARUTO-KUN!" As she moved Sakura had called out and tried to stop her, but when she reached the edge of the valley Sakura stopped. She wanted to follow Hinata but she didn't know what she would have to do when they reached the scene of the fight. No…she knew well what she would have to do, she would have to fight Sasuke, and so as Hinata sped off towards the fight Sakura stayed. She could not bring herself to follow the other girl; she couldn't go down there and face the monster that Sasuke had become. In the end, when perhaps it mattered most, she was too afraid.

"Good bye Naruto." Sasuke sneered before thrusting his hand towards Naruto. It was then that he heard Hinata's cry echoing across the valley, when he heard it he hesitated. For just a split second he held his attack before completing the strike, but that split second was enough for little Hinata Hyuga to slip between the fallen shinobi and the attack.

Naruto awoke when he heard a familiar voice echo across the valley. He snapped up from his daze in time to see Hinata slip between him and Sasuke. He looked into her face and he saw no fear, only sadness. While he watched she whispered something, "Good bye Naruto-kun, I'm sorry I could never tell you." Then he watched as her eyes widened in shock and a small gasp escape her lips, and then he watched as the body of Hinata Hyuga slumped under it's own weight before being shoved roughly aside.


Deep within Naruto the great nine tailed fox Kyuubi watched through his container's eyes. He watched as the other boy prepared to finish the fight, and he watched as the young Hyuga had slipped between them at the last minute. It was then, as the light began to fade from the milk white eyes of the girl, that Kyuubi felt something strange rising from the deepest recesses of Naruto's conscious. From within his normally happy, carefree container came pure unbridled rage. It was a rage so primal in its fury that even Kyuubi, who in these 15 years of imprisonment hadn't seen, much less felt, rage of this magnitude, was startled. After a moment Kyuubi began to feed the boy all the power he could handle, then he sat back with a calculating smile on his face. "This should be interesting to watch kit, very interesting indeed."


Sasuke shoved Hinata's body aside and moved forward, another Chidori already charging in his hand, "This time no one will save you." Sasuke shoved this final attack at Naruto, confident it was over.

Naruto snatched Sasuke's hand out of mid air and as his momentum continued to push him forward, Naruto bent his wrist back on itself. Then he dragged Sasuke forward into his other fist, burying it deep into the boy's lower ribs. Finally he removed his hand from Sasuke's stomach and planted a full-armed punch into the still stunned boy's jaw. Sasuke, who had been expecting none of this, barely registered his broken wrist and shattered ribs when Naruto's final punch hit him. His concentration wavered and the curse seal receded; without its power, everything Naruto had done to him began to catch up. He felt the pain of his injuries for an agonizing moment and then everything left him and his vision faded into darkness.

Now that Sasuke was out Naruto's rage came under control and he moved with grim purpose. Gathering Sasuke's broken form Naruto slung him over his back and then gathered up Hinata with gentle arms. Leaping quickly up the side of the valley he headed the direction Hinata had come from.

Sakura watched as Naruto ended the fight and then gathering up the bodies of their fallen companions he headed up the cliff. As he approached, Sakura rushed forward wringing her hands anxiously. "N-naruto-kun…" she stammered in a panicky voice. When he reached her he set Hinata's body down and practically threw Sasuke's limp form into her arms.

"Here, take him back to the village and get help." Naruto's voice was cold and dark, and if he was surprised to see her he didn't show it. He was nothing like the Naruto she remembered, telling her not to worry, that he would bring Sasuke back. This was a different Naruto, one that Sakura feared a little, and so she was quick to take his words to heart and speed off through the trees.

Naruto sighed at the retreating form before moving to Hinata's side. Sitting down, he didn't spare a thought as to why the girls had been there, only that now, he had to do something to save Hinata. Closing his eyes in concentration, he reached out to the only one who could.


Now, thought Kyuubi, is my chance. "Yes, Kit. What is it that my landlord demands of me now."

"I don't have time for your shit right now. Heal her."

"Heal who?" Kyuubi asked in his most pleasant voice. Kyuubi was keeping a very close eye on the girl's chakra and life force. She was alive, for now.

"I told you I don't have time for this shit! She doesn't have time! Heal her like you heal me!"

"I'm sorry kit, but it doesn't work that way. I can heal you because of the seal but she is beyond that magic and I cannot extend my protection to her." If Kyuubi had had a body it would have smiled boldly. He had Naruto right where he wanted him. "But…there is one thing we could do."

Naruto frowned as Kyuubi spoke; he had felt Kyuubi's pleasure in that last statement. Naruto might have been a couple seals short of a jutsu, but he was not nearly as stupid as many made him out to be. He could see the trap Kyuubi had laid for him, but he also knew the fox well enough to suspect that there was at least some truth to his claim. Knowing that Kyuubi was Hinata's only chance for survival he walked straight into Kyuubi's trap.


"I can show you how to split the seal."

Naruto was completely lost, "What?"

"The seal that the Fourth placed upon me seals me within your body, its nature also allows you access to my chakra and allows me limited access to your senses and memories. However, the nature of one being sealed within another allows for some…flexibility." The kitsune smirked to himself before continuing. "For instance, you needn't be the only human that makes up my prison. With the proper modification to the seal, another being could be added to the seals influence. "

Naruto could hardly believe what Kyuubi was suggesting. Placing the same curse that he had lived his entire life with on Hinata…he needed time to think, and so he tried to buy that time with a question. "And what's in it for you?"

"Quite simple kit… freedom," the demon said with desire, "Of a sort, anyway. A duel seal is much different than the single seal that traps me now. In a duel seal, you and her become points of focus that sustain the barrier around me. It is far more difficult to break the barrier than it is to simply break the single seal, however since I am sealed within both of you a small portion of me must be sealed outside both of you. With the correct application of chakra, this tiny thread connecting the two portions of my power can be given physical presence." Naruto tried to take in all that he had heard, but he couldn't quite make sense of it all. What he did understand was that Kyuubi's suggestion meant partial freedom for the demon, and Naruto was hesitant to allow him that.

On the other hand…as dangerous as letting the nine tails out could be, he still had the power to save Hinata… "You should hurry and decide, she doesn't have much time left kit."

It was know that Naruto realized just how deeply Kyuubi had him trapped. Kyuubi was right, Hinata didn't have much time, and Kyuubi's way was the only way to save her. Naruto didn't have time to think and with another's life in his hands, Kyuubi knew exactly how Naruto would answer. "What do I do?"

"Excellent. Now expose the wound and clean away the blood…"

Naruto did as Kyuubi instructed, carefully he opened Hinata's coat and cut away her shirt where it covered the wound. Sasuke's attack had entered near the small of her back and had gone straight through to the other side. Carefully he used his own coat to clean the blood from around the wound. Next he removed his own shirt and under Kyuubi's watchful guidance broke the seal on his belly with a kunai, then he slowly carved a new line into the seal's incantation. Finally using Hinata's own blood he scribed the new seal around her wound.

With the preparation done he let Kyuubi guide him through the relatively simple Sealing Jutsu that would reseal the seal Naruto had modified. As he finished the signs for the jutsu he placed one hand on the seal on his belly, the other he placed on the identical seal now scribed on Hinata. Just before his hand touched her skin Naruto wondered if he was doing the right thing or if letting her die might be the kinder fate, but by then it was to late. His hand touched her and he felt the jutsu take hold. On him the old seal shifted slightly to accommodate the new lines, on her the blood glistened for a second then sunk into her flesh forever.

Naruto felt exhaustion reach out to take him as Kyuubi moved his consciousness into Hinata. For a moment longer Naruto fought sleep as he watched Kyuubi began his work using his chakra to heal Hinata, Naruto watched as the fatal wound began to close. Satisfied that Hinata was safe with Kyuubi, Naruto lay back and let the blissful darkness claim him.


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